Monday, March 7, 2011

Corcoran 1

Year 1-6 (Fall) - Baby, Baby, I want a Baby

Corcoran Family:
Corky Corcoran - Female Adult - Family - Marry off 6 Children - Aquarius

Corky wants to marry off 6 kids...which means she needs a baby daddy.  First thing she did was head down to the General Store and check out all the guys.  We are in luck!  A two-bolter is there.  This is Toby Bruenig.
Corky spent a lot of time getting to know him, and even had a small, fairly casual date.  They really hit it off.
So good in fact that when she called him over later that day ACR heated it up some more.  I think these two are going to be together soon.
The welcome wagon  stopped by and had some familiar faces, and one very familiar face.

Marshall Upton.  Now Corky and Marshall had done quite a bit of flirting at his house this round, but it hadn't ever gone anywhere at that point.  Corky was also fairly discouraged because her WooHoo (unprotected) with Toby hadn't gotten her pregnant.
Toby came by the next day, as did Marshall and Corky was with the encounters.  She even got to meat Toby's friend Shelby Barrett, who just moved in up the street.
FINALLY, after many failed attempts Corky found herself pregnant.  Ok, well at this moment she is just sick, but we all know what that means.
Pregnancy has finally arrived for Corky.  But who is the daddy?  Is is the town Casanova or Toby Bruenig?

Toby Bruenig, Sagittarius
Male Adult, Knowledge
Become Captain Hero
Turn ons: Full Face Make-up and Custom Hair
Turn off:  Fitness

Well Corky decided it didn't matter who, she only wanted Toby.  The baby needed a father either way.  So Toby moved in and changed his look.  He's actually fairly handsome with the right hair and glasses.
In true Knowledge sim fashion Toby quickly gets down to business learning skills.  Or at least he tries too...
His very pregnant roommate sets the house on fire.  Luckily they had a smoke detector and the firemen saved the day.  Luckily Corky quickly took care of her needs so no miscarriage occurred.
Toby: So we are friends, and roommates right?
Corky: Of course we are friends....

Toby: ...and so we are just friends that kiss?
Probably not the best discussion to be having, or motive to be questioning of a pregnant lady.  Corky would love for this to be more than friends that kiss....but having the baby kind of comes first in the priority list.
Closer to baby number one.  The second baby (or maybe babies) to be more in Fellowship One.  Another generation two is almost here.
Even though Corky was very pregnant she wanted to get out of the house, so Saturday at the lake still occurred.  Everything went well and Toby even caught a few fish.
Ahhh....see Toby you are friends that kiss and cuddle....of course this was quickly followed by some woohooing I think it safe to say they are locked together now.
Apparently that woohoo did the trick too.  Toby was getting ready for work when Corky ran in, and in true sims style, prepared to give birth in the bathroom.  Toby didn't get a chance to stay, he had his first day on the job to think about.  At 7:40 PM on Oct 27th in year 6 a new baby was born!
It's only one baby and sadly it's a girl.  I was hoping for a boy to carry on the family name, but I guess this little one will just have to do it, since I want to get Corky married eventually.  She is a cute little thing, and has brown hair and brown eyes.....she is Marshal Upton's daughter!  She will get BC Popular name #23, Hailey.
Welcome to the world Hailey Corcoran.  She is very cute, and I love that little nose!
When Toby got home he went to one knee and asked Corky to be his wife.  She of course provided a resounding yes!  They may wait for a little while to get married, or they may marry right away, I haven't decided.  Winter is headed to Fellowship One now, and with that will come all new stories, and likely some drama now that the residents are settled in.


  1. Wow. Seems only fitting that Marshal is somebody's baby's daddy.

    You know I've never played Corky before. Humm.

  2. Corky so far has been fun. Loves that little baby.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  3. Don't be surprised if the next baby is a blond/redhead. I married Toby into my redhead Norwegian family of Birka (Magnus Norman's family) and found he's a dyed red-head! :)

  4. LOL Marshall finally scored, and his genes were passed on. I like Toby too, married him into one of my families long ago. Don't remember much about his genetics though. Corky is fun to play.

  5.! Food thing his other women are elders or he would have a hood of baby mammas!!

  6. Marshall was all over the place! Almost every woman has the "hots" for Marshall Upton...and ACR has a lot of fun using that. :D