Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Freshman Year
Casteroff Dorm

Casteroff Dormitory:
Hedwig Busto - Female Young Adult - Popularity - Become General - Gemini - Political Science Major
James Jenkins - Male Young Adult - Romance - Woohoo 20 Different Sims - Aquarius - Philosophy Major
Hans Schuzenjager - Male Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Head of SCIA - Libra - Psychology Major

Chloe Gonzaga - Female Young Adult - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary - Cancer - Psychology Major
Risto Cooprider - Male Young Adult - Fortune - Become Chief of Staff - Leo - Biology Major
Charles Profitt - Male Young Adult - Popularity - Become Rock God - Aries - Literature Major
Donatella Roma - Female Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Mad Scientist - Leo - Mathematics Major

 The kids from Fellowship One, well half of them, arrive at Casteroff Dorms in what are unfortunately outfits most of the way around.  All three girls swoon over James Jenkins.

 After a quick trip to the store the kids arrive back home in must more appropriate outfits.  Everyone is suddenly thinking a lot about Charles Profitt.

 In order to purchase a big enough greek house the kids spend some time counter-fitting money.

 James and Donatella are still good friends and spend some time talking over breakfast.  Charles gets to know Hans girlfriend Chloe as well.

 After breakfast Charles spends time in a pillow fight with his girlfriend Hedwig Busto.

 Then they decide to "break in" the couch in a way that might not have been used before.

 Meanwhile Hans and Chloe are sharing a moment as well.

 Hans and Chloe are very deeply in love and certainly seem to only have eyes for each other.  This is good though, since Chloe wants to reach her golden anniversary.

 Charles does take time to get to know the one other girl in the dorms.  This is an 8 person dorm, and Fellowship kids are taking up 7 of the spots.

 Everyone enjoys hanging out and just getting to know one another.  Even the streaker and other uni sims join them when they stop by.

 Finally the kids had enough money to purchase this house on campus.  Here they start the greek house Kappa Kappa.

 With double beds now in the mix Donatella and Risto quickly claim "their" room in the house.

 Donatella and James spend some time hanging out.  After the incident when they were teens Risto doesn't full trust James, and perhaps maybe Donatella as well.

 Kappa Kappa has a nice large dinning table that holds almost all the kids.  Many meals are shared here.

 Chloe and Hans are taking the same classes and when they get back at night Chloe serenades Hans.

 Charles isn't too sure about James hanging out with his girl either, but Hedwig just likes to play catch with him.

 James convinces Donatella to get into bed naked with him, but as soon as he tries to make a pass at her Donatella turns him down flat, multiple times.  This happened 2 or 3 times.

Freshman year ends with a party for many of the other "teens" from the hood who are moving into another dorm on campus.  Everyone got straight A's through the entire freshman year and are on their way to become Summa Cum Ladde's. 

Romara Dorm

Romara Dormitory:
Miles Upton - Male Young Adult - Family - Become Captain Hero - Leo - Biology Major
Amethyst Rosada - Female Young Adult - Fortune - Earn $100,000 - Aquarius - Biology Major
Aquamarine Rosada - Female Young Adult - Family - Have 6 Grandchildren - Gemini - Biology Major
Esmond Kirkendall - Male Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Prestidigitator - Sagittarius - Drama Major
Bruce Norwood - Male Young Adult - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - Gemini - Biology Major

 The rest of the kids from Fellowship One join the Romara Dorms, and have fairly crappy outfits once again, although I have seen worse.

 Another quick trip to the store and we have kids in clothes that fit them.

 The coach wastes no time in telling Aquamarine she needs to work, so she changes into her leotard and begins.

 The dorm cook sets a fire in the kitchens and causes the sprinklers to go off.  This cook is horrible, and sets fires multiple times.

 Since the couples are share a major they all get home at the same time and typically do something like this.  They are very in love with each other.

 Unlike the other dorm, this one has quite a few other college kids and everyone attempts to make friends.

A lot of the time, however, it's just the Fellowship kids eating together.  The couples are mostly all friends with each other, but Esmond isn't really friends with any of them, yet.

 The kids do meet some other that have special blazers and attempt to meet them and start up friendships, but really any friends will do at this point.

 Study sessions are prevalent, Biology is a tough major.

It might be tough, but all of the kids are making straight A's at the end of their freshman year here as well.  They are all trying to gain many friends, and to befriend those secret society kids.


  1. Typical Uni update. :) Nice to see all these kids again.

    1. With some of these kids....James for one....I was expecting a lot more drama than I got. Now, they are only 1/2 way through, so there still may be plenty of drama later. :)

  2. When the neighbourhood gets more mixed, tha uni drama will come, too! Nice dorm you have, I haven't seen it before. This isn't Simland university, is it?

    1. No, it's La Fiesta, I just downloaded this dorm and then edited it up until I liked it. I know I got it from modthesims, but I cannot remember what's it's called at the moment. I'm surprised James hasn't caused more drama, but all these couples are REALLY tight. I think the struggle to survive teenagehood back in the hood drew them together. :)