Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cooprider 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Full House

Cooprider Family:
Layce Cooprider - Female Elder - Knowledge - Become Mad Scientist - Leo
Siba Cooprider - Female Elder - Fortune - Become Criminal Mastermind - Libra
Celeste Cooprider-Tinker - Female Adult - Family - Become Captain Hero - Libra

Stephen Tinker - Male Adult  - Family - Become Captain Hero - Capricorn
Risto Cooprider - Male Teen - Fortune - Become Chief of Staff - Leo
Michaell Cooprider - Female Teen - Knowledge - Become Criminal Mastermind - Aries
Kricket Cooprider - Female Teen - Popularity - Become Professional Party Guest - Sagittarius

Last Round: Celeste meets and marries Stephen Tinker, another family sim, after he divorces his current wife.  First Michaell and then Kricket celebrate birthdays and become teens.

 Siba starts off the spring in a bad way.  She is very interested in the skunk and I'm sure she is going to regret that.

 A few moments later and I see that I was right.  Siba gets sprayed by the skunk and instantly goes in to take a tomato shower.

 Stephen Tinker's ex-wife is still upset about the divorce so she comes by nearly every day to steal the paper or knock over the trash can.

 This is a family of dancers.  There is no doubt that each and every child from this house will get the dancing scholarship to college.  Any free time they have is taken up by dancing.

 Some new chairs were placed outside and the sisters, Siba and Layce, find themselves out there ofter just talking and enjoying the days.

 Michelle and Risto sit and talk with their mom and new step-dad to get to know him better.  None of them are great friends yet, but Celeste hopes they will be soon.

 As tradition has it the family heads to the lake on Saturday.  There are a lot of people from around the town and surrounding towns there as it's such a nice day.

 Stephen's daughter Melody is there as well.  Kricket gets to know her better, as they are now step-sisters.  (I really want to get Melody into the hood as having her still alive after her dad is dead and gone would just be strange to me.  There are plenty of kids close to her age that won't end up with matches to make it happen, I hope.)

 Back at home, in an attempt to find love interests from the neighbors, the Coopriders invite over the Profitt's for the day.

 It's a good thing Charles is already suited for and dating Hedwig because Melody and him do not get along at all.  They at nearly mortal enemies by the time the Profitt's leave for the day.  There are some possibly matches in the making however so the day wasn't a waste.

 While still looking for work Stephen has kind of let himself go.  Celeste still loves him though and they are very sweet together.  Both are really wanting a new baby for the family, but until some of the kids leave for college the house is almost too full.

 Everyone crowds around the entrance to say good-bye to Risto as it's time for him to head off to college.  In true sim fashion he is leaving in his pj's.

 Bye Risto, we'll see you at the end of Spring to start your college life.

With Risto no longer in the house not much changes.  The family spends a lot of time in the living room/dinning room watching TV, doing homework or skilling.  They are a very busy but happy family.  With this sight we end spring for the Cooprider's and let them prepare for the summer ahead.


  1. Hey there Coopriders! Glad to see everyone is happy!

    1. They are very happy sims, but I had to admit I'm ready to shrink down this house a little, they are so busy all the time. :D

  2. Busy houses can be fun as long as it doesn't lead to disasters! :)

    1. Yeah, this hood is FULL of busy houses. I'm really just waiting for some of the elders to die off so they are a little less busy...even though that sounds horrible. lol