Monday, November 22, 2010

Yessam 1

Year 1-6 (Fall) - Welcome Generation 2

Yessam Family:
Mama J Yessam - Female Elder - Knowledge - Max Out 7 Skills - Aquarius
Jenn Yessam - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary - Aries
Rich Yessam - Popularity - Become Captain Hero - Aquarius

 We join the Yessam's after the welcome wagon came by.  This time Brennan Brooks came with Hilda Schuzenjager and Ramsey Brooks.  Jenn didn't wait to socialize with the new neighbors and Rich had a gleam in his eye at the potential friends he might make.

 Rich and Jenn waste no time in showing their affection for each other (even with only 1 bolt), and Jenn, excited to start a family gives in to Rich's desires.

 Rich throws a party to celebrate their new house, and, although he doesn't know it yet, a new addition.

 Jenn starts to show a small baby bump late one evening and is very excited to be pregnant.

 During another party Rich had thrown, Jenn goes into labor in the kitchen.  Everyone rushes in and Rich is scared for his wife, and quite surprised by what he sees.

 At 9:15 PM on Nov 20th, Year 4 a baby boy is born.  They name him BC Popular Name #140, Camden Yessam.  He's got his daddy's hair and eyes and should grow up into an handsome boy.

 Mama J loves being a grandma and spends as much time as she can with baby Camden.  She is also studying up on her cooking and manages to get the maximum cooking skill available.  One skill down, 6 more to go.
 Jenn is a super good mama, wanting to tuck in the baby and hold him all the time.  Of course she's more than ready when Rich is to try for another.

 Mama J, grandma instincts kicking in, wishes for something else to love, so she gets a Wormrat and names him Panda.

 She love Panda and cuddles and plays with him when she isn't studying or playing with Camden.

 Saturday Mama J and Jenn head to the lake.  Jenn didn't want to go, but Mama J convinced her to spend some mother/daughter time together.  It went well, and they became friends.

 Meanwhile, Rich threw another party.  Those crazy Pleasure sims and their party ways.  But it worked out great, because it's time for a birthday in the house.

 All the guests gather together and cheer on Jenn as she bring Camden to the cake.

 Jenn blows out the candles and with a small toss in the air...

 Camden Yessam become a Sagittarius toddler.  He's an extremely Active, Playful, Grouchy sim who is slightly messy and shy.  Welcome to toddler hood Generation 2.

Points: +1 New Sim (Camden Yessam)


  1. Hi ya Camden! Nice to see you! hehe

  2. Yay for random naming systems! :) I suspect you use the same way to determine birthdates as I do, too :)

  3. Possibly. I did study your birthday system to see if I could figure it out....I don't think it's exactly the same, because the way I thought it worked didn't always fit, but it's probably close. :) I think the random naming system is an awesome idea....thanks for writing about it so I could use it myself. :)

  4. Yay!
    I realise I'm so far behind the times but I had to smile when I saw the Jessams, or as I know them, the Hidalgos, Tequila (Rich), Natalie (Jenn) and Deloris Davenport (Mama J) :)

    1. I remember you having this family before. They are sweet and I'm happy you stopped by and commented! Hope you can continue to enjoy