Saturday, February 18, 2012

Schuzenjager 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - No Sugar Mama

Schuzenjager Family:
Hilda Schuzenjager - Female Elder - Knowledge - Max Out 7 Skills - Scorpio
Hans Schuzenjager - Male Teen - Knowledge - Become Head of SCIA - Libra
Heidi Schuzenjager - Female Teen - Popularity - Become the Law - Leo 

Last Round: Heidi and Hans grew closer playing chess and by Hans reading her to sleep. Hilda got as far in her career as she could and Heidi had a birthday into a teenager. 

We start the spring with Hilda working out and trying to max out her body skills, which she manages to do a little later in the season.

On Friday Heidi and Hans go to Inter@ctive to hang out and meet some people.  While there Hans meets and talks a bit with Brigid Rosada.

Heidi also got a chance to meet Brigid and talk for awhile.  They hit it off well and will likely form a strong friendship when summer gets here.

Saturday, as is normal in Fellowship One, is a day at the lake and the whole family goes.  It's still early spring and a snow storm hits, but doesn't last long enough to make anyone go home.

While at the lake Hans meets this girl.  I cannot remember her name right now, but they had a couple of bolts of attraction.  This is a good sign as Hans didn't have any matches in the kids his age that are in the neighborhood.

They talked for a long time and really got to know each other.  He invited her over later in the week and they continued to grow closer.

Hans decided to hang out with her in his pj's, but they had a great time dancing together.  Perhaps he's preparing for life as a college student, as they seem to spend all their time in pj's there.

They had such a great time together that they ended up falling into a deep crush.  She will be joining him in college, and he is very happy about that.

Heidi takes some time to clean the bathroom while her brother is on his date.  While she is at it she is gaining some cleaning skills for college.

Not to be outdone by her brother, Heidi shows that she is highly attracted to Shasta Norwood.  Just as a reminder Shasta is gay and Heidi is bi-sexual.  Shasta seems to be just as attracted to Heidi, but they are quite a few years apart so we'll see if it ends up working out in the end.

Hans snuck out with a friend from school and managed to sneak back in without being caught.  He's really ready to be heading to college.

 Heidi invited Shasta back over and they fell in love while she was there.  This may or may not last, as college can do crazy things to young relationships.  For now though they are enjoying each others company.

Before heading off to college Hans and his girl decide to hang out in his bed.  I can't actually remember if anything further happened, but I'm pretty sure they just made out and then got up.

Heidi was desperately wanting a party, so she threw one inviting all the kids she knew.  Hilda was being her normal self and caused Brigid to somewhat regret accepting the invitation.  The party went well though and everyone seemed to have a good time by the end.

Hans took the time to sneak out again with a good friend from school.  She is apparently from a very wealthy family, which is quite a thrill.  Perhaps he should have fallen for her and let her be his sugar mama through college.

Early on a Monday morning Hans left his house in Fellowship One and headed to university where he will be joined by his girlfriend, who was there to see him off.

Heidi shows she may be willing to take to someone closer to her age when she expresses her hotts for Luke Potts.  This would be a good match but we'll have to see what happens when we gets to his house later this round.

As spring comes to an end we find Hilda working on her Mechanical skills while trying to fix the sink.  She has managed to max out 3 skills so far, and still has plenty of life left in her.  Maybe she'll be able to complete her IW and LTW during the summer?  Only time will tell.


  1. I love the Schuzenjagers. Be great to see Luke Potts and Heidi get together, they would make pretty kiddies!

    1. Ah yes, but I think Luke may end up having other plans for himself. lol

  2. Impressive to aim for IW with an elder, I never even tried :)
    Glad Hans found a girl, and let's see if Heidi chooses boy or girl in the end

    1. Welcome back. :) I don't know if either she or Mama J (who has the same want) will end up getting it, but we'll see. :) Heidi certainly seems more girl minded at the moment, but you just never know what will happen in Uni.