Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Profitt 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) - It Holds 3

Profitt Family:
Sandra Profitt - Female Elder - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - Gemini
Susan Profitt - Female Elder - Family - Graduate 3 Kids from College - Cancer

Bob Profitt - Male Adult - Romance - WooHoo with 20 Different Sims - Scorpio
Charles Profitt - Male Teen - Popularity - Become Rock God - Aries
Craig Profitt - Male Child - Libra
Michael Profitt - Male Child - Aquarius

Last Round: Bob spent a lot of time with Beulah Norwood, and the kids did a lot of studying.  The TV was THE PLACE to be in the house, and Michael grew up in a smart child.  We finished the the traditional Saturday at the lake.

 Grandma Susan entertains Michael and talks about her love of music.

 The two youngest siblings "study" together on the brand new couch.  Not only is it more comfortable it hosts seating for 3.  You may also notice there is wall paper as well.  The TV is still the place to be.

Charles has a major BAD BOY moment and kiss his grandma Sandra.  Technically she isn't "family" because she is his dad's mother's sister, but still.  BAD CHARLES!!!  I make sure to keep a close eye on them for the rest of the round.  They don't need it to be more than a "crush."

 Charles meets Hedwig, and thinks she's very cute, even though he is crushing on Sandra, and she's more accessible, being in the same house, they build up a relationship.

 Before you know it, poor left out Craig is ready to have his birthday.  The family remembered the day, and bought him a cake.

 With the traditional noise makers going, April 27th of year 8, Craig prepares to blow out his candles....

 and become a handsome teen....with hands.  Tired of living in "poverty" he is going to be a fortune sim and make his money by becoming The Law.  He is looking for an athletic plantsim who is not a zombie.

 Charles brings a friend home from school and gets to know her better.  He likes her, but prefers Hedwig, or Sandra.

 Lilly Potts thinks Bob is hot stuff, and comes over to "throw around the ol' pigskin".  I'm sure they will hook up later, being the romance sims they are.

 Hedwig comes over, and everyone crowds around the TV......where else would this family be?

 Bob meets another woman and has a wonderful snow dance with her.  There may be more there later.

 Time sure does fly, and on Oct 2 in year 11 it is time for Michael to grow into a teen.  Here is hoping he follows his brother's examples, not his dad's.  We have enough pleasure and romance sims already.

With teens from the neighborhood all crowded into the home we find Michael all grown up and looking very tropical.  He is a knowledge sim, but hasn't made up his mind what to do for the rest of his life.  He does like make-up on charismatic girls, but not ones that are too fit, and with that our winter at the Profitt's is ended.


  1. I always did like the Profitts. :)

  2. They are sweet, as long as I can keep Charles away from Susan.

  3. Let Charles go with Hedwig! LOL

  4. Bubbs, believe me....if I have my "choice" he would be, uni does some crazy things to relationships though, so we'll see.

  5. A plantsim zombie would be great fun! Please try it out :)