Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Roma 1

Year 7-11 (Winter) - Opposites

Roma Family:
Donatella Roma - Female Teen - Knowledge - Become Mad Scientist - Leo
Carmine Roma - Male Child - Gemini
Guido Roma - Male Child - Cancer

Last Round: The family found the same nanny the Rosada's did, and she was good. Donatella fished and played with the twins who grew up into children.  During the party James Jenkins hit on Donatella causing major problems between her and Risto Cooprider, but by the end of the round they were getting back on track.

 Everyone is out at the small pond on the property trying to catch some fish before the pond freezes over for the winter.

 A burglar comes to the house....he's had good luck this round, hitting a lot of houses.

 Donatella gets up and calls the cops who get there and start a fight with the burglar.
 The cop losses...AGAIN!  The neighborhood police really leave something to be desired in this city.

 With all the snow, snowmen are showing up everywhere.

 And everyone is making one it seems.

 Donatella invited the entire Cooprider family over, and seems to have finally made amends with Risto.

 Risto and Kricket even become best friends during this visit.

 Donatella gets to know Risto's sisters a little better, and while they aren't friends, they are closer than they were.

 The snow melted and Donatella gained some fun splashing around in the puddles left behind.

 I have never seen two werewolves on the same lot before, but these two showed up played together and then left.  Although Donatella greeted them both before they wandered off.

 March 26 of year 11 came and it was time for the twins birthdays.

 Guido in his green pj's went first and blew out his candles.

 Carmine followed his brother, making his own wishes.

 Guido grew up into a handsome teen with gray pj's and decided to be a romance sim, with the desire to be a Rock God. He is looking for a Robot girl in her underwear that is not a zombie.  He's got his work cut out for him.

 Carmine, however, broke twin tradition and grew into a family sim who wants to become captain hero.  Perhaps the robbery had something to do with this desire.  He is looking for a boy or a girl who is hard worker and a plantsim, but not blonde.  I guess Carla Brooks is out.

 After a bit of a makeover I can see the very handsome looks in Guido.

 Carmine changes up his look too.

 Carmine brings home a friend from school and get his first kiss from her.

 His romance inclined brother congratulates him on being the first to get a kiss.

 However this is short lived and the girl, and another friend from school get into a huge fight.

 The fight continues for quite awhile, these two really don't like each other.

 Donatella cooks up some dinner while the boys say good bye to their friends.

 The happy family of teens sits down for a quiet meal together.  Donatella, however, looks slightly concerned about the topic of conversation.  Probably kissing, or other things....

Winter ends with the twins out playing on the chess set together, talking and being the best of friends, despite the difference in aspiration and dreams.  Risto and Donatella are back together, and James wasn't seen once all round.


  1. Hmmm wonder where James is lurking???

  2. He must have been busy with other....conquests.

  3. Teens, teens everywhere. I'm getting trouble to tell them apart!
    By the way - a robot zombie would also be fun! :)

  4. LOL.....yes, all the little toddlers and children from the beginning are teens. Next round all the original teens will head off to uni, so hopefully that will help. I have trouble keeping them all apart too. :) (That's why I change up there looks a LOT lol)