Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sophomore Year
Kappa Kappa Greek House

Kappa Kappa Greek House:
Hedwig Busto - Female Young Adult - Popularity - Become General - Gemini - Political Science Major
James Jenkins - Male Young Adult - Romance - Woohoo 20 Different Sims - Aquarius - Philosophy Major
Hans Schuzenjager - Male Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Head of SCIA - Libra - Psychology Major
Chloe Gonzaga - Female Young Adult - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary - Cancer - Psychology Major
Risto Cooprider - Male Young Adult - Fortune - Become Chief of Staff - Leo - Biology Major
Charles Profitt - Male Young Adult - Popularity - Become Rock God - Aries - Literature Major
Donatella Roma - Female Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Mad Scientist - Leo - Mathematics Major

 Sophomore year starts out with kids on the phone...which is becoming extremely common in the Greek house.

 Chloe tries to make some food in their kitchen while guest are talking just slightly in the way.

 Dancing in the entrance way is also a very popular activity in Kappa Kappa.

 Hedwig and Charles do almost everything together.  They study, dance, play, and sleep together.

 Hans and Chloe have been wishing to get engaged for a very long time, so I finally allow them to do it.  They are both very happy.

 The boys spend time in Hans and Chloe's room painting, playing or talking.

 Everyone wanted to throw a party, so they invited over the other Fellowship One kids and some other friends they had made.  The MYSHUNO gets a lot of use at Kappa Kappa.

 Hedwig shocks us all when she starts flirting a bit with another uni teen who isn't Charles.  Luckily Charles wasn't outside at the time, and Hedwig doesn't feel anything special for this other guy.

 The party is full blown and people are getting to know each other left and right.

 The kids are still trying to get to know each other well, even though they have lived in the same town for quite awhile and seen each other out and about, no one had time to really get to know each other.

 Hans and Chloe are constantly in bed together, although not always doing things.

 James decides to invite over their "friend" from Casteroff Dorm and get to know her a bit better, cause she's cute and he hasn't had any fun since moving to uni.

 He quickly gets some of what he wants and they crush on each other.

 This suddenly causes major problems for Donatella who was heading out to class at the time.  This, of course, is crazy since she turned him down when he tried to get with her, and she has Risto.

 Some of the kids decided to head somewhere else on campus and meet some more people.  They succeeded and know enough secret society members to possibly get in soon....although they don't yet know about that.

 Meanwhile, back at home, Donatella is still upset at James, and he tries to talk to her about it.  Charles just tries really hard to not pay attention...although he might need James' speech if Hedwig suddenly decides to start flirting with other people again.

 James is kind of into the cheerleader, but doesn't want to blatantly stare...like Hans seems to be doing so he talks with Chloe instead.  It's probably safe to say though, since Hans and Chloe seem inseparable, that he's just zoning out.

 James makes a move on a cute little blond and is soon feeling in love with her.  The feeling is mutual and I'm sure James will be having fun with her soon.

Kappa Kappa is a popular Greek house, sometimes with visitors outnumbering the members who are home.

 Hedwig is working really hard on her friends, especially those kids with the nifty blazers.

 An awkward moment happened upstairs, and Donatella probably wondered what James was doing to her boyfriend, especially with the cheerleader watching.  James and Risto were just talking through, perhaps about Donatella's absurd reaction.

 At the end of Sophomore year the kids are still doing good with grades, and while no one has yet gotten into the SS it's just a matter of time.  The kids are all still working hard on making friends and getting the titles of Big Sims on Campus.

Romara Dorm

Romara Dormitory:
Miles Upton - Male Young Adult - Family - Become Captain Hero - Leo - Biology Major
Amethyst Rosada - Female Young Adult - Fortune - Earn $100,000 - Aquarius - Biology Major
Aquamarine Rosada - Female Young Adult - Family - Have 6 Grandchildren - Gemini - Biology Major
Esmond Kirkendall - Male Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Prestidigitator - Sagittarius - Drama Major
Bruce Norwood - Male Young Adult - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - Gemini - Biology Major

 Back over at the Romara Dorms the kids are enjoying a beautiful fall day...well at least Aquamarine and some of the other uni kids.

 Miles and Bruce try and get to know each other a bit better.  They will be brother-in-laws if everything stays on the track it is right now.

 Esmond is starting to make some friends finally and enjoys playing catch with many of the uni kids at the dorms.

 He is even starting to get closer to the other Fellowship One kids, which should really help him when he moves back home.

 Being on the phone has become as much of a common occurrence in these dorms as it has over at Kappa Kappa.

 Either on the phone, working on their classes, or flirting/dating anyway.  The couples have it easy, being able to date their way to platinum most of the time.  Esmond has been platinum since before uni thanks to a genie lamp.

 Miles decides to be the first to try and get into Kappa Kappa and all of the kids show up.  He is able to make it in on the first try though...all those hours on the phone really paid off.  Shortly after this he also become our first Big Sim on Campus.

 Esmond and Hedwig become best friends during the visit.  Hedwig is really a little socialite.

 Some of the Kappa Kappa kids hang around and get to know some of the other sims at the dorms.

 Esmond becomes the second Romara Dorm kid to get into Kappa Kappa, although it took a bit longer for him then it did for Miles.

 Meanwhile Miles and Aquamarine are enjoying a dinner, but the cheerleader and cow are really going at it in the background.  From Miles' face Aquamarine may be describing the scene behind him for Miles.

 Bruce is the next kid accepted into Kappa Kappa, although it looks more like a party with all the kids around.

 Finally it's Aquamarine's turn to be accepted into the greek house.  She also has now become a Big Sim on Campus.

 Sophomore year ends with straight A's once again for all of the students of Romara Dorm.  Not a lot of drama in this house of established couples and one gay guy still searching for love.  With the end of sophomore year we also come to the end of Round 3.  YAY! 


  1. Wow everyone getting into greek house!

    1. Of the kids that are there so far, I think Amethyst is the only one not in the greek house....now it's just the SS they have to focus on, well and friends. :)

  2. I do love Uni, and the Kappa Kappa Greek house, (the building) is one of my fav's. It's always fun to read how others play Uni. You have some great looking sims, I need to go back and read from the beginning but I'll definitely follow this one. So funny how different sims end up on the bed with each other. Fellow students do love to gawk don't they?!

    1. This actually seemed low drama, but I'm glad the couples are tight right now. I need them to stay with other hood members or this hood is going to become unmanageable.

  3. I really think Donatella has herself to blame! And maybe it's a good think she's forgetting her previous loves now!

    1. Donatella was a bit of a crazy girl....as many sims are. lol She and James have a weird relationship still.