Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cooprider 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) - Birthdays and a Wedding

Cooprider Family:
Layce Cooprider - Female Elder - Knowledge - Become Mad Scientist - Leo
Siba Cooprider - Female Elder - Fortune - Become Criminal Mastermind - Libra

Celeste Cooprider - Female Adult - Family - Become Captain Hero - Libra
Risto Cooprider - Male Teen - Fortune - Become Chief of Staff - Leo
Michaell Cooprider - Female Child - Aries
Kricket Cooprider - Female Child - Sagittarius

Last Round: The family worked hard to make due with very little money and strained relationships.  Kricket managed to grow up well into a child, and started school.  Mr. Humbles computer came to the rescue, giving the family enough money to finish their walls, and add a roof to keep the kids from being taken by the social worker.

 Winter starts with a sweet moment between Celeste and Kricket.

 Celeste, being a family sim, was really starting to feel lonely.  While downtown she meets Stephen Tinker, and finds him very attractive.

 Soon its birthday time again, and some friends are over to celebrate Michaell's teenage birthday.

 As Michaell blows out her candles we wonder what it is she wished for, and what she will want to be when she grows up.

 On Aug, 7th year 8, and is all grown up and with a wonderful makeover. Now we find out Michaell's hope's and dreams are.  Michaell decides to be a Knowledge sim who wants to be a Criminal Mastermind. She turns on from underwear and full face makeup, but doesn't like brown hair.

 Celeste shows her delight in Stephen by serenading him after he spends the night.  (I didn't realize he was married when she met him, and has a family, but they had to be split up for Celeste's happiness).

 Stephen asks Celeste to marry him, which she answers with a very quick yes.  She hasn't forgotten he late husband, but is ready to move on with her life.

 A wedding is set up rather quickly, and the bride and groom look lovely.

 There is a pretty good guest list for the wedding, although most of them are family.

 There are a few teenagers to crash as well, but the beautiful ceremony concludes with great delight.

 Stephen gladly kisses his new bride, and with him moving in we discover he is also a family sim who wishes to become Captain Hero, just like his new bride.  He likes hats and black hair, but not glasses.  He also apparently likes blondes.

 As winter gets ready to end we have another birthday.  Kricket is ready to become a teenager.

 Friends, and family and co-workers gather around to celebrate the success of this family and the kids to bounce back from everything that has happened.

 Noise makers abound, and Michaell, who just a few years ago did this same thing, cheers her sister on.

Finally, on Aug 4th, year 11, at the very end of winter, Kricket grows up into a teenager, with a decent outfit.  She is a popularity sim who wants to become a professional party guest.  She turns on from red heads and werewolves, but doesn't want someone who's into fitness.  We leave this family doing well, with a mostly completed house, a new member, and a set of teens headed into the spring.

+1 point for new sim


  1. Ahhh...love the Coopriders. I am their mommy. :)

  2. Yeah, hopefully you like how they turn out. :)

  3. Someone more than me who hasn't played the Bluewater families, eh? :)

  4. Yeah, I haven't played any of the Bluewater families....I haven't really played with any families other than the Plesantview ones.