Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jenkins 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) -Romancing School

Jenkins Family:
Moria Jenkins - Female Adult - Fortune - Become General
James Jenkins - Male Teen - Romance - WooHoo 20 Different Sims

Last Round: There was a debate for who the romance sim in the household was as Moria was acting much more like a romancer than James.  She enjoyed multiple encounters with the steamy male elders of the hood, Gregory Brandt and Marshall Upton.  James studied and got an A+ grade.

We join the Jenkins while James is busy cleaning the sink.  It was extremely dirty.

Jame begins to actually start acting like a romancer.  After the "fun" he had with Donatella during the Roma house he is ready to have some "fun" with another girl.  I do not remember her name.

James rolled up many wants about Donatella, but I wasn't really about to let him fulfill some of them.  She is back going stead with Risto Cooprider, and I hope it will stay that way.  I did let him invite her over though, and he behaved himself.

Moria really does still live here, but James was a cleaning machine.  This time it's onto the bathroom tub....

 See she is here.  Moria and James settle in for a quite night of playing chess.  They actually play chess a lot and I'm hoping James will head to college with some good Logic points.

 Even though he has Donatella back Risto is still VERY upset at James Jenkins and arrives just as the paper girl leave to plot stealing it.

James has moved onto a new girl, one I again didn't write down or remember a name for.  Finally his aspiration begins to make itself known.  I'm not HUGE on romancers, but they can be fun to play....James was seeming slightly boring until now.  We'll see what he does in college.

Moria invites Marshall Upton over for a visit....he is a highly sought after man in this hood.  He's even fathered a child already.  Moria doesn't have to worry about that though.

They do get interrupted by another Cooprider...this time it's Siba.  She also has a thing for Marshall, as do they all.

Jame is still working his charms....hasn't been able to really "seal the deal" with this girl yet, but it doesn't stop him from working towards it.

With all of the ladies after Marshall Upton Moria decided to go back to Gregory Brandt....who is also very handsome and somewhat sought after.  They enjoy a pleasant kiss.

Risto puts his plot into action and steals the newspaper running down the street laughing.  No one really reads the paper here anyway Risto, so it wasn't a big loss.  Just let it go!

James introduces his "girlfriend"....one of many....to his grandmother and they enjoy their time together.

Once Moria goes to bed they enjoy it a lot more too.  Nothing other than kissing happening here though....although she MAY join him in college, but I doubt he'll still be interested.

James is still a good student though and makes sure to get him homework done every night.  He is still carrying an A+.

James and Moria are actually very close and they enjoy spending time together playing games and watching TV.  I think James may be teaching his grandmother a thing or two about romancing the way she's been acting.  Spring is just around the corner now and I'm sure the "love" in the air will make itself know next time.


  1. yay! Fellowship is back! I really don't know what it is about Marshall Upton. He is like that in every hood I have ever seen him in. Stud Marshall!

  2. The girls love him....I'm sure they each have their reasons. :D

  3. Welcome back!
    Nice to see James trying his wings