Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Corcoran 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Toddler Training

Corcoran Family:
Corky Corcoran - Female Adult - Family - Marry off 6 Children - Aquarius
Toby Bruenig - Male Adult - Knowledge - Become Captain Hero - Sagittarius
Hailey Corcoran - Female Toddler

Last Round: Corky and Toby continued dating and raising Hailey.  They got pregnant and Hailey grew up into a toddler and toddler training begins.  Corky went into a labor and all the fun began.  The game crashed right as Corky was delivering twins and we had to play the whole round over again.  Corky became pregnant once again at the end of the round.

 Haily is an adorable little girl!  She loves her mom and dada, even though Toby is actually her step-dad.

 Toby even bought her a bunny which she adores!  I love this interaction.

 She is always rolling up wants to sing a nursery rhyme with Toby and he happily obliges when he can.

 Corky was working too hard and woke up  with cramps in the middle of the night.  Luckily the baby or babies are safe for now.

 Which is very good since it's now Hailey's birthday.  Toby holds the honor of taking her to the cake.  Corky was there, but didn't need to be doing "heavy" lifting.

 There were also guests at the party, such as Shelby.  Haley grows up well into a beautiful little girl and grabs a piece of cake.

 As Corky rests to keep calm Hailey jumps rope in the house.  Corky doesn't look too happy about that, but Hailey is having a good time.

 Corky is in real labor this time and it's time to check if she has one or two babies this time around...and hopefully not a crash.

 Everything goes fine with the labor and birth and at 7:54 AM on April 29 of the year 14 the twins are born.  The first baby is a boy and gets US Pop name #818 Zavier.  Zavier looks just like his dad with red hair and blue eyes.

The second baby was a little girl who gets BC Pop name #95 Trinity.  She looks almost exactly like her mom with blond hair, but also got her daddy's blue eyes.

Even though Hailey is older now she still loves her bunny.  It's become a comfort to her as her parents are busy with the twins.

Corky makes sure to still spend time with Hailey though and likes to read to her.

We soon get an indication that Corky might be pregnant again.

Hailey tries her best to help out with the twins, but she can't do much yet.  

She spend a lot of time playing by herself.  She really likes chess.

Of course she may play by herself a lot because she cheats and no one wants to play with her.

Toby and Corky decided it was time to finally get married, so they had a small little home ceremony without much fanfare.

Then Toby started painting.

On her first day of school Hailey does the unthinkable and comes home with an A+.  She is a very smart little cookie.

Corky, always trying to be a good mom, teaches Hailey how to study and helps her with her homework.

Most of the rest of the time is spent with the twins.  They keep Toby and Corky hoping at all hours of the day.

Toby takes a break from the twins to have dinner with Hailey, probably while Corky is trying to catch a nap before the twins need something again.

Luckily it's time for the twins birthday and half the town is invited, even Hailey's real dad Marshall is invited.

Corky has Trinity and Toby has Zavier as they go to the cakes.

Corky helps Trinity blow out her candles, while Hailey watches Toby with Zavier.

Who are also blowing out their candles together.

Trinity shows just how much she looks like her mom, but with her dad's mouth.  She's an interesting looking toddler, but will probably make a very pretty girl someday.

Zavier, who seems very sleepy, hides his face enough that we can't tell who he looks like more, but he certainly has red hair.

Now we can see Zavier and he does look a lot like his dad.

Two toddler means twins the toddler training and both Toby and Corky get started with potty training right away.

Toby teaches Trinity how to walk, which fulfills a want for them both.

Ending spring, Toby works to teach Zavier how to walk as well.  Corky hasn't shown that she is actually pregnant again after that small hint earlier in the season so it will be summer before she knows for sure.


  1. Wow Corky and Toby are really pumping out the babies. All for her LTW. :) The kids are cuties!

    1. Yeah, I'm just glad Corky had a boy this time around. I wanted a boy with the Corcoran last name to be the heir. Only three more kids to go to probably be able to reach her LTW....hopefully she'll have twins again and cut down on the pregnancies. :)

  2. I love getting twins...so much fun!

  3. I just say - feed her cheesecake to get your twins. Or let it be a surprise this time and cheesecake her the next if there's only one this time

    1. I might feed her cheesecake if anyone can get enough cooking skill to make it. Corky does have the fertility perk though, so I'm sure that's helping. :)