Sunday, April 3, 2011

Brandt 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) - Cake Anyone?

Brandt Family:
Gregory Brandt - Male Elder - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top Career - Capricorn
Samantha Brandt- Female Adult - Popularity - Become Hall of Famer - Libra
Haley Brandt - Female Child - Sagittarius
Boone Brandt - Male Child - Gemini
Kade Brandt - Male Child - Scorpio
Kapri Brandt - Female Child - Gemini
Rowan Brandt - Male Child - Cancer

Last Round: When we were last at the Brandt's house things were a bit insane.  There were 4 toddlers in the family, as well as Haley a child.  Gregory stayed home with the grandkids and did his best, but they had to hire a nanny, who was essentially useless. Celebration erupted when the toddlers all finally became children. At the end of fall the family went to the lake, and were able to enjoy some free food, and the kids were finally able to get their needs all met before Winter hit.

 We arrive at the little red house to kids running everywhere.  This is a very busy household with 5 kids in it.  It's a beautiful day, and everyone is happy to be out playing.

 Four of the five kids get along great.  I feel so bad for Kapri....none of her siblings really like her.  She gets left out of a lot of games, because Haley usually joins in.

 Samantha decided to try and find someone to love downtown, but wasn't finding anyone interesting.  She, instead, met a bunch of neighbors and tired to make some friends.

 While she was there Beulah Norwood  caused some major excitement as she started making out with someone right in the middle of the store.

 This is one of the few families that really sit down together to meals.  Unfortunately, because there are so many of them, one person always gets stuck eating left overs instead.

 Gregory is another grandfather who loves to go tuck his grandbabies in.  He does it nearly every night to each child.  Such a sweet grandfather.

 There is always a playmate around, unless you are the 5th kid and are "odd man out", but they mostly have fun together.

 Sadly, due to a really bad chance card, Samantha lost her job in politics.  She was pretty upset about it, but soon found a job in her dream field of athletics, and all thought of the unfortunate event was forgotten.

 The kids were all starting to do very well in school, bringing home A+'s and cheering, sometimes for themselves, sometimes for others.

 Dancing is a pretty big past time around here, and as you can see, there are always extra kids around.  This family has a completed house, but very little money, so feeding this many people can be a chore.  Thankfully during their last outing to the lake they were very successful.

 Before we all knew it Haley's birthday had arrived.

 Lots and lots of people were there, but that's not hard with a family as big as this.  Brennan and Jill even came by for the fun.

 One large breath and a lot of blowing and the candles were out.

 Haley grew up into a pretty decent outfit...which is actually her outer wear....her regular clothes are not so good.  She however wants a Fortune, just like her grandpa, and plans to get it just like he wants to too.  By getting 6 pets to the top of their careers.  Too bad they have no money to spend.

 The party was a lot of fun, and very noisy.  Everyone had someone to talk to, and they all had very different conversations.  Some about math, some on music, skiing, fish and even law enforcement.

 Haley got a bit of a make over, but no new clothes has to be saved for food, but she still looks great.

 As I was saying about kids....they are always here.  At least 2 of the 4 kids bring home a friend every day.  The irritating thing is it's always townie kids...there are so many kids in the neighborhood, but we bring home townies here.

 Here you see Haley's unfortunate outfit, but I have seen worse, so she'll have to live with it for awhile.  The kids, who all love to dance boogie down to get some fun before bed.

 Sometimes they are even in sync.  It's cute when they are all together and doing the same moves in the same way at the same time in the same direction.  lol.....the smiles on their faces tell you they love this.  Dancing scholarships for everyone!

 Finally it is time for the 4 youngest kids birthdays.  Cakes are lined up on every counter top surface they can be. Cake anyone?  We've got plenty.

 All four line up and like going down a line we begin the birthday parade.

 First is Kapri....
 Next is Boone....
 Then comes the 2 who do EVERYTHING together.  They blow out their candles at the same time, and with that Kade and Rowan are ready to grow up.

 Once again down the line....Kapri, then Boone....
 and finally Kade and Rowan at the same time, transition into teenage hood.  Everyone is THRILLED!

 Kapri turns out very pretty, and has decided on Knowledge as her goal.  She wants to become a Space Pirate.

 Boone turns out to be pretty handsome, and may get a bit of a make over, although outfits all around are decent.  He has decided on Pleasure and wants to have 50 1st Dates.  After yelling at Boone and my computer I decide to move on.

 Kade....I believe this is, wants Fortune, and plans to join the sports team like is mother and become a Hall of Famer.

 Finally, last but not least, in the SAME outfit as his "twin", (at least it's a different color), Rowan decides to follow his other brothers example for once and wish for Pleasure.  He however will pursue that dream by become a Game Designer.

 Winter is finally coming to a close, and the children are all Samantha, happy to be working towards her dream and surviving the nightmare of the last 2 seasons starts her "spring training" early.

 As we leave the little red house, a spring snow is falling, and the family is tucked inside, warm and happy, and pretty content.  The teens all with dreams of spring dating in their heads.

Busto 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) - Pleasure or Popularity?

Busto Family:
Howie Busto - Male Elder - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top Career Level - Leo
Hedwid Busto - Female Teen - Popularity - Become General - Gemini
Rufus Busto - Male Child - Scorpio

Last Round: We watched the Busto's move into their new home, and mostly started showing off their "un-nice" ways with each other.  How greeted about anything with legs, and started working as a poller.  The whole family went on a outing downtown and they went to family day at the local lake.  

 Hedwig and Rufus actually have a good relationship.  They pick on each other sometimes, but they play with each other more.

 They also both love to paint.  They are getting pretty good at it too, and are able to help earn a little more money for the house.

 Rufus tries to make friends with most of the kids, I think he'll be a closet popularity sim if that's not what he rolls.

 He'll play with basically any kid, and starts being decent friends with Haley Brandt.  Her house is next so we'll have to see if there is any chemistry there.

 In year 8 it's already time for Rufus's birthday.  There isn't much of a party, just the friends each kid brought home from school.  Rufus really likes the girl he brought home, but I don't remember her name.

 Rufus works to blow out the candles and he must have spit on the cake because everyone looks fairly distraught in the background.

 Rufus grows up to be a pleasure seeking teen who really wants to have 50 Dream Dates.  I'm not too excited about it, but get the right girl and it's doable.

 Rufus's friend also grew up, and he's got a bolt with her...maybe two, I can't remember now.  At the moment nothing is going to happen there.  There are too many more kids in the neighborhood that need to grow up and check for matches.

 Howie, who is still so lonely, goes downtown to try and find a girl he has some good attraction with.  The younger the better as Hedwig and Rufus are going to be heading off to college and Howie doesn't want to leave the house without someone to care of it.  The first one he finds is ok, but not enough.

 The second however....she is great.  They have a long conversation, share a few jokes, and she even likes his "unique" looks.  This is the girl for you Howie!

 The siblings are getting a little too close, and really need to branch out into some more friends.  It was just a little creepy seeing Hedwig just start giving her brother a massage, especially while all stinky.

 ACR kicks in and Howie builds up the relationship with Tina Miller to the next level.  She's pretty into him, and he is really into her.

 Rufus starts having a pillow fight with a friend he brought home from school.  I quickly check, and Rufus is straight, he just like pillow fighting with guys apparently.

 Tina moves in and brings in some much needed money.  One of the first things they get are a couple of puppies.  They might be able to at least come close to Howie's LTW.

 The little black puppy...Jake, I think....wasn't fond of the stereo and barked at it all the time.  He finally went to his dog house, and didn't come inside all that much.

 Tina is currently working as a slacker, but dreams of being a business tycoon.  She has decided on a new look and it looks great on her.  She's ready to start conquering the business soon as a job opens up.

 Jake...Jack??  The puppy grows up into a pretty handsome dog.  I hope to bread them, but so far he hasn't even noticed the other puppy....who I cannot remember the name of to save my life.  That might start to change soon.

 Jake...that's what I'm going to call him for now anyway.....enjoys watching Rufus and his friends play kick bag.  Rufus has to be a popularity sim in disguise because he's much more interested in making guy friends, then dating girls right now.

The Busto's have a happy memory to carry them into the next season, as Howie proposes to Tina. She quickly and happily accepts and they will be married in the Spring.  The kids want to be friends with her and she fits in well here.