Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brandt 1

Year 1-6 (Fall) - Four Toddler Insanity

Brandt Family:
Gregory Brandt - Male Elder - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top Career - Capricorn
Samantha Brandt- Female Adult - Popularity - Become Hall of Famer - Libra
Haley Brandt - Female Child - Sagittarius
Boone Brandt - Male Toddler - Gemini
Kade Brandt - Male Toddler - Scorpio
Kapri Brandt - Female Toddler - Gemini
Rowan Brandt - Male Toddler - Cancer

 Gregory Brandt stood outside the house holding one of the 4 toddlers moving in with him.  His daughter Samantha and her 5 kids all waited on the lawn to open up their new home.  It was finished, not even fully furnished, but it was theirs.

 Samantha was nervous holding Boone close.  How would they ever make it, with no money and 4 toddlers to take care of.  Let alone Haley, who was just a child.

 Boone really wanted to learn to talk, so Samantha sat down and taught him to talk to help calm him.  Kapri and either Kade or Rowan huggled in the background.

 Gregory took over potty training, and big sister Haley taught one of the toddlers a nursery rhyme.  Everything sat on the cold hard ground, as no flooring had been installed, and the family couldn't afford it.  The toddlers all had cribs, but there was only enough money for 2 big beds, so Haley had to sleep with either her mother or grandfather each night.

 The one thing they saved back money for was a nanny.  They knew they couldn't take care of the four toddlers by themselves.  Even with Gregory not working it was too much.  Even the nanny could barely handle it, and nearly broke down into tears.

 She didn't seem to know what to do with the kids except give them a bottle.  She wasn't the most competent of nannies and as a result spoiled bottles were left everywhere.

 Everyone was so thrilled when it was time for the toddlers birthdays.  No one was in a good mood, and they barley knew anyone in town.  It was decided to be just a very small family occurrence.

 Gregory took either Kade or Rowan (they look the same, I don't remember the colors) to the cake to help him grow up.  Samantha took Kapri to her cake.  Luckily Samantha had found a job, although not in Athletics, and had been able to scrap together some money.

 I believe this is Rowan, and he grew up well.  It was a miracle in a house such as this, with an incompetent nanny such as they had.

 Kapri became a rather pretty little girl and also managed to grow up well among the spoiled bottles.

 Next Samantha brought, I believe Kade, to the cake to grow up.  The cakes were a life saver in more ways than one..

 To start, it helped make the toddlers all grow up.  Kade (or possibly Rowan) grew up well into his footed pajamas.

 Finally it was Boone's turn, and all his brothers and sisters were cheering him on.  I said the cakes were a life saver in more than one way.  The other was for food.  With a family this size, a group meal feeds all but one of them.

 Samantha jolted awake from a horrible nightmare and realized with 5 kids in the house now they needed groceries.  There was 81 simoleons in the bank, so groceries were gotten, but it only lasted for a day.

 Luckily the kids get food at school to hold them over until additional arrangements can be made.  The kids try to work on their homework, but no one has any fun.  I can't blame them, there aren't really any fun things around. As you can see, we are no longer sitting on the grass, and actually have flooring in the main room of the house.  We actually have flooring and paint on everything, except the outside.

 We do have beds for everyone now, even though they are cramped into 2 bedrooms, everyone sleeps soundly.  The weekend is here and everyone has to catch up on their homework.  With Samantha and Gregory's help all the kids learn to study on Saturday and manage to get through all of their homework by Saturday night.

 Between all the homwork doing, however, Gregory decides they need to go to the lake.  For one, the kids need time to do something fun.  They also have free hot dogs and hamburgers for grilling.  This is extermely good news for the kids, who haven't eaten since lunch Friday.

 When Samantha comes home from work Saturday the kids rejoice.  Not only did they manage to catch about 5 or 6 fish to keep and have for dinner, Samantha also got a bonus and bought playground equipment.

That afternoon, after naps, the kids play on their new equipment. We leave this house with everyone in a relatively good mood, needs mostly met and doing as well as they have done since move in day.


  1. I just love Fellowship hoods. Thank you for playing these families. On group shots, I would see sims from the other Fellowship families...saw Layce Cooprider...haha...my family...fun...

  2. So glad you stopped by Wen. I downloaded them all and really wanted to play them, but I have been working so hard on Breeze Point. I needed a change of pace though, so I decided it was time. I'll get to the Cooprider's, I'm excited to see what they are all like. :)

  3. Wow, a typical first round Prosperity family :) Community lots are great as long as the sims are not too exhausted to eat while there

  4. Everyone managed to get sleep....which was a miracle, but everyone was up at like 4 in the morning....so we went as soon as everyone had some fun, and then they all went back to bed when we got home. :)

  5. Four toddlers - ouch! I'll be you were glad to see them grow up. :)

    1. Huh, I missed this comment. Yes, reading back through this I remembered how hard this house was. It was so good when they grew up.