Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Upton 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) - Winter Love

Upton Family:
Marshall Upton - Male Elder - Fortune - Earn $100,000 - Aries
Miles Upton - Male Teen - Family - Become Captain Hero - Leo

Last Round: Marshall was a ladies man, acting more romance sim than fortune sim.  Miles studied, and got an A+ in school while working on logic and body skills.

We start this round much like we ended the last....Marshall painting and Miles studying.  Amazingly these two have a good relationship, even though they don't spend much time together.

We start off winter in a bad way, with a burglar breaking into the house.  Unfortunately they don't have an alarm, they barely have anything to steal.  Miles, I think, was able to get up and call the cops.

The cops show up and get into a big fight with the burglar.  Miles watches from the sidelines, cheering on the policeman.  Unfortunately, the policeman lost the battle, and the burglar got away.

Miles invites the Rosada sisters over to hang out.  They are neighbors after all.  He also had a friend over after school....although I'm unsure who it is.

Miles and Amethyst hit it off well.  He is more interested in her sister Aquamarine though.

Miles and Hilda Schuzenjager have a "meeting" at the house as well.

Corky comes over again, probably to tell Marshall about his daughter, Hailey, who was born in Year 6.  They seem to be talking about oil, however.

Miles starts getting to know Aquamarine a little more over a game of chess.  He really does like her quite a bit.

Before the end of the night they have crushes on each other.

Miles breaks out a "move" and slow dances with her, probably whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

Aquamarine even looks like she's blushing slightly, but she doesn't pull away.

By the end of the visit, at the end of winter these two decided to start going steady.  This will be a good match, and will hopefully help keep the population down slightly.  So winter ends uneventfully, with Marshall continuing his romancing type ways, caring very little about money, and Miles happy in a new budding romance.


  1. I'm glad there is someone to read about them. :) It will be awhile before I get back here though, since I'll be playing my other prosperity, Breeze Point. I am really excited to see what next round brings though. :)

  2. Cute with teenagers going steady :)