Saturday, May 10, 2014

Roma 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Social Sunday

Roma Family:
Carmine Roma - Male Teen - Family - Become Captain Hero - Gemini 
Guido Roma - Male Teen - Romance - Become Rock God - Cancer

Last Round: Donatella left for university leaving the boys to finish up teenage hood on their own. The whole family spent lots of time studying. The twins developed deeper relationships with the remaining Rosada sisters. 

Summer is off to a quiet start in the Roma house. With Donatella in uni the twins are left on their own.  Last season they wanted to skill a lot.  We'll see if that trend continues.  To start the twins still have friends over often.

Guido continues to act more like a knowledge sim then a romance sim and decides he wants to continue his pursuit of a logic skill using the chess board.  He also likes games.

Carmine and Guido go for hikes fairly often as they both like nature  One day, during a hike before school Carmine walked through poison ivy and had to go to school very itchy.

Most of the week passed without anything happening besides the boys hiking, going to school, doing homework, skilling a bit, and going back to bed.  They are getting quiet a few friends so Carmine went to the store to buy both brothers cell phones.

While he was at Inter@ctive he decided to hang out and play some games.  This guy was playing pinball so Carmine started talking to him and they played together for a bit.

The boys found out that everyone couldn't make it on a Sunday, so they decided to host and family Saturday instead.  (Editor's Note:  In reality I completely read the day of the week wrong. :) )  Donatella comes home with Risto and the rest of the Coopriders are invited.  Then all the Rosada sisters are also brought over.

Carmine and Brigid make quick use of the double bed...which had a new comforter put on it only recently.  Apparently they wanted to make sure it was comfortable.

In the other bedroom Guido and Danielle are enjoying some alone time themselves...although not the same type of fun.  It's rather unusual for the non-romance sims to be on the bed before the romancers.

Outside dancing is the prominent activity for everyone.  This hood really enjoys it's dancing.

The party does slowly start to trickle inside and the Cooprider sisters catch up while Donatella goes looking for her brothers.

When Donatella find Guido he's busy talking to Risto and Danielle is talking to her older sister, Aquamarine.  It's been a great social family Sunday so far.

Many of the ladies were enjoying the day out by the small pond of the property.  The twins had gotten some benches and put them out there.  The younger ladies are getting some tips from the twice married Celeste about kissing.

Throughout the day there are many different social groups that happen, and even some fishing in the family pond.

When the family all heads back to their homes the brother head out to enjoy the last bits of summer sunlight.  Fall is almost here and it's been a very nice summer.  The boys will be heading to college soon so they will enjoy the last bits of their teenage years.


  1. A calm house after the other beehive :)
    My experience with family sims is that they are VERY eager to jump into bed the first time, but then usually only with the same sim, so in age I feel they are just as bad as Romancers :)

    1. You are probably right. These guys are very quick to jump into bed with each other.