Monday, March 7, 2011

Norwood 1

Year 1-6 (Fall) - A Whole Lot of Loving Going On

Norwood Family:
Beulah Norwood - Female Elder - Romance - WooHoo with 20 Different Sims - Taurus
Channing Norwood - Male Adult - Pleasure - Become a Game Designer - Libra

Bruce Norwood - Male Teen - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - Gemini
Maxwell Norwood - Male Child - Aquarius
Shasta Norwood - Female Child - Capricorn

The Norwoods are an interesting family.  There are at least plenty of people around to help with the children, and MOST of them have a completely doable LTW.  The welcome wagon arrived at their mostly finished house and consisted of Corky and the town stud Marshal Upton.
The twins, Shasta and Maxwell, really get along quite well and were 2 of the closest family members in the bunch.  The rest of the family had to build up some relationship points.
Beulah, being the Romance sim that she is wastes no time in getting to know Marshall Upton, Fellowship One's resident Casanova, at least for now. Every girl that lays eyes on him, no matter the age, wants him.  Beulah is no different.

Beulah spent a lot of time displaying her soft side to me.  She went into the twins room and tucked them each in a couple of times throughout the fall.  She really is good with the kids, and quite sweet.
The twins were, luckily, old enough to entertain themselves, and when you have a twin you like, you constantly have a play mate.  Good thing for these two since they were in the background a bit while I focused on getting the family some money.
Casanova strikes gold.  Beulah invited him over and ACR took over and did the rest.  They are kind of cute, but Beulah has desires much bigger than Marshall Upton.
Bruce did bring a friend over on day after school, as you see in the background, but they have no attraction and are going to just be friends.
This household was always full of people.  The kids all brought friends home, the adults had friends and, ahem, lovers,  over quite often, and so there was never a shortage of social interactions.  One again Beulah steps into the spotlight of being a terrific grandmother.

A study session with the boys.  Don't worry Shasta learned to study too.  Channing has taken a back seat in the blog, but I was busy with him too.  He needs to find a girl to move in....and he had his heart set on one.
The 3 kids really bonded over shared meals.  So much of the time I wouldn't catch them before they went to bed early and they would walk up in the middle of the night.  Midnight snacks of leftovers were the favorite past time.
The house is far from completed, as this short truly shows.  They barely had windows, and doors.
Beulah took and early morning down to the General Store, and met a couple of very attractive younger men she thought would be nice additions to her...erm....woohoo collection.
When the family was finally able to afford an easel, Maxwell spent hours on it.  Seriously, he would wake up and paint, come home from school and paint.  Shasta even tried to entice him to dance with her, but he was glued to that easel.
Channing's heart was set on this woman Shelby Barrett.  I wanted to say no, I mean she isn't that pretty.  Plus, when I found out her aspiration is Romance, I REALLY was screaming no....
But neither Channing, Shelby or ACR cared what I wanted.  I guess he really wanted someone that reminded him of his mother...sadly.  At least he is a Pleasure sim, so it's not TOTALLY incompatible.
All the homework, late midnight snacks and painting really paid off for the kids.  Bruce came home with an A+......

As did Shasta...
AND Maxwell.  WOOHOO!!!  Way to go kids!  I love this picture of Maxwell, he looks SO happy. Probably because he's home and can get back to painting.  I'm hoping he's a knowledge sim, because he really only wants to skill.
Most of the family does, occasionally, sit down for a meal. Channing didn't do a whole lot of interacting with the kids and left their care mostly up to his mother.

Family day at the lake happened, as it does all over town, on Saturday.  There were a lot of familiar faces, and some not familiar ones.  Beulah found a couple more potential loves in this group.
Everyone really got into the feel of fishing.  I think the kids caught the most fish out of all of them and they will make very good meals.
Shelby Barrett, Libra
Female Adult, Romance
WooHoo 20 Different Sims
Turn ons: Make-up and Creative
Turnoff: Hard Working

Channing finally decided to ask Shelby Barrett to move in with him, and she brought $15,000 with her!  She quickly got a makeover and looks a lot better.  They quickly used the money to finish the house, add doors windows and the like.  The family was so used to the grass though they picked out very green carpet.

Shelby and the kids all spent some time bonding, especially since the family was able to by a chess set.  This was a super popular item!  With this brings the close of fall for another family.
Points: +1 New Sim (Shelby Barrett)


  1. If you let Shelby sleep around, she could fill the neighbourhood with recessive blonds. However, they would all be related to each other, so not much use... :)

  2. Shelby is actually not a blond. She "dyed" her hair. In her genetics she's actually black hair and green eye (dominate and recessive). I didn't know that until I checked for the genetics. :)

  3. Wow I realized I was behind on your Fellowship One. No wonder you know who everybody is in Prosperity Srpings. :) :) I always liked the Norwoods. Especially Beulah! Yes, I don't know what it is about Marshall Upton. Town stud. That's right. *ASimWen nods*

  4. You were pretty It's true, I knew some of them simply because I had just played them. :)