Monday, November 22, 2010

Jenkins 1

Year 1-6 (Fall) - Who's the Romancer?

Jenkins Family:
Moria Jenkins - Female Adult - Fortune - Become General
James Jenkins - Male Teen - Romance - WooHoo 20 Different Sims

 The Jenkins have a completed house, thanks to the house made for them in the neighborhood.  The welcome wagon came over and it's Marshall Upton, the second steamiest elder in the hood.  Moria talks to him about love while Hilda Schuzenjager tries to play chess.

 It doesn't take long for ACR to kick in with these two.  Moria takes advantage for Marshall's willingness to get a kiss.  Hilda watches on in silent judgement.

 Moria takes a glance in the mirror that night and realizes she's still got that spark.  I actually think she is really quite pretty, especially without her glasses on.  She happily heads off to bed.

 Meanwhile, James shows us that he cannot dance.  It's going to take a lot of practice, James, to keep you from falling every time you try and spin.

 The next day Moria teaches James to study.  The hard work pays off and James finishes his homework, and manages to keep in a pretty good mood.  Moria invites the most steamy elder male in the hood over, Gregory Brandt, but nothing at all happens with them.

 The next day, while James is at work Moria decides she wants to invite Gregory back over for a little fun.  He leaves as satisfied with the encounter as she is.

 All that studying really paid off and James is now an A student.  Way to go James!

 The next day, again while James is at school, Moria decides one day just wasn't enough.  She calls Gregory Brandt back over and another satisfying encounter is had.  Moria, isn't James supposed to be the Romance sim in this household??

James and Moria try to have dinner together each night, and just talk about the day.  Some things get left out of the conversation, ahem.

As fall draws to a close the Jenkins enjoy a nice day at the lake.  They each meet a lot of new people and manage to catch some nice fish to stock the fridge with.


  1. hahaha that Marshall Upton is quite the romancer. I really enjoyed playing him..he has such a deadpan look on his face, you know he is hiding many secrets!

  2. He's my next family after the Schuzenjagers, so I'm excited to play them.

  3. Moria fishing in her pyjamas made me smile :)

  4. Woo-hoo! Now what asp is Moria? lol

  5. I had to re-check the top! It shows: Moria Jenkins - Female Adult - Fortune - Become General

    So she is a Fortune sim...wasn't acting much like it though. lol