Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brooks 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Teens Everywhere

Brooks Family:
Brennan Brooks - Male Adult - Popularity - Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends - Aquarius
Jill Fleig - Female Adult - Popularity - Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends - Leo
Ian Brooks - Male Teen - Popularity - Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends - Aries
Carla Brooks - Female Teen - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - Aries

Last Round: Brennan and Jill fell in love and eventually got engaged and married. Ian and Jill also ended up in a bit of a crush with each other.  The family got a pair of dogs and began breeding puppies to help Carla with her LTW.  Ian finds a girl his own age he really likes in Haley Brandt. Carla finds herself a Brandt as well, and crushes on Kade. We ended the season with Jill showing a baby bump.

 Ian spends some time playing with Otis.  The dogs in this house are well loved and very well taken care of.

Jill makes sure to spend time getting Otis some exercise, even though she has got to be getting uncomfortable with the baby still to come.

 Brennan does what he can to make friends with his co-workers.  When the kids go off to uni the friend count for this house will go down.

 Onyx gives birth to one puppy, which makes me slightly nervous about Jill.  Is she carrying twins?  The puppy is creamy in color like his dad.  They named him Yello.

Next it's Jill's turn to give birth.  She is, at least in the bedroom, very unusual for sims.  On Thursday, January 11th in year 18 at 12:41 AM she gives birth to a little baby boy.

 The new baby has bright blue eyes, and red hair (not surprising).  They give him the name Dillon.  (I didn't make note of which popular name it was.)  Like most sim babies, he's a cutie.

 Carla gets into a major cleaning mood and cleans up the kitchen.  It frequently needs it in this house, and I'm pretty sure she decided to do this autonomously.

 The kids frequently bring friends over after school.  This usually results in some sort of dance party.  All the kids LOVE to dance.

 Brennan takes his turn to play with the dogs and give them then attention they need.  This entire family loves their dogs a lot.  They spend a lot of time autonomously playing with/paying attention to the dogs.

Carla seems really happy to have Jill around.  They speak a lot and over breakfast they seem to be discussing space.  Carla also notices the green cloud coming off Otis.

 So the next order of business, after breakfast, is to give the dogs a bath.  Carla will make a good "dog lady" with all the puppies (or kitties) she wants to raise.

 The kids really do do their homework, here Ian proves it.  They are getting good grades in school so far.  Ian is looking forward to heading to university later this round.

 I can't remember if Kricket was just walking by, or if she came home with someone, but the house is filled today.  The family invited the Brandt family over, since their kids seem destined to be together.

There are kids everywhere in the house, but luckily they have room.  The house has come a long ways from a place that used to barely have walls.

 Jill doesn't seem overly impressed with Carla's dancing, or maybe it's the fact she never bothered to get out of her PJ's before coming out.

 Carla and Kade move into the bedroom and enjoy each other's company.  I can't remember if they went any further than making out with each other for sure.  They are in love at this point.

 With so many people over we throw a party for little Dillon.  His birthday id celebrated by mostly teens, there are only 4 adults in the entire mix.

 Jill take Dillon to the cake and while everyone cheers them on, other than Kricket who just looks a bit bored with the whole things, they blow out the candles.

 Dillon is now a toddler and I can't yet tell who he looks like more.  His little tux matches his eyes though.  Not in love with the hair, but that can be changed.

 After their make out session Carla and Kade make it official.  They are now going steady and family centered Carla couldn't be happier.

 Meanwhile Ian and Haley are sharing their first kiss.  It's a special moment for them both.

That was the only push they needed to fall in love with each other.

 They also end up in a double bed, but I think they just cuddled.  I honestly don't fully remember, but they are more modest then Carla and Kade, choosing to keep at least their underwear on.  I can't help but think these two will make pretty kids.

 Ian is getting practice on the kid front by helping out with Dillon's potty training.

 Then it's toddler skill time.  First up talking, and Dillon's first word was "baba."  Brennan SWEARS it was "dada" but a picture is worth a thousand first words.  He knew what it was too.

 Brennan keeps up the training and teaches Dillon to walk.  This is always a good and yet bad skill for the toddler. Dillon gets into a lot more things now.

 Yello grows up looking a lot like his dad Otis, but there is some Onyx in him too.  He gets sent to adoption pool now that he's no longer a puppy.

 With a neighborhood this full of teens, there are almost always friends over, or new friends to be made.  The Potts kids are having quite a bit of fun.

Brennan's fathering isn't always in the most tip top shape.  Dillon does have a bottle at least, while Brennan decides to play pirate in the tub.  Spring comes to a close and the family has changed quite a bit.  Ian did leave for uni towards the end of the round, even though I missed a picture of it.  We will see him at the very end of the round.


  1. Woot! Glad to see Fellowship again! :) busy household with all the friends coming over every day! what fun!

    1. It's fun to be playing the fellowship again. I really like these guys, and the teens are being so nice pairing up with other teens. :)

  2. A new dawn comes with all the new couples! Bet it will be an interesting Uni session

    1. At the very least it's going to be a LONG uni season. :)