Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Round 3 Complete!

Points: (for fun)

Original: 71 Points

+ 4 for 4 new sims: Antonio, Chloe, Trinity, Zavier
+ 5 for Greek House (%75 to %100 pledge): Hedwig, Charles, Chloe, Hans, Miles, Aquamarine, Bruce, Edmond, Donatella, Risto, James
+ 2 for Big Sim on Campus: Aquamarine, Miles
+ 0 for Neighborhood Net Wealth.  Currently at: $387,866

New Total: 82 Points

1 Death
3 Births

71 sims (69 active + 2 deceased)

FINALLY done!  Adding Uni into the mix this round made it feel like it took forever to finish.  University takes me awhile to get through anyway, and 12 sims is a lot to keep track of, even separated into 2 houses. The hood is beginning to grow with the 3 births, and there are more births to come as a few sims are pregnant. 

Please enjoy these updates, and I'm heading back to Breeze Point for another round over there.  I would love to have your comments there as well and you can find the blog at http://ciyrose.livejournal.com/28960.html


  1. Nice round! And it's good that the hood is growing slowly - you will still have a LOT of sims soon!

    1. When all these uni sims get back this hood is going to get HUGE. Luckily most of them don't have specific kid LTW...so I'm hoping they will go easy on the kids for me. :D