Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Roma 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Not Typical

Roma Family:
Donatella Roma - Female Teen - Knowledge - Become Mad Scientist - Leo
Carmine Roma - Male Teen - Family - Become Captain Hero - Gemini
Guido Roma - Male Teen - Romance - Become Rock God - Cancer

Last Round: When we last saw the Roma family Donatella managed to raise the twins to teenagers, at which time they distinguished themselves with polar opposite aspirations. A burglar came into the house, and even though the police were called he got away.  Donatella worked on growing closer with Risto's sisters. 

 Donatella and Guido have a shouting match with each other.

 After determining who wins the family sits down for some food.  There is a snow day today so no one goes to school.

 That's fine with Donatella who wanted to spend the day with Risto Cooprider.

 The twins sit out at the chess board and build up some skills.  They both want to build up more skills then is typical for Family and Romance sims.

 Saturday at the lake was highly entertaining.  The siblings all hung out and talked a lot.

 Then Tina Busto was caught falling for a teenage boy.  Perhaps it's the fact Howie died so soon after the wedding so she wants someone young, but this might be a little TOO young.

 The mystery teenage boy get's "punished" for his fraternization with Tina by meeting the thief and loosing his wallet.  One of the kids see it and calls to report the crime.

 No Saturday at the lake would be complete without hotdogs, which are consumed without much fanfare.

 Back at home the kids do what this family does and skill.

 The boys invited over what's left of the Rosada sister, since Carmine really like Brigid and Guido has very high attraction with Danielle.

 They aren't on the lot long before Carmine and Brigid are in love.  Donatella tries keeps Ariana from feeling left out.

 These two really really like each other.  I hope it lasts through uni, cause I think they would make very cute kids.

 Meanwhile, our first's giver, Danielle gives Guido his first kiss.  He's been wanting that since the winter.

 They have developed quite a crush on each other, although neither will likely be faithful, they could make a good match to have in the same house.  Sometimes Romance sims aren't that bad with a live-in lover.

 Soon Brigid gets her first kiss, as Carmine goes his in the winter from Melody Tinker, from Carmine.

 Danielle and Guido take over Donatella's bed, she is probably going to want to wash the sheets.

 Cause right after Brigid and Carmine hop into bed.  Danielle and Guido flirt a little more.  Interesting as Danielle didn't want much to do with Rufus after bedding him....there might be a future here.

 Carmine and Brigid don't waste any time, but luckily Danielle and Guido were out of the room.

 Instead of changing her sheets Donatella decides just to move to uni.  She will be with Risto there.

 Carmine and Brigid really wanted to go steady, so they decide to be exclusive.  Don't expect the same from Guido.

So spring comes to an end with the house holding only 2 teenagers who have girls they are very happy with and continue to skill their way into some scholarships (I hope).  Summer should be fairly uneventful.

Norwood 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - On Cloud Nine

Norwood Family:
Beulah Norwood - Female Elder - Romance - WooHoo with 20 Different Sims - Taurus
Channing Norwood - Male Adult - Pleasure - Become a Game Designer - Libra
Shelby Barrett - Female Adult - Romance - WooHoo with 20 Different Sims - Libra
Bruce Norwood - Male Teen - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - Gemini
Maxwell Norwood - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Aquarius
Shasta Norwood - Female Teen - Pleasure - Become Game Designer - Capricorn

Last Round:
Shelby falls in love with Channing, the family spends time together, and the twins grow up into teens.  They let us know what they want out of life, and I yell at Maxwell for wanting 50 first dates, just like most of the other pleasure teens do.  Bruce and Amethyst started going steady and took it further.

 Spring begins with a little skilling.  This family isn't the most skilled, but it's getting easier with all the kids as teenagers now.

 Maxwell really wants to start on his 50 1st dates.  I had to take a day off of playing since I wasn't ready for another dating mania house, but here we go with date #1.

Then comes date number 2.  Dating has become much easier after learning a few tricks

 The snow was fairy deep and date 3 was plopped down into.

 Bruce continues to be infected with "check me out but", but so far it hasn't seemed to spread to his siblings.

Meanwhile outside we are at date #4.

 All dating is paused and the kids have some food together, along with Goopy? Beulah's latest love.

 The kids head to Inter@ctive on Friday, as school was cancelled due to a snow day.

 Maxwell comes home quickly and gets date #5, who lands in the weeds.

 Date 6 arrives and lands on the gypsy a little.  That gypsy has got to be in love with this hood.

 Shasta looks to be coming back from somewhere while Maxwell gets date #7.

 He keeps dating into the night and gets date 8.

 While this looks like a party it's really just the family and friends they brought home from school/work.  We see someone brought Lilly Potts home.

 Maxwell, of course, isn't interested in the "party" going on inside and gets date #9.

 And then date 10.  He's not even sleepy, thanks to all this dating.

 So without giving me a break we move on to date 11, which is actually a sim from the hood, Haley Brandt.

 Moving right along we get date #12.  Maxwell is FLYING through dates.

 Melody Tinker is date #13, and she is really upset by loosing a fight somewhere.

 The gypsy is running out of townies it would seem as she brings Maxwell Siba Cooprider as date #14.

 Maxwell and Shelby have an....interesting....conversation about his dating while lying naked in her bed.  I don't think anything happened this time, however from this day forward they are found in bed together almost every morning as soon as Channing leaves.

 At the lake the kids play together and Beulah works on meeting more men.  She's seriously lacking in lovers, but sadly Maxwell's LTW takes precedence at the moment.

 There are a lot of fishers on Saturday, including Samantha Brandt, Tina Busto and I think a Cooprider.

 Shasta takes the time she can to spend with her brother while he's not dating.  These two are very different Pleasure sims.

 After a fun afternoon with his twin sister Maxwell is back to dating and at date #15.  He's on cloud nine right now.

 Another elder brings up to date 16.

 Then we get an adult for date 17.  At this rate he'll catch Temperance's 28 dates in no time.

 We get a rather cute girl for date #18, but he's already spoken for.

 I recognize date #19, but can't remember her name...maybe Melissa?

 Shasta decides it's time to get some gypsy magic for herself.  She really likes Heidi, but the age difference is likely going to keep them apart.

 Shasta gets an older woman, but seems to be hitting it off, and Maxwell takes back over to get date #20.  Close to halfway through.

 Channing and Shelby actually really like each other and spend most of the time they are home together engaged in some activity.

 Bruce, tried of always been an after thought in this house heads off to uni to be with his love.

 After saying goodbye to his brother Maxwell is back with the gypsy to get date #21....who is Kricket Cooprider....from Siba to least she's going the right direction.

 #22 is back on the older side, but it's just a quick date.

 Beulah finally gets a bit of loving from a new guy, Joe Carr.

 She wastes no time in bedding him, and is feeling much better about her life again.

 Shasta spends some time alone playing with a pretty white stray dog.  They aren't close yet, but perhaps she will someday adopt it.

 The family, minus Beulah, gather together for dinner, and a friend of the kids is over as well.

The family does have friends who stop by and hang out, and the family has a lot of fun together.  Both Channing and Shelby are doing well in their jobs, Channing even finally got a job in the gamer career like he wanted. Maxwell didn't quite ready 28 dates, but 21 in a single season is very impressive none the less, and Beulah is at 6 woohoo's which isn't going to get her to her LTW, but was as much as I could get in this rather stressful household so far. Perhaps summer will bring some more changes to the household.