Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yessam 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Not so much has changed

Yessam Family:
Mama J Yessam - Female Elder - Knowledge - Max Out 7 Skills - Aquarius
Jenn Yessam - Female Adult - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary - Aries
Rich Yessam - Male Adult - Popularity - Become Captain Hero - Aquarius
Camden Yessam -  Male Child - Saggitarius

Last Round: The family spent time together.  Mama J and Camden spent a lot of time skilling and Camden grew up into a child and started school.  Rich watched TV, talked on the phone and continued to look for a job, which never came up.

 Mama J does 3 things during the day, for the most part.  She skills, she plays with her grandson and she takes care of/plays with Panda, her womrat.

 Camden also loves Panda and plays with him every chance he gets.  It's a good thing too, cause Panda seems determined to stay around.

 Jenn and Rich wake up every day and flirt with each other at least twice, and then during the day is more of the same, and sometimes before they go to bed at night.  They are truly two sims in love.

 Mama J is up to 3 skills maxed, and the hardest (in my opinion) to get maxed is Body, so she starts on that one next.  Rich, who wants to be Captain Hero someday, joins her in jumping rope.

 Camden is a very smart boy and is starting to do very well in school.  He cheers for himself before running in to tell his grandma and father, who also cheer for him.

 Camden is starting to bring friends home from school now, and they tend to be girls.  This is good news, since Camden doesn't have anyone his age in the neighborhood and will have to find a townie if he wants to have a wife....or husband.  Tessa is a good catch, but they don't really get along very well.

 Jenn is doing well at work, but misses her son a lot while she's gone.  Camden goes out to greet her with a hug and a wave nearly every day.

 Not much has changed around the house.  Rich still talks on the phone, Mama J still skills a LOT, but Camden now spends most of his time playing and painting.

 Jenn doesn't always make it home before Camden's bed time, but she makes sure to go tuck him in when she gets home.  She is really a very good mama.  With this touching scene we find spring drawing to a close, and Mama J is still around, and getting close to her LTW.  I hope she makes it.

Jenkins 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - One Down

Jenkins Family:
Moria Jenkins - Female Adult - Fortune - Become General - Libra
James Jenkins - Male Teen - Romance - WooHoo 20 Different Sims - Aquarius

Last Round: We got to see James' romancing side finally surface as he enjoyed dating.  Moria was in the background quite a bit while James took the spotlight, and most of the cleaning.  Moria did enjoying bit a big of a romancer herself.

 Moria sits in bed and thinks about her friend Howie and get the inheritance from his death.  She is one of the few sims who Howie could have considered a friend in the neighborhood.

 During Saturday at the lake a shocking thing happens between Brennen Brooks and Samantha Brandt.  I don't know exactly what they did, but suddenly there is a big crush between them.  Brennen you JUST got married to Jill!  I even introduced you two before and there wasn't attraction....hopefully this won't come back to cause him problems.  Moria just tries not to see anything.

 Suddenly Samantha and Brennen can't keep their hands off each other, but we watch the kids fish.

 Moria decides her neighbor of the week will be Gregory Brandt this time and invites him over.

 James finally gets his "girlfriend" Jasmyn into bed and gets his first woohoo.

 Gregory didn't last long in Moria's mind and Marshall Upton is soon over enjoying her company.  James starts his wooing of the next girl.

 They go out and enjoy their time together.  She seems to be pretty interested in James advances.

 There isn't time to make that relationship official as James heads off to University.  I'm sure he'll cause quite a stir on campus.  Moria is left alone in the house for now.

 As spring comes to a close Moria decides to once again share the affections of Gregory Brandt.  I think she is lonely without James around, and he really did teach her a thing or too.

Brandt 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Dates and Dancing

Brandt Family:
Gregory Brandt - Male Elder - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top Career - Capricorn
Samantha Brandt- Female Adult - Popularity - Become Hall of Famer - Libra
Haley Brandt - Female Teen - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top of Career - Sagittarius
Boone Brandt - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Gemini
Kade Brandt - Male Teen - Fortune - Become Hall of Famer - Scorpio
Kapri Brandt - Female Teen - Knowledge - Become Space Pirate - Gemini
Rowan Brandt - Male Teen - Pleasure - Become Game Designer - Cancer

Last Round: The Brandt family was VERY busy last round with birthday's galore.  The kids did well in school, and Samantha unsuccessfully looked for love.  Gregory continued to be a great grandfather.  The house was full of kids all the time, and was very busy and dancing was a must at all times.  The family survived on birthday cake.

 Gregory got a bee in his bonnet about going to the culinary secret lot and winning a food contest.  I had to prepare him for loosing since he barely had any cooking points.  He worked very hard while there and entered.

 Amazingly his Chili beat out the "owners" lobster thermidor.  Gregory was THRILLED with his first place win.

 Nothing much has changed at home though.  The kids still dance the day and night away, and Kapri has finally gotten some friendships going with her siblings.

 Homework time is usually a large affair with everyone trying to get to the same spot on the carpet.

 One day, as the kids were playing outside a gypsy came by and dropped off a lamp.  No one knew much about it, but Gregory wished for peace of mind I believe.

 As we head to the lake we find the "twins" (Kade and Rowan) have the same outer wear and make life very difficult for me to figure out who does what.

 Boone checks out Ariana Rosada and seems to like what he sees.  Sadly he has 50 1st dates to get through before he can settle down.  They seem a decent match though, as she wants 50 dream dates.  Lots of dating for these two.

 There are a lot of people fishing at the lake on this Saturday and it seems there is some luck.

 Gregory uses one of the wishes to get money.  It was desperately needed, especially with Boone wanting 50 1st dates.

 With new money in the house, Boone calls over the gypsy and gets started on all of the dates right away.  He seems to want to get through them quickly ever since he saw Ariana.  So here is date one.

 Date #2 for Boone.

 Date #3
 Date 4

 Boone takes time out of dating to have dinner with the family and the headmaster.  The money didn't just go towards dates, the family really tried to update the house a bit and with the kids wanting to get into private school they invited him over.

 Even with a lack of money, the headmaster was impressed with how great the kids were doing in their circumstances and got them all scholarships.  They all look great in their uniforms.

 Back to the dating world with date 5.

 The kids talked about the genie in the bottle over dinner one night, but the wishes had already been used.

 Gregory is starting to get his affects in order and had Kade or Rowan some of his possessions.

 Boone is back to the dating game with date 6.

He hits it off better than expected with date #6 and ends up getting a bit of a crush.  This is not meant to be though.....Ariana is a better match and already a part of the hood.

Just like when they were kids, there are always extra friends around, now just of the teen persuasion.  Of course dancing is still the favorite past time.

There are still family dinners occasionally, but with all the friends over all the time they really need a bigger table.  This house is going to feel small and slow when all the kids head off to college.

Late one spring night a fire started outside.  I got VERY nervous for Kade or Rowan (I can't tell them apart in their uniforms), but luckily the rain put out the fire and he was fine.  The spring same to a close without much fanfare and the family is ready for summer.

Busto 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Even Butter!

Busto Family:
Howie Busto - Male Elder - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top Career Level - Leo
Tina Miller - Female Adult - Fortune - Become Business Tycoon - Scorpio
Hedwig Busto - Female Teen - Popularity - Become General - Gemini
Rufus Busto - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 Dream Dates - Scorpio

Last Round: The Busto's house was a busy one last round.  Rufus grew up into a teenager and chose to be a pleasure sim. The kids grew "overly" close, and Howie found Tina Miller downtown and invited her to move in.  By the end of the round they were engaged.  As Howie wishes for pets the family adopted a puppy named Jake.

 We walk into the house just as Tina discovers she is pregnant.  Howie was very excited, but really wanted the baby to have the Busto name.

 There was a very very small ceremony in the living room with the kids.  There aren't many friends in this family and Tina wasn't up to much fanfare.

 Hedwig waves a congrats to the happy couple as the marriage is sealed.  Tina and Howie are both very happy about the wedding and the new baby.

 On a Friday night Hedwig and Rufus go to the "teen hangout" Inter@ctive.  They don't go in right away, preferring to play kick bag with each other.

 Saturday continues to be family day at the lake and we see Hedwig talking with Esmond.  There were many people from the town there.  The family even brought Jake to get some exercise.

 Esmond grilled up some hotdogs  and everyone sat down and talked and bonded.  The hot dogs were very tasty.

 Hedwig decided to try her hand at fishing, and she found she's not that good yet.  She tries hard though and will get better with time.

 At the lake Hedwig met Charles Profitt and they hit it off, so she invited him over to the house.  Now she has someone other than her brother to give backrubs too.

 Soon the two are in love, and this is a good match for the town.  (I'm so glad all of the kids are matching up so well so far.)

 They spend hours talking about everything, and I do mean everything.  Even butter!

 Suddenly we find the kids in Howie and Tina's bed, and it seems they took the next step in their relationship....although possibly skipping a few in between.

 There is a new puppy in the house, and her name is Suzi.  Hopefully Jake will like her and the family can have some puppies soon.  Howie takes really good care of his dogs.

 Jake seems to be ok with Suzi as a puppy, and hopefully this bonding will care over in Suzi's adulthood.

 Suddenly there is screaming from the kitchen and we find Tina in labor.  A baby or 2 is on the way.


 Ok, let's try this again.  A new baby or two is on the way, and Howie quickly runs in from taking care of the dogs, and Rufus is really freaked out.


 This was getting annoying at this point, so we had the family move out and move back in and we will try this again.  Rufus and Temperance do start getting close during all of these crashes and they would make a good match.

 We are once again back at the pregnancy and labor and go to try this again.


 We try removing all custom content and try this again.  I'm starting to get worried about this neighborhood.


 That wasn't it, but FINALLY I figure out the problem.  Some random sim files in a totally random folder are trying to load as custom content, which the game couldn't do.  So FINALLY, we have labor, and then.....

 A BABY!!!  There is only one baby, and it's a boy.  He gets BC name #142, Antonio and is FINALLY born on May 25 in year 14.

 Suzi quickly follows the birth with a birthday of her own, and is a pretty adult dog.

 Rufus gets his first kiss from romance sim Danielle Rosada.

 Hedwig leaves late one night for University and Howie goes out to say goodbye.

 Life progresses with the family, and most days look similar.  Rufus spends a lot of time painting, and Howie plays chess.

 Rufus spends times with friends he's made at school, but there is really only one girl on his mind.

 Rufus gets on the phone and calls Temperance over to the house.  Soon they have mutual crushes on each other and seem to be another possible couple for the future.

 Before you know it, it's Antonio's birthday and Howie brings his boy to the cake.

 Hedwig doesn't make it back from uni for the event and the birthday is very small, only family.

 The baby is missing a LOT of his head and we hope that will resolve itself.

 Other than having not hair, and only 1/2 a head he's rather a cute little Busto.

 Tina takes Antonio to the mirror and soon he has a full head of hair.

 Before they were ready it was Howie who would leave the family.  On Oct 16, 16 at 7:02 PM the grim's visit came.  It was a sudden and very sad event.

 Everyone mourned his death, and while he may not have felt completely ready to go, he didn't fight too hard, having gotten to see his grandkids grown up a lot, and his son born and grown to a toddler.

 At the very end of spring we get a slightly happier moment to remember as Suzi gives birth to a couple of puppies.  Howie would have loved them.  Now we head into summer and hope for a more joyous time.