Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kirkendall 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - 20 Down

Kirkendall Family:
Esmond Kirkendall - Male Teen - Knowledge - Become Prestidigitator - Sagittarius
Temperance Kirkendall - Female Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Gemini
Darcy Kirkendall - Male Teen - Family - Have 6 Grandchildren - Aquarius
Jacquan Kirkendall - Male Teen - Knowledge - Become Criminal Mastermind - Capricorn

Last Round: Temperance grew up into a teen and got started on her 50 first dates.  She also got bit by the "Check Me Out" bug, which she transmitted to her brothers, and part of the rest of the town as well. The house gets a magic lamp, and the two current teens wish fr peace of mind and money.  The twins grew up into teens and decided on their life's goals.  The winter ends with a burglary.  

 The spring starts very much how most seasons start is this predominately knowledge house.  Esmond, to get a promotion is working on his body skills, as is his brother Darcy?

 Temperance continues her quest for 50 first dates with date #8

 Date #9 is close behind, and we see Darcy with a friend from school still at the chess table.

 Soon after Temperance asks for date #10.

Later that evening date #11 is summoned.

 We quickly start off the next day with date #12.

 The twins are now at the chess board as Temperance orders date #13.

 We continue on with date #14....which is actually the man in the background, not the dog.

 Esmond uses the gypsy to get his own date, which is the guy behind the gypsy, but they don't really hit it off.  Temperance gets herself date #15.

 Taking a small time out from dating Temperance hangs out with her intended Rufus.  He's apparently feeling confident after his encounter with Danielle Rosada.

 They spend some innocent time playing red hands.  They would have liked to hop into bed, but Temperance's bed is up against the way in the small room she shares with Esmond, and so 2 sims can't get in it.

 Temperance has not gotten over checking herself out.  The multiple dates she's been on must have really boosted her confidence, even if she was paying for them.

 Then she returns to dating, with #16.

 Darcy's invites over Heidi Schuzenjager to see if there is any chemistry.  Heidi is bi-sexual and right now is very interested in Shasta Norwood, but time will tell if that lasts.  Sadly Heidi isn't attractive to either Darcy or Jacquan.  Temperance gets date #17.

 We quickly move on to date 18, and she is just flying through these dates.

Temperance gets a blonde boy for date #19, and Tosha Go (who most simmers will know) comes walking by.  I've never used Tosha, but Jacquan and Darcy both have some attraction to her, so we invite her to stay.

Tosha Go quickly makes a move on Darcy and gives him his first kiss.

They are in a crush in no time.  I do like this match, we only have Kapri Brandt and Heidi Schuzenjager left to match, and neither are interested in Heidi, so a couple of townies will need to be brought in.

To check on Kari's appeal, the Brandt's get invited over.  I'm hopeful that Jacquan will like Kapri and complete the matches (for the most part) for the hood.  Sadly, when Jacquan meets Kapri there is no attraction, but lots of attraction to Darcy.  Sorry Tosha, Darcy is going to be taken.

Esmond leaves what is quickly becoming date central, as if Temperance hadn't been enough, and heads to uni.

There is still hope for Tosha Go, however, as her and Jacquan have very good attraction as well.  The boys get to know their "intendeds" a bit better.

Tosha soon gives Jacquan his first kiss.  This girl want's in the hood, and this family apparently.  She's willing to take either twin.

Temperance is back this time with date #20.  At this rate she may reach 50 before uni.

Date #21 is ordered and Darcy is once again playing chess.  He is the most knowledge inclined family sim I've ever seen.

An extremely pregnant Jill Fleig-Brooks walks by as Temperance accomplishes date 22.  I'm getting REALLY sick of dating.

Someone catches the kitchen on fire, luckily the fireman arrive and put it out.  However, one of the guests also broke the kitchen sink, which is flooding the kitchen, so that must be fixed as well.

After that small excitement we are back to dating with #23.

Date #24 is the uni mascot.  Making uni friends early isn't a bad thing at all.

#25 arrives and ends quickly, as most of Temperance's dates do.  She is finally 1/2 way through her dates.

Moving forward, and wanting to share her uni years with Rufus we get date #26.

Date 27 quickly follows.

Date #28 ends up being a friend from school who happened to stop by.  With that dating is done for the spring.  She will have 22 dates left to get in the summer, but if the spring is any indication that shouldn't be a problem.

The spring ends with a look at the twins celebrating their new crushes with a dance, or maybe they are just happy to be done with homework. Temperance takes a break from dating to work on her homework and think about what the summer will bring.  (Temperance might be at 29 dates because of Rufus....I think he dated her in the Busto update, which would give her that first date as well.)


  1. Wow that's alot of dating! I am impressed.

    1. Holy cow that's all I felt like I did. Luckily TwoFlower had a great way to keep sims wants from plummeting and get through lots of dates which has helped a LOT.

  2. Fire and flood really should even out I think! :)

    1. So true! If only the flood would have put out the fire. :)