Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Corcoran 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) -CRASH!!!

Corcoran Family:
Corky Corcoran - Female Adult - Family - Marry off 6 Children - Aquarius
Toby Bruenig - Male Adult - Knowledge - Become Captain Hero - Sagittarius
Hailey Corcoran - Female Baby

Last Round: Corky went looking for a baby daddy and found two men.  Toby Bruenig and Marshall Upton were both lovers of Corky.  Corky fell in love with Toby, who moved in with her, and she found herself pregnant, but with Marshall Upton child.  She gave birth to a little girl they named Hailey, and Toby asked her to marry him, and she said yes.

 Corky is an interesting mother.  She wants to hold Hailey all the time, but then never does anything with her.  I had to direct her to play with Hailey, but she did so joyously.

 Toby let his natural color come back to his hair, and I think he looks great as the redhead he is.  Corky agrees, and they have a good date having a pillow fight.

 The date must have been really good because Corky found herself pregnant again.  This time, for sure, with Toby's baby.

 Hailey had her birthday and grew up into a cute little dress.

 She is very cute, and seems to have her mamma's little nose.

 Toby loves the little girl, even though she isn't technically his, and starts to potty train her.

 He even takes time to teach her to talk.  Her first word...dada.

 Corky finishes potty training Hailey and life got a bit easier for the family.  It's been tough with Corky pregnant, and they had to add on another room and move the master bedroom there, leaving the other room as a nursery.

 Another pop in the new master bedroom.  Corky struggled with the pregnancy, throwing up a lot, and really fighting to keep up with needs.

 She managed to teach Hailey how to walk, even though exhausted and went to be right after this.  Hailey spent most of her toddler years playing with the bunny rabbit, and got up to 7 charisma points.

 Corky calls to the house that it's baby time and.....


The game encountered an error and crashed!  She was just giving birth to twins, and I hadn't saved, and it crashed!  I was NOT happy.  So, reload to the baby Hailey, impregnate Corky and un-promoted Toby and we start again...trying to keep things similar.

 Baby Hailey grows up well, but with a non-pregnant mother, but cuter hair.

 She is still potty trained by Toby and Corky, and Toby does teach her to talk.

 Toby takes some time out to start building a snowman, but never finishes it.  He got the same 3 promotions he got last time, giving the family some much needed money, and the ability to add another master bedroom onto the house....again.

 Corky teaches Hailey how to walk, just like before, but is still not pregnant, and Hailey once again plays with the bunny a lot and get 7 charisma point.

Finally, as the round ends, and winter leaves Fellowship One as a whole, Corky is pregnant again.  It took all round, but things are almost back to where they were, just a couple days off.  This is probably better since there won't be 2 babies and a toddler, as Hailey will be a child soon.  Still no wedding (hoping for a boy to carry on Corky's last name), but the family is overall happy, and doing well.



  1. I really like Hailey, Marshall and Corky make cute kids....I was bummed to not see Corky have twins, but maybe next round she'll have some.

  2. Grounhog day, all over again :)

  3. lol.....it really was like that. I was so mad when the game crashed right as she was having twins.....but this really is probably better....3 little ones that small would have been chaotic.

  4. Hailey is the cutest! :) and game predictions are sure unpredictable...

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. It's fun to see Hailey so little again. :)