Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Potts 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) -Birthdays, Dates and Birthdays

Potts Family:
Alexandria Potts - Female Adult - Fortune - Become Hall of Famer - Libra
Ryan Potts - Male Child - Virgo

Lilly Potts - Female Child - Leo
Logan Potts - Male Child - Leo
Luke Potts - Male Child - Pisces
Lydia Potts - Female Child - Capricorn

Last Round: We had a major problem when it came to the nanny, and the kids were taken multiple times.  Due to my own stupidity I played this round about 5 times before I finally got the kids to be able to call the nanny before they got taken, due to some glitch with the nanny for this house.  We ended with everyone being in a pretty good mood, and ready to go into the winter.

 As winter begin Ryan and Logan play outside, showing off their cartwheels.

 A working nanny meets the kids after school, and all the kids are doing enjoy, and mostly enjoying life.

 Alexandria enjoys flirting with a co-worker she brought home, and isn't overly interested in him.

 Lilly and Lydia are very close.  The kids have really bonded during the first part of winter, and after their ordeals of fall.

Luke gets an A+ and shows it off to his mom, who is happy and very proud of how far her kids have come since the move.

Next it's Logan's turn to celebrate his A+.

Lydia comes running in to show the nanny her A+, and behind her we see Lilly coming to do the same.

Then, on Sept 14th, year 8 Ryan has his teenage birthday.  The whole family is gathered around, along with friends brought home from school, and a friend of Alexandria's.

Party favors galore, and even Camden Yessam got to come to the party....dinosaur suit and all.

Ryan blows out his pink candles and grows up into a pretty handsome teen with a non-terrible outfit.  We find out he is a pleasure sim who wants......50 1st dates (WHY WHY WHY???!!!!).

So we get started on the dating front right away...date #1 drops in....

Then we have date #2....of course, because of the hacks I'm using we keep getting adults.....

Date #3 hits the ground...literally.

Rowan Brandt dropped by and watched TV with Lilly and Logan.

Back in time to see date #4....

Then it's birthday time on Sept 6th to get ready and close out the winter.  We see Logan and Luke preparing to blow out their candles, and their sister Lydia is as well.

This family is so full of kids that it is always full looking.  Lilly has now joined the ranks at the cakes and the crowd enjoys the noise makers.

Luke decides to blow out his candles first, and the others quickly follow his lead, making their wishes.

Lydia (and Logan) is all grown up, and not a terrible outfit for her either.  She is a family sim who wants to reach her golden anniversary.  How sweet.....ACR has also determined that she will be bi-sexual.  She likes logical sims in swimwear but not if they are athletic.

Luke, who also got an ok outfit....I think my game is breaking!.....follows his brother and becomes a pleasure sim.  However he wants to become a professional party guest.  He is looking for a lady robot who stinks but is not a vampire.  (Seriously not going to happen for him I'm afraid....he'll just have to find a normal stinky person.)

Lilly grows up in athletic wear and decides to be a romance sim, who really wants to be a celebrity chef.  She enjoys charismatic sims with glasses, but not if they are in swimwear.

Finally we head back to Logan who really wants to be a knowledge sim, bless his heart.  He wants to become a prestiginator and find a blonde girl who looks good in her underwear, but isn't very charismatic.  (Clearly not to be his assistant).

They all got a memory of having a great birthday party and had a study session to get through all their respective homework.  The winter is over, and this is now a house of dating, romance minded teenagers.....with spring around the corner it's about to get interesting.


  1. OMG "He is looking for a lady robot who stinks but is not a vampire. (Seriously not going to happen for him I'm afraid....he'll just have to find a normal stinky person.)" Sooo funny! LOL

  2. :) He has a weird combo of "desires." That's what the roll of the dice will give you though.

  3. This is such a hard house...great job!

  4. Ugh, all the kids! Good luck with all the teenagers!

  5. Thanks...this house has been ANNOYING to get through, but I'm actually looking forward to it more now.