Monday, March 7, 2011

Roma 1

Year 1-6 (Fall) - Who's Idea was this Party Anyway?

Roma Family:
Donatella Roma - Female Teen - Knowledge - Become Mad Scientist - Leo
Carmine Roma - Male Toddler - Gemini
Guido Roma - Male Toddler - Cancer

The Roma's actually scored a house that was completed inside and out.  It was a bit easy when there are only three sims to buy beds/cribs for.  It is a tiny little house on a pretty small plot of land, but it was their new home.

Donatella is such a good big sister.  If I had let her I think she would have just played with her brothers the entire time.
The welcome wagon for this family didn't hold anyone from the neighborhood, and actually only consisted of these too....who apparently are a bit of an item.  They made out in front of the babies most of the time they were on the lot.  To save on food Donatella got a fish from their lake, and just ate left overs for most of the week until the boys grew up.  Everything else she sold.
The twins Huggle all the time and played really well together.  It was very cute.
The game must have taken pity on Donatella because the nanny was amazing.  She cleaned, she took care of the toddlers, and she even met toddler wants, like to snuggle.
She would even play peek-a-boo.  I have NEVER seen a nanny do this before.

The nanny took such good care of the twins that Donatella was able to come home, have fun, get her homework done and get plenty of sleep each night with minimal care needed to any of the three.  Donatella was able to get an A+ easy in school.
By year 4 it was time for the toddlers to become children, so Donatella invited the only people she really knew, including her steady boyfriend Risto Cooprider.

First it was Carmine....I think.  I am having trouble telling these two apart and should really get them different haircuts when I visit next.
He grew up very well, and very handsome to the cheering of the crowd.
Guido was next and his brother really got into the celebration on this one.
Looking almost exactly like his brother he also grew up very well.  The twins are no longer toddlers, and that means all of the original toddlers are all grown up.  No more teens with toddlers!  YAY!!!
The party was going so well, the boys had their big boy beds, and while Donatella was in showing Risto disaster struck!  JAMES JENKINS!!!  They have been friends for awhile, and James is kind of into Donatella, but he's a romance sim!  Risto was crushed, and slapping matches were in full swing.  Who's idea was the stupid party?  It totally messed everything up.  Luckily they are young!
Luckily, while all the fighting was going on the boys were out fishing in their lake.  They do most things together...
Including catching boots.  At least it made them some money.
Carmine brought home a friend from school, she's been coming home with everyone, but I cannot remember her name.  She isn't one of the original toddlers though, so sorry Carmine.  Those toddlers were will matched up together as much as possible.  The town is going to exploding as it is as soon as they all graduate.

Donatella made sure her brothers learned how to study.  I felt so bad no one was there to teach her.  She rolled a want for it every day.
The family had a massive cleaning day.  Everyone pitched in to get the house in tip top shape.  Every surface was cleaned and made to sparkle.
Saturday at the lake was very much needed to get Donatella out of the house.  Things were still pretty rocky between her and Risto...although they were getting better, and he "hated" her less.  The three enjoyed the quite time together.
Guido did stop and talk to Temperance for quite awhile (she's a little old for you, but still the right idea.).  Meanwhile Carmine stopped and talked to Clara Brooks.  That might work out in the future.
As fall ended and winter loomed over the house Risto and Donatella seemed to be getting back on track.  James was skulking around outside the house however, so I'm sure we haven't seen the last of this drama yet.


  1. The love disaster between the teens is pretty realistic - things like that happen all the time IRL!

  2. Yep they sure do. I'm glad her and Risto are back to being sort of ok though....I really do like them together. :)

  3. Woo! James is a nuisance...I never really did catch on to him. But I am with you. Risto and Donatella are cute couple. When I saw James moving on Donatella, I was like....No!!! But glad to see they are getting back together.