Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kirkendall 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) - Check Me Out

Kirkendall Family:
Esmond Kirkendall - Male Teen - Knowledge - Become Prestidigitator - Sagittarius
Temperance Kirkendall - Female Child - Gemini

Darcy Kirkendall - Male Child - Aquarius
Jacquan Kirkendall - Male Child - Capricorn

Last Round: Esmond struggled to take care of the twins, and his little sister while still going to school.  He managed to get an A+ and the twins grew up. The kids played with Temperance's toy box, and Esmond look for love.  Everyone studied a lot, and nothing much else happened.

 Temperance and Darcy sit down and play a game of chess together.  The chess board is very popular in this house.

 Jacquan studies quietly inside, by himself.  He is close with his siblings, but he wanted to study by himself today.

 Apparently Camden Yessam is going to be the neighborhood paper thief, but he stole the "expired" one so no one really cared.

 Temperance enjoys showing off of her younger brothers, but it's time for her birthday.

 On Oct 6 in year 8 Temperance grew up into a teen, with an iffy haircut.

 No one really even looked up, they were all busy studying, as they all tend to do.

 After a big of a makeover we discover that Temperance is a pleasure sim who wants 50 1st dates....of course!  She enjoys men in their underwear who are good at cleaning, as long as they aren't robots.

 So the matchmaker is called and we start with date #1.  He's a bit old, but it's just a quick first date.

 Temperance has become a bit stuck on herself and spends a lot of time in front the mirror checking herself out.  Perhaps the makeover was a bad idea.

 She still, however, makes time for her little brothers.  Esmond catches the bug and starts to spend time checking himself out in the mirror.

 While everyone heads out to school one day the gypsy, probably happy with all the business she's gotten from the neighborhood lately, brings by a lamp.  Esmond and Temperance wished for peace of mind, I think, and I believe Esmond also wished for money, when they got home.

 Temperance has her over again to keep going on dates.  Here we have date #2....

 and date #3.

 Apparently, when friends were brought home, they were not friends with each other.  A slap fest broke out in the house.

 But all was quickly forgotten because it was time for birthdays.  April 18th in year 11 Jacquan....

 and Darcy step up to their respective cakes, make a wish and blow.

 Esmond and Temperance look on as their baby brothers quickly grow into teens.

 Darcy is a family sim, but hasn't decided what he wants out of life yet.  He does know he's looking for a girl in formal wear with full face makeup, but who is not into fitness.

 Jacquan, on the other hand, become a knowledge sim (which makes sense) and wants to become a criminal mastermind.  He's looking for a logical girl who likes to wear hats but isn't athletic.  Both boys apparently aren't into super fit girls.

 Temperance is back at the dating game again and we have date #4.

 Dates don't last long around here, and we move onto date #5.

 Meanwhile, Jacquan gets the "check myself out" bug and spends some time in front of the mirror.

 Temperance is at it again and we are up to date #6.

 and date #7 will wrap up the winter dating.

 As winter is melting away a burglar sneaks into the house at night.  The cops were called, but the man got away.  It was a very traumatic ending to the winter.  Everyone hopes that spring will start out better.


  1. Ha! What woman wouldn't enjoy this: "She enjoys men in their underwear who are good at cleaning, as long as they aren't robots." hehehe! I would love a man to come over and clean my house in his underware!!!!

  2. :) lol....I would have to agree with that. She is going to be an interesting girl to play, I can already tell.

  3. My Anita has a boyfriend in underwear cleaning her bathroom when she's on an outing with another. What a dream! :)