Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Round 2 Complete!

Points: (for fun)

Original: 67 Points

64 for the 64 Original sims (63 living, 1 dead)
+ 3 for 3 new sims: Jill, Tina, and Stephen
+ 1 for Neighborhood Net Wealth.  Currently at: $313,259

That is a total of 71 points so far.
This round was long, but a lot of fun.  The family are all "out of the woods" so to speak since there are no longer any teens raising younger siblings, all the original sims are at least teens or older.  It amazing how quickly they grow up though.  Hope you come back and join us for the spring.


  1. I'm glad, but I'm sure I'll see you in Breeze Point's updates as soon as I finish them. :)