Saturday, May 10, 2014

Corcoran 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Baby Blues

Corcoran Family:
Corky Corcoran-Bruenig - Female Adult - Family - Marry off 6 Children - Aquarius 
Toby Bruenig - Male Adult - Knowledge - Become Captain Hero - Sagittarius 
Hailey Corcoran - Female Child

Trinity Corcoran - Female Toddler
Zavier Corcoran - Male Toddler

Last Round: Corky had twins, a boy and girl they named Trinity and Zavier.  Corky and Toby finally tied the knot in a small ceremony at home. The twins grew into toddlers, and Hailey grew into a child.

With twins in the family it seems like toddler training is constantly going.  The fact that Corky wants more kids means we've got quite a bit of this left.  Corky works on finishing up potty training.

Then she spends some time with Trinity before Hailey gets home from school.  It's a lot of work juggling this many kids.

Corky works to teach Trinity how to talk, and her first word is mama.  Corky is so happy and before long Trinity is talking up a storm.

Toby really wanted to teach Zavier how to talk, so once he got home from work and took a nap, naps are important when you have twins, he started working with Zavier.  Zavier's first word ended up being chair, which seems much more difficult than dada.

While Trinity is busy playing and Toby is watching both Hailey and Corky have some mother/daughter time outside on a pretty summer day.

Toby is a very good dad to both Hailey and the twins.  Trinity was starting to get very dirty so Toby gave her a bath.

Then, it would appear that hint Corky gave us last season was just a fluke, there are no more babies, so Toby and Corky work to resolve that during a short down time.

Hailey is a very good girl and very tidy.  She makes sure to make her bed every morning, and half the time goes around and makes any other bed that isn't made too.

The bunny made have started off as Hailey's and she still loves it, but Trinity plays with it more now.  The poor bunny has seen better days, but it's a well loved toy by all 3 kids.

Trinity also really loves her daddy.  Toby love his little girl very much.  Trinity would like to be closer with her daddy, like she is with her mommy and I'm sure Toby will happily oblige her.

Corky really is a very good mom and she does try to spend some time with all her kids every day.  So far there are no indications that any more are going to happen however.  Risky isn't being very kind to her.

Of course with 3 kids in the house, two of them being toddlers, it's difficult to find time for Corky and Toby to be together.  They squeeze in whatever time they can, having fun together.

There is a huge sigh of relieve when the twins birthday's arrive and they will become children.  Friends are invited and cakes are bought.  Trinity and Zavier are brought to their cakes and we blow out the candles.

The kids both grow up well and are very cute.  Marshall, we see was also at the party.  He is still a friend of the families even with their unique circumstances.

However, with a teenage daughter on the horizon, in Hailey, Marshall must be feeling a bit of a pinch in the pockets.  He decides to panhandle right outside the Bruenig's house.

Zavier wants to learn some logic so he and his dad play chess together.  Zavier isn't very good yet, but if he keeps this up he'll be a master in no time.

The siblings aren't very close yet, even the twins, but they spend some time at the breakfast table talking about family.  It would appear that Hailey is trying to explain that her dad isn't married to their mom.

The girls spend time playing with their parents.  For not having high relationship scores all the way around this family is very close knit.  No one decides to go to the lake this Saturday, it's been a long, busy season.

In the middle of Saturday, with no fanfare at all Hailey grew up into a teenager.  She decides to be a Pleasure sim.....with the want to have 50 1st dates.  *SLAMS HEAD ON DESK  She makes the 5th sims with this want so far in this hood.  It's a town made up of pleasure sims.

The twins work on building up their relationship by playing a game together.  They do actually spend quite a bit of time together.

Hailey is almost always willing to play with her younger siblings when they ask and she really enjoys swinging them around....of course they love it too.

Then it's time for family Sunday.  This family has no major family connections yet, other than the Upton's due to Marshall being Hailey's father.  So the 2 current members of the Upton family, and Aquamarine....a future member of the Upton's come to the house.

Now that Hailey is a teenagers Marshall takes some time to really try and get to know her a little better.  They aren't close, even though Marshall's been around off and on throughout her life.

Toby and Trinity get to know Aquamarine a little bit better and she tells them about college.  She'll be graduating this round.

It's a pleasant, quiet family Sunday at the Bruenig's and many relationships are built up or started.

With family Sunday done the summer starts to leave and we get ready for fall.  Even with all their trying Corky never got pregnant again.  She's almost out of her child bearing years, and has developed a fear of having another baby.  She made end up needing to adopt 3 kids if there is a hope of her to reach her LTW.

On a fun side note, I posted this is the group discussion, but I noticed, for the first time, that at least the bunny toy "ages" as the kids play with it.  I first noticed it looked dirty and was missing an eye, but couldn't remember if it was always like that.  So I bought a new one and put it next to it, and sure enough, it gets "wear and tear."  I think it's ADORABLE and totally want to buy my kids these to take with them through generations.  :)

Roma 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Social Sunday

Roma Family:
Carmine Roma - Male Teen - Family - Become Captain Hero - Gemini 
Guido Roma - Male Teen - Romance - Become Rock God - Cancer

Last Round: Donatella left for university leaving the boys to finish up teenage hood on their own. The whole family spent lots of time studying. The twins developed deeper relationships with the remaining Rosada sisters. 

Summer is off to a quiet start in the Roma house. With Donatella in uni the twins are left on their own.  Last season they wanted to skill a lot.  We'll see if that trend continues.  To start the twins still have friends over often.

Guido continues to act more like a knowledge sim then a romance sim and decides he wants to continue his pursuit of a logic skill using the chess board.  He also likes games.

Carmine and Guido go for hikes fairly often as they both like nature  One day, during a hike before school Carmine walked through poison ivy and had to go to school very itchy.

Most of the week passed without anything happening besides the boys hiking, going to school, doing homework, skilling a bit, and going back to bed.  They are getting quiet a few friends so Carmine went to the store to buy both brothers cell phones.

While he was at Inter@ctive he decided to hang out and play some games.  This guy was playing pinball so Carmine started talking to him and they played together for a bit.

The boys found out that everyone couldn't make it on a Sunday, so they decided to host and family Saturday instead.  (Editor's Note:  In reality I completely read the day of the week wrong. :) )  Donatella comes home with Risto and the rest of the Coopriders are invited.  Then all the Rosada sisters are also brought over.

Carmine and Brigid make quick use of the double bed...which had a new comforter put on it only recently.  Apparently they wanted to make sure it was comfortable.

In the other bedroom Guido and Danielle are enjoying some alone time themselves...although not the same type of fun.  It's rather unusual for the non-romance sims to be on the bed before the romancers.

Outside dancing is the prominent activity for everyone.  This hood really enjoys it's dancing.

The party does slowly start to trickle inside and the Cooprider sisters catch up while Donatella goes looking for her brothers.

When Donatella find Guido he's busy talking to Risto and Danielle is talking to her older sister, Aquamarine.  It's been a great social family Sunday so far.

Many of the ladies were enjoying the day out by the small pond of the property.  The twins had gotten some benches and put them out there.  The younger ladies are getting some tips from the twice married Celeste about kissing.

Throughout the day there are many different social groups that happen, and even some fishing in the family pond.

When the family all heads back to their homes the brother head out to enjoy the last bits of summer sunlight.  Fall is almost here and it's been a very nice summer.  The boys will be heading to college soon so they will enjoy the last bits of their teenage years.

Norwood 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Dates, Dates, Dates

Norwood Family:
Beulah Norwood - Female Elder - Romance - WooHoo with 20 Different Sims - Taurus
Channing Norwood - Male Adult - Pleasure - Become a Game Designer - Libra 
Shelby Barrett - Female Adult - Romance - WooHoo with 20 Different Sims - Libra
Maxwell Norwood - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Aquarius 
Shasta Norwood - Female Teen - Pleasure - Become Game Designer - Capricorn

Last Round: Maxwell joined in the dating marathon getting to his 21st first date.  Bruce headed off to university after being mostly ignored the entire round.  Shelby and Channing spent time together.

The summer is here for the Norwood's and we start out with a pretty quiet fairly normal looking house.  Channing gets up many mornings and reads the paper while his mother plays on the computer, or watching TV together.

Beulah is running very far behind on lovers so we decide to get the gypsy lady over for her to find a date with.  (Editor's Note:  At this moment in playing I COMPLETELY forgot Maxwell wanted 50 1st dates) The gypsy lady drops off the date and Beulah gets to know him.

Maxwell is trying to get to know the girl he brought home from school...I see her a lot but can't remember her name.  They are becoming decent friends but will never be more than that.

However, whatever they ended up doing caused Shelby to feel Maxwell cheated on her.  They had had a very interesting relationship last round, however, I don't think they ever slept together, but Shelby is apparently very possessive of him.  Even in the midst of it all Channing think Shelby is HOT.

Beulah is still around and her favorite lover is still the town Casanova, Marshall Upton.  She calls him over for a little booty call and they have some fun together.

When Channing heads off to work on days that Shelby doesn't have to her continues to work on getting her 20 WooHoo's in.  It's going to take her awhile, but she's building up plenty of relationships.

Even though she herself is a romancer Beulah doesn't really like the way Shelby is treating her little boy behind his back.  They are NOT friends in this house, and Shelby is just waiting for the day she dies.

Unfortunately, that day wasn't too far off....although it's been rumored that Shelby may have hurried that day along a little bit, but there isn't enough evidence to say for sure.  Beulah lived a pretty successful life, even if she never reached her LTW.  On October 5 of year 18 at 6:18 PM Beulah went into the other life.

Shelby "comforts" Channing in the only way she really knows how.  It might have also been a bit of a celebration on Shelby's part.  Beulah was gone and could torture her no more.

Suddenly Maxwell remember (as do I) that he wants 50 1st dates and he got to 21 last season.  So once again the circus of dates begins.  It's a good way to keep him mind off his grandma's death.

This date is going great for Maxwell so she sticks around a little longer than the others.  Shelby is also chatting with one of the friends that was brought home from school today.

Channing, the good father he actually is, checks in and spends some time with Shasta.  She also took the death of her grandmother a bit hard, but is coping well.

Maxwell gets dates 23 through 26 out of the way quickly, some what as a way of coping, somewhat as a way to feel good again, and somewhat just for something to do.  It his his LTW after all, he probably should focus on it.

On Friday Maxwell decides it's time for him and Shasta to have cell phones so he goes and gets them some at Inter@ctive.  Then he hangs out for a bit.

Then it's back to the dating cycle where we gets dates 27, 28 and 29 out of the way.  He may not make it all the way through before he goes to Uni like Temperance did, but he's going to be close I think.

Shasta remembers she is a pleasure sim and decides she would like a date as well.  With the gypsy on the lot it's the perfect time to ask for one, and she gets a cute girl.

Saturday, which is typical in this hood, the family takes a trip down to the lake.  While there Channing and Shelby enjoy themselves, and Maxwell and Shasta talk about moving to college.

During their time at the lake, which isn't quite as full as it usually is the good witch shows up.  Shelby is always looking for friends and ways she might be able to get more lovers so she goes and says hi.

Sadly, Maxwell gets picked to be a target by the pick pocket and he falls for all the tricks.  Luckily he didn't loose too much money, but after that the family decided it was time to go home.  (Editor's Note:  I try really hard not to control anything while they are at the lake, but I wanted to stop the pickpocket so bad.)

Once they are back at home Channing spends some more time with his daughter and Maxwell decides to have some fun with the bubble blower.  Being a family of many pleasure/romance sims the bubble blower is very popular.

After a nice break with the bubble blower it's time for Maxwell to get back to dating.  We get started with dates 30 and 31.  One we recognize and would love to have her join the hood, but Maxwell isn't really interested.

Shasta also wants to get in on the dating action and asks for a date of her own.  She gets one of the vacation townies and talks with the gypsy for awhile.  Shasta is looking for someone she can come home to if university doesn't offer her any opportunities.

While Shasta is enjoying her date Maxwell continues to speed through dates 32 and 33.  He is on a mission to finish as many dates as possible.  With such a late start this season he's got plenty of catching up to do.

Unfortunately for Shasta the day isn't going as well as she hoped and she comes home fired from her job, due to a poor chance card.  Shasta can see her scholarship slipping out of her grasp.

To absolutely no one's surprise Maxwell is still going strong on his dating, reaching number 34 now, who is also a vacation sim.

Then Shasta's day goes from bad to worse when she crosses paths with a stunk and stupidly tries to pet it.

Shelby decides the kids may have the right idea using the gypsy to bring in dates so she decides to go ask for one of her own.  I think this is Merlin that drops into the yard.

Maxwell is back at it dates 36 and 37.  He is one quite a roll and feels great.  For awhile he forgot how exhilarating it is to have at least ok dates, even if they are short.

The family, minus Maxwell since he is too busy dating to join the rest, decide to relax in the hot tub.  They talk mostly about how it's been a very dry season.

Shelby finally gets what she has been wanting for awhile and manages, during a break in dating, to lure Maxwell to her bed.

Shelby then has a series of strange accidents.  Maybe she was just clumsy or maybe, is it possible Beulah is still around and causing Shelby trouble?  First there was the freak computer shock...Shelby could have SWORE she had unplugged it.

Then, while still shaken up about the whole thing she managed to set the house on fire.

The fireman showed up and put the fire out without a problem and Shelby decided to just go to bed.  The next day was family Sunday anyway.  With the families small and not intermingled yet we once again invite intendeds and their families to spend the day as well.  Bruce comes home with Amethyst for a visit and the rest of the Rosada's come by too.  No one else has found a love yet, so that's all we get.

Not too surprisingly Bruce and Amethyst head to the hot tub and hang out in there.  Bruce isn't too excited to be at home again.  He was pretty much ignored by everyone when he was here before, so why would not be any different?

The party stays outside for awhile.  Everyone takes turns getting to know everyone else a little bit better.  The day starts off very nice for everyone.

Shasta and Ariana play some games...although Ariana mostly just watches.  Brigid and Maxwell get to know each other better as well.  Brigid is already matched though, so they probably won't be more.

Outside the bubble blower gets some use, and everyone really seems to be enjoying it.  Even Bruce gets out of the hot tub to join in.

During family Sunday Shasta decides the vacation townie she dated forever ago is very attractive and would like to get to know her better, so she brings her over.

As night falls most of the party has moved back outside and is spending time either at the bubble blower or in the hot tub.  This is a great social night for both families and new friendships are being formed left and right.

After family time is done Bruce takes his sister and brother with him back to university where they will start their college lives.  Maxwell still has quite a few dates to achieve, but he can start looking for the one he really wants.

With the kids all gone Shelby and Channing have the place all to themselves.  After a very busy summer full of ups and downs it will be strangely quiet next round.