Saturday, May 10, 2014

Corcoran 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Baby Blues

Corcoran Family:
Corky Corcoran-Bruenig - Female Adult - Family - Marry off 6 Children - Aquarius 
Toby Bruenig - Male Adult - Knowledge - Become Captain Hero - Sagittarius 
Hailey Corcoran - Female Child

Trinity Corcoran - Female Toddler
Zavier Corcoran - Male Toddler

Last Round: Corky had twins, a boy and girl they named Trinity and Zavier.  Corky and Toby finally tied the knot in a small ceremony at home. The twins grew into toddlers, and Hailey grew into a child.

With twins in the family it seems like toddler training is constantly going.  The fact that Corky wants more kids means we've got quite a bit of this left.  Corky works on finishing up potty training.

Then she spends some time with Trinity before Hailey gets home from school.  It's a lot of work juggling this many kids.

Corky works to teach Trinity how to talk, and her first word is mama.  Corky is so happy and before long Trinity is talking up a storm.

Toby really wanted to teach Zavier how to talk, so once he got home from work and took a nap, naps are important when you have twins, he started working with Zavier.  Zavier's first word ended up being chair, which seems much more difficult than dada.

While Trinity is busy playing and Toby is watching both Hailey and Corky have some mother/daughter time outside on a pretty summer day.

Toby is a very good dad to both Hailey and the twins.  Trinity was starting to get very dirty so Toby gave her a bath.

Then, it would appear that hint Corky gave us last season was just a fluke, there are no more babies, so Toby and Corky work to resolve that during a short down time.

Hailey is a very good girl and very tidy.  She makes sure to make her bed every morning, and half the time goes around and makes any other bed that isn't made too.

The bunny made have started off as Hailey's and she still loves it, but Trinity plays with it more now.  The poor bunny has seen better days, but it's a well loved toy by all 3 kids.

Trinity also really loves her daddy.  Toby love his little girl very much.  Trinity would like to be closer with her daddy, like she is with her mommy and I'm sure Toby will happily oblige her.

Corky really is a very good mom and she does try to spend some time with all her kids every day.  So far there are no indications that any more are going to happen however.  Risky isn't being very kind to her.

Of course with 3 kids in the house, two of them being toddlers, it's difficult to find time for Corky and Toby to be together.  They squeeze in whatever time they can, having fun together.

There is a huge sigh of relieve when the twins birthday's arrive and they will become children.  Friends are invited and cakes are bought.  Trinity and Zavier are brought to their cakes and we blow out the candles.

The kids both grow up well and are very cute.  Marshall, we see was also at the party.  He is still a friend of the families even with their unique circumstances.

However, with a teenage daughter on the horizon, in Hailey, Marshall must be feeling a bit of a pinch in the pockets.  He decides to panhandle right outside the Bruenig's house.

Zavier wants to learn some logic so he and his dad play chess together.  Zavier isn't very good yet, but if he keeps this up he'll be a master in no time.

The siblings aren't very close yet, even the twins, but they spend some time at the breakfast table talking about family.  It would appear that Hailey is trying to explain that her dad isn't married to their mom.

The girls spend time playing with their parents.  For not having high relationship scores all the way around this family is very close knit.  No one decides to go to the lake this Saturday, it's been a long, busy season.

In the middle of Saturday, with no fanfare at all Hailey grew up into a teenager.  She decides to be a Pleasure sim.....with the want to have 50 1st dates.  *SLAMS HEAD ON DESK  She makes the 5th sims with this want so far in this hood.  It's a town made up of pleasure sims.

The twins work on building up their relationship by playing a game together.  They do actually spend quite a bit of time together.

Hailey is almost always willing to play with her younger siblings when they ask and she really enjoys swinging them around....of course they love it too.

Then it's time for family Sunday.  This family has no major family connections yet, other than the Upton's due to Marshall being Hailey's father.  So the 2 current members of the Upton family, and Aquamarine....a future member of the Upton's come to the house.

Now that Hailey is a teenagers Marshall takes some time to really try and get to know her a little better.  They aren't close, even though Marshall's been around off and on throughout her life.

Toby and Trinity get to know Aquamarine a little bit better and she tells them about college.  She'll be graduating this round.

It's a pleasant, quiet family Sunday at the Bruenig's and many relationships are built up or started.

With family Sunday done the summer starts to leave and we get ready for fall.  Even with all their trying Corky never got pregnant again.  She's almost out of her child bearing years, and has developed a fear of having another baby.  She made end up needing to adopt 3 kids if there is a hope of her to reach her LTW.

On a fun side note, I posted this is the group discussion, but I noticed, for the first time, that at least the bunny toy "ages" as the kids play with it.  I first noticed it looked dirty and was missing an eye, but couldn't remember if it was always like that.  So I bought a new one and put it next to it, and sure enough, it gets "wear and tear."  I think it's ADORABLE and totally want to buy my kids these to take with them through generations.  :)


  1. i never knew that but i usually sell all the children toys when they grew up, maybe i shouldn't keep one of the bears and see how it goes.

    1. Yeah, I almost never keep the bunny toys. Partially because the parents are drawn to them almost as much as the kids, but with 3 kids it made sense to keep it. It's just so cute!

  2. When you have a sim wanting six kids you regret that you won't allow "try for baby", won't you? ;)

    1. A little bit, yeah. They have been using the ACR Try for Baby constantly though, they aren't on birth control of any kind, but so far no babies.

  3. I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks and finally reached the latest post! I really enjoy reading it and it has actually inspired me to start my own Fellowship One -blog. (: If you're interested in seeing it, the address is:

    The Corcoran family seems very adorable, and hopefully they will still be able to have more children so that Corky can achieve her LTW.

    Can't wait for more! (:

    1. Hi, thanks for reading and I'm glad that it inspired you. :) I do really like the Corcoran's, but they just may have to adopt to finish up. We'll see what happens though. I really need to finish up the university round for this hood but it's taking me forever, and I'm procrastinating. :) Hope to see you back, and I'm excited to see how your play through goes.

  4. Hailey is beautiful :) and

    1. Hi and welcome. :) I think Hailey is really pretty too, Corky makes pretty kids. :)

  5. I'm playing Fellowship right now :) and almost moved Corky in with the Profitts

    1. They are fun families. I'll be sure to check out your hood. :)