Monday, March 7, 2011

Round 1 Complete!

WOW that took awhile.  This hood is HUGE already.  I'm going to have to really watch the population when all of the original toddlers start preparing to have families of their own.  Hopefully they will match up well with each other over all, and Risky will play nice.  :)  My points (just for fun) at the end of round 1 are as follows

60 for the 60 Original sims (all living)
+ 4 for 4 new sims: Camden, Shelby, Toby and Hailey
+ 3 for Neighborhood Net Wealth.  Currently at: $262,096

That is a totle of 67 points so far.

I think I give myself about 10 extra points for just surviving some of those houses.  Especially since no kids were ever officially taken by the social worker.  (Other than the glitching Potts house...although that seems fixed now, and all children are intact.

This hood has been a ball to play so far, and I hope you will stick with me to find out what new surprises are in store for Winter.  With all of the houses now established, and families not needing to scrape back quite as much we should start to see more relationship develop, and I'm sure ACR and InTeen with Risky WooHoo will cause some mass chaos soon.


  1. I really never had an accidental teen pregnancy in my hoods - most kids are virgins when they go to Uni, which is very unrealistic! :)

  2. Yeah....Donatella and Risto have already WooHooed in my hood...completely without my direction. :)

  3. Yes, Fellowship makes for a HUGE hood. Good luck with it. I got up to round four with it before I lost it.