Friday, February 11, 2011

Kirkendall 1

Year 1-6 (Fall) -Knowledge House?

Kirkendall Family:
Esmond Kirkendall - Male Teen - Knowledge - Become Prestidigitator - Sagittarius
Temperance Kirkendall - Female Child - Gemini

Darcy Kirkendall - Male Toddler - Aquarius
Jacquan Kirkendall - Male Toddler - Capricorn

The Kirkendall's are one of the few lucky families in the neighborhood.  They had few enough people and enough money to get a fully completed house, and be able to afford the nanny, and not force Esmond to work as well.  He did work for a short period of time, but found it too difficult to keep up with everything.

Temperance fished quite a bit, and made a couple of friends this way.  Not only did she provide some extra money with selling the boots she found, but she kept a fresh supply of fish in the fridge.

Once again it's a super special day in Year 4, Esmond gets himself an A+ and all of that struggling feels like it's paying off a bit.  The really hard part is Esmond loses fun like he's a child, so keeping Fun levels up are extremely difficult.

Birthday time for the twins, who were lucky to make it with the horrible nanny Esmond managed to get.  Where the Rosada's really was surprising this families nanny was normal.  Spoiled bottles were left every where, and I'm surprised the family isn't already sick with the flu.  All that will change here.

First up is Jacquan, as he was up and playing.  Esmond has a friend over after school, although she is not a romantic prospect.  Esmond, ACR decided, is gay.

Jacquan grows up to be very handsome looking and enjoys a piece of cake before Esmond can get his brother up from a nap to grow up as well.

Little Darcy had a rough time.  No wants would ever roll up for him, until the last couple of days, so he wasn't as happy as Jacquan.

Everyone celebrated his birthday anyway, and he enjoyed the candles on the cake.

Darcy grew up well despite the difficulty of fulfilling non-existent wants.  He is also a very handsome little boy.

The family is big on dancing and always seems to flock to Temperance and Esmond's room to smuttle.

The kids all bond through the wonderful toy box Temperance was able to get.  She is the only child in this town to have one.

Esmond keeps bringing girls home, probably because they know he won't try anything....but he's lonely.  A phone call later, and most of the money too, the matchmaker drops off this guy.  I don't remember his name, but I would say the pink shirt is a pretty good indicator that he's Esmond's type. Problem is, he's an adult.  If Esmond doesn't find anyone in college, or before, he's a good fall back plan though.  They really hit it off, and had one bolt attraction.

Pillow fights occasionally break out, and I was so happy to see it here.  Temperance had the hardest time getting to know Jacquan, but through no tampering of my own, they became friends.

This feels like a house full of knowledge sims. Every single one of them wished to get skill points. Most just wanted points in anything, although Temperance was pretty specific about cleaning skills.  Taking advantage of the fall, each got their points.  They did have a lake day Saturday, but apparently I forgot to take pictures of it.  They each had a good time, and actually these three spent most of the day playing with each other.  They are getting very close.


  1. I live the Kirkendalls. If anything, it is just fun to say their name. :)

  2. Another house without adults - I'm impressed you made it again!

  3. Crazy enough, this one was easier, since there were only two toddlers and the sister fished a lot. lol