Monday, May 27, 2013

Schuzenjager 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Impossible is Possible

Schuzenjager Family:
Hilda Schuzenjager - Female Elder - Knowledge - Max Out 7 Skills - Scorpio
Heidi Schuzenjager - Female Teen - Popularity - Become the Law - Leo 

Last Round: Hilda was working on Maxing all 7 of her skills as well. The family went to the lake.  Hans met his love interest and left with her for university.  Heidi experiments with Shasta Norwood and shows some attraction to Luke Potts.

 Without Hans around Heidi and Hilda spend a lot of time skilling together.  Today they practice their painting.  They are both doing really well.

 Hilda has maxed her cooking skills, but then proves that doesn't mean she is good in the kitchen burning the, I think they are grilled cheese.  She was very disappointed, but they ate them anyway.  In a house with this little of money, nothing goes to waste.

 Heidi loves games, and was thrilled when they got a dart board.  It isn't much, but provides her with hours of endless entertainment.

 Heidi makes friends with Vyn Shaw, who we just saw with Camden last round.  She is fighting to get into the hood it seems, but she will likely have to wait for awhile longer.  We don't need many additions yet.  Heidi started as a teen being bi, and even fell for Shasta Norwood.  That proved to be more experimental, however, and she prefers guys more now.

 That does not stop her from having fun with her new friend Vyn, even after Vyn broke the sink and caused there to be a flood of water pouring onto the carpet.  Luckily wet carpets do not have to be replaced in the sims.  The sink quickly gets fixed and Vyn manages not to break it again.

 Hilda, like Mama J, wants to max all her skills.  She was not after as Mama J at the beginning of the round, but she is quickly catching up and starts working on her logic.  She already max her body skill early on, so she got the "easy" book and game learning left.

 With the kids Heidi brings home from school there is never a shortage of people willing to take on Hilda as well.  Heidi will even get in on the action when not on the phone or playing with her dart board.

 Hilda takes time out to spend with Marshal Upton, who seems to find Heidi very hot.  Slightly creepy when you are headed to the bedroom to sleep with her grandma Marshall, but you are the town Casanova currently.

 Hilda enjoys her time with Marshall.  That may suddenly change if Moria ends up marrying him next round.  Hilda, like Mama J isn't going to make it long into the fall, if that long.

After some enjoyable distraction Hilda is back at the chess board and this time Heidi is game to play.  She does like games, even if they are logical ones.

 Heidi would really like to become The Law, and decides, since the family needs money, to search for an after school job in a law office.  She doesn't find it until the very end of summer.

 Hilda decides to get someone to help her sell her art as well.  The family is struggling with money worse then just about anyone in the entire hood.  Things will get back when Hans comes home next round.

 Friday Heidi decided to head to the teen hang out Inter@ctive.  There wasn't really anyone around when she first arrived, so she hung out on the bench and enjoyed the sun.

 Soon the gaming club was full of kids, and Heidi played pinball with her boyfriends brother.  Lydia Potts is also here today, as is the red head kids usually named Chandler, but I don't remember if that's his name in this hood or not.

Camden is also here and gangs up with the Chandler boy to pick on Danielle Rosada (I think).  She is a romance sim and would likely be a good match for Camden, if it wasn't for his meanness towards her. The Chandler boy finally gets bored and walks away, but Camden keeps up the torment.

 Heidi eventually goes over and starts talking with her.  Heidi has good relationships forming with the Rosada sisters, who she will be attending uni with.  The con-artist has another kids in his sights and Kade Brandt gets stung this time.

Heidi wanted a party and so she invited over all her friends, and her brother.  They all came and had a good time dancing and hanging out with each other.  Vyn and Camden even made out a little.

 Luke Potts, Rowan Brandt, and Camden Yessam all have dinner together and thing seems to be well with these boys.  As long as he's eating Camden seems to be able to behave himself.

That is, until it comes to one of his best friend Heidi Schuzenjager.  Then, being the romance boy he is, he can't wait to bed her.  Even though her boyfriend is in the next room.  Heidi doesn't seem to mind much either, but things with Rowan are new, and she quickly falls for Camden.

 Rowan seems like he could care less, and just continues to stuff his face full of chips.  Apparently the jealousy in this relationship isn't over the top, or even hardly there.  Maybe that will change as they get older, maybe not.

The day at the lake is always a favorite and Heidi cooks up a bunch of hot dogs...which they provide for free, and feeds a ton of people, including herself. There is a good mixture of people from the town and visitors at the lake today.

 Hilda enjoys playing catch with a friend of hers and while they are not very good they enjoy their time.  Heidi, in the background, cleans up after the hot dogs are eaten.

 Then she joins the rest of the teens fishing in the lake.  Fishing wasn't very successful today, which is too bad, they could use the food.

 Once they are back home Heidi decides to spend some time studying.  Hilda must be having the same affect Mama J had on Camden.  So much studying being done.

 That is quickly past, however, and Heidi booty calls her boyfriend over.  What's funny about this is, her token shows she's hot for Camden, but Rowan still holds her heart.  Seems she knows Camden won't end up going anywhere.

 They spend some time on the couch snuggling, kissing and hugging until moving on to more adult acts.  These two have been together multiple times in their teen years and I'm hoping they will survive through university.

 Mama J thinks about how she used to think maxing all these skills was impossible, but it's seeming more and more possible with every skill point she earns, and every skill she masters.

 Family Sunday is really small, only Hans and his girlfriend Chloe.  They come from university, where apparently they had been having a toga party.

The day goes well, with such a small group who get along really well.  Heidi spends some time with her brother and Chloe bonds with Hilda over some chess.  Unfortunately Hilda lost a logic point due to me not paying attention.

 After Hans and Chloe leave Heidi plays with a stray dog that was hanging around.  She is a popularity sim and will find friends anywhere.

Then, as Summer comes to a close, just like Mama J, Hilda manages to max all 7 skills.  This meets LTW and impossible want for both of them.  She couldn't be happier and will be ready to leave this life during the fall.

Yessam 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Drama Unfolds

Yessam Family:
Mama J Yessam - Female Elder - Knowledge - Max Out 7 Skills - Aquarius
Jenn Yessam - Female Adult - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary - Aries
Rich Yessam - Male Adult - Popularity - Become Captain Hero - Aquarius
Camden Yessam -  Male Child - Saggitarius

Last Round: Mama J spent time skilling.  The womrat, Panda, got lots of attention from both Mama J and Camden.  Jenn and Rich spent time flirting together and woohooing a lot. Camden played with friends he brought home from school.

 The summer started well with Jenn getting to spend some time with her son Camden.  Camden was "showing off" for his mom in his bedroom.  It's not well decorated yet, but he doesn't seem to mind.

 Meanwhile, Mama J was still working on those body skill points.  Body has got to be one of the hardest to max out, especially without any equipment.  The family just couldn't afford any at this point.

 Jenn is a very motherly wife and mom, she takes time in the morning to make breakfast for the family before work carpools and school buses show up.

 She makes sure to take plenty of time to spend with Rich, who seems to have been motivated by his mother-in-law to get more in shape.  The chances of Rich ever being IN shape are slim, but at least he's trying.

 Camden tends to spend a lot of time painting at the easel.  He has quite a few skills and should be able to leave for University with lots of scholarships. His grandma has clearly rubbed off on him too.

 Panda, the womrat, is still alive, and is still taken care of.  The whole family seems to really like Panda and rolls up wishes to play with him, or take care of him with decent regularity.  Jenn enjoys dancing in her nightie, which she spends the majority of her time in.  She and Rich have been doing plenty of trying to get pregnant, but so far it hasn't happened.

 Mama J finally breaks down and buys an exercise bike with the bonus money Jenn and Rich got for their promotions.  On the bike she manages to max out her body skill.  Not really needing it anymore the bike gets sold to bring some of the money back.  Next up for Mama J is logic skill.

 About 1/2 way through summer it was time for Camden's birthday and many friends of the neighborhood are invited.  Camden doesn't have a lot of kid friends so the guests are mostly adults.

 Everyone gathers around to watch Camden blow out his candles.  He takes a deep breath and blows them all out in one try.  He is hoping all of his dreams come true, and with that takes a step back and lets the transition begin.

 Camden does the unexpected, at least to me, and become a romance sim with a wish to have 20 simultaneous lovers.  He is is very playful and active, but not nice at all, and not overly outgoing so this may be a tough thing for him.  Time will see.

 One of the first things he wants to do after growing up is to play with Panda.  This has got to be one of the most loved pets ever, especially for a womrat.  Panda is a rather cute little thing, and I guess if Camden is this nice to his pet there might be hope for him with people yet.

 Mama J did attend the party, but this it's back to logic skill learning for her.  He life is quickly coming to an end, but she really wants those skills.

 Rich spends some time with her out at the chess board.  Logic is good for him too, and I think he's getting tired of jumping rope or doing yoga all the time.  They have a nice chat, and Mama J finishes up all there is to know in logic.

 Camden has started on his lovers already, bringing home a girl from his school, Vyn Shaw.  She really thinks he's hot, and enjoys his flirtatious advances.

Before the end of the day they wind up in bed together.  At first it appeared they would just talk and maybe kiss on the bed, but after a few times the new teen took it all the way.

 Everyone was in the house, but Jenn just wanted to talk to Vyn, mostly about cooking.  Mama J had moved onto book studying, which isn't as exciting as playing a game, but is just what she wanted.

 Camden maybe a romancer now, but he still takes his studies very seriously.  He does his homework every day, and still enjoys painting or learning new things.

 The family takes a trip to the lake on Saturday, and Camden gets his FIRST kiss.  Apparently Vyn and Camden didn't register the kisses they had before woohoo as being a real kiss.

 The lake starts on rather boring for the family, they take time talking to a friend and each other, playing some games and just hanging out.  I'm trying to not control them when they get to the lake, just like family Sunday's.

 Because of this Camden lost some money to the con artist that likes to hang out there.  You would like the sims would learn by now not to listen to him.  Oh well, a lesson learned for Camden....I hope.

 A meal of somewhat burnt hot dogs is had, and a game of hacky sack is going strong in the background. This family is really close and seems to prefer spending time together then with anyone else.

 At home the family time together continues, Mama J studying, Rich watching TV and Jenn watching Rich.  On their off time this is a pretty typical look for the family.

 Occasionally it looks more like this, Mama J (or Rich) on the phone, Jenn painting and Camden writing in his journal.  I'm curious what he's writing about his aunt Beulah. Maybe we'll find out soon since it's time for family Sunday soon.

 Mama J doesn't spend all her time with her nose in a book.  Sometimes she watches the birds.  She like Nature the best and would enjoy doing more bird watching in the future.

 Their family table is very small, so meals are eaten at different times very often, but they also depend on who's over for dinner.  This is Jenn's good friend so they eat together and Mama J decides to join them before heading back to the books.

Then it's time for family Sunday.  The Yessam's are related to the Norwood's through Beulah and Mama J.  They are sisters, although the family connection is somewhat broken in the family tree.  We do not know who their parents were, but the whole Norwood clan is brought over for the day.

 Maxwell leaps into his father's live in girlfriend's arms.  They seem to have a bit of a thing going on.  There is no end to some of the family drama in a few of these families, the Norwood's being one.  The day is nice so everyone is outside enjoying the day.

 Rich takes time out to get to know Shelby Barrett, who joined the Norwood clan recently.  Maxwell tries talking to Jenn, and they have a decent conversation.

 Then the drama begins.  I think Jenn tried to hug Maxwell and he didn't appreciate it.  After his display with Shelby earlier that is somewhat surprising and Jenn is rather hurt about it.  Bruce and Beulah talk in the driveway, but something about what's happening upsets Camden and he throws a fit.

 Camden then starts poking Bruce, which really upsets Shasta, Bruce's daughter.  Shelby seems oblivious to what is happening around her, and Rich just keeps talking to Maxwell. This continues, Camden getting really upset over nothing I could see, and pokes Bruce, who pokes him back and Shasta runs off crying.

 The boys, however, seem to get along fine and enjoy a meal together.  They talk about girls, and dating, and a little bit of everything throughout dinner.  These relationships will likely be very important.

Camden asks Shasta to play catch with him, and even though she has been pretty upset with him all day she agrees.  Her reward is having Camden throw the ball at her as hard as possible.  He really is quite a mean sim.  I'm sure the Norwood family Sunday coming up later in the round should spark some more drama.  For now, however, that's the end of Summer for the Yessam's, and we leave Jenn and Rich dancing away in the background, and the exciting news that Mama J maxed all 7 of her skills.  She will likely not survive long into the next round, so she got it in just in time.