Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Schuzenjager 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) -Friends are hard to come by.

Schuzenjager Family:
Hilda Schuzenjager - Female Elder - Knowledge - Max Out 7 Skills - Scorpio
Hans Schuzenjager - Male Teen - Knowledge - Become Head of SCIA - Libra

Heidi Schuzenjager - Female Child - Leo 

Last Round: Hans helped to raise Heidi and she grew up well into a child and started school.  Hilda had a fight with Howie Busto.  The whole family spent a lot of time skilling and little time making friends.

Heidi sits and daydreams on her bed before everyone gets up for "family Sunday".  Since the family is so small there won't be any big get together.

Instead the small family has breakfast together and talks about what they will do that day.

Heidi and Hans play chess and Hans gets closer to having a Logic scholarship for college.

Hans is still a great brother and reads his sister to sleep.

 Hilda comes home happy that she had reached the top of the career she can get as an elder.  Of course her face doesn't show the joy.

 Hans brings home a friend from school, and while she isn't attractive to him he is just happy to have a friend to talk with.  This family is seriously lacking in friends.

Heidi comes home with an A+ and is super excited.  Hilda shows some unexpected emotion and cheers for him hardily.

Heidi brings home Camden Yessam and they enjoy a game of chess before Rich comes over to take him home.

Heidi's birthday this time is a much more festive occasion.  The family has some friends thanks to Hans and Heidi and they enjoy dancing right before Heidi gets home from school.

Everyone gathers into the kitchen, including some passerby's to celebrate.

There were even party favors to blow and swing and celebrate with.  Hans even got her some firecrackers which were set off after the cake.

On Thursday Sept 5 of year 11 Heidi grows up into an, interesting, looking teen.  The outfit is really not great, but they don't have money for anything else.  She decides to be a Popularity sim and doesn't yet have a LTW.  She turns on from Blond Robots and off from Gray hair.

Instantly she makes us wonder if she is going to be gay by finding Hedwig Busto very attractive.  After checking her stats she is going to be bi-sexual.  She is the first in the fellowship.

She went and got herself a make-over and look stunning!  She really is beautiful and will be quite a heart breaker for all those men and women she makes friends with.

Heidi lights the firecrackers and pretty much wraps up the party.

Hedwig was talking to this blond for quite a while, and we possibly have a match for her in him.  We'll have to see when we once again reach the Busto house.  Spring is on the way and we now have two happy teens. Hans has successfully gotten the creativity scholarship and is working hard to get the Logic one before heading out next round.


  1. yes, that Heidi is a beauty. You are brave for playing the Bustos! lol They are fun to play.

  2. I've enjoyed the Bustos....and Howie got engaged this round, so next round may have more Bustos. I wasn't too thrilled with Heidi until her makeover...but now I think she's absolutely stunning.

  3. That outfit is great for a Popularity teen - it even matches in colour, so what the fuzz? ;)
    Heidi really looks great!

  4. The outfit is OK....I'm not fond of the combo, but it's going to have to work. Granted, it's better than a lot of outfits the game gives, but still....not what I would have her wearing