Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The fellowship begins

First let me say, this in no way means that I am abandoning Breeze Point, my prosperity challenge blog on LiveJournal.  I play to continue playing and blogging that, but I needed a break from the families there, and had worked to download all 3 of the fellowship groups of families and/or neighborhoods.

I decided to play the fellowship in prosperity style, however, unlike Breeze Point, this Prosperity Fellowship will include 2 mods/hacks of the game.  I will be using the InTeenimater, however I am using the packs that keep teens from getting "adult" perks at 18, make pregnancies silent, and doesn't kill kittens.  :)  This will bring in the chance of miscarriages, and while I hate the idea of my poor little sims going through that, I believe it to be a necessary balancing act for the second hack/mod in play, which is ACR.

With these 2 mods/hacks in play I feel a level of exciting possibilities.  I tend to be a micro-manager of my sims, and also find myself speeding through days of the sims lives just to get them through the tasks I have assigned them so I can assign more.  I am tired of that style of play.  I wanted to bring these in because I think it brings a whole new element of sim free will, and with that I'm going to try and keep my fingers off the speed buttons so I don't miss potentially interesting pictures and things as I blog.

The first thing I did to set up the neighborhood was give each of the families a flattened lot.  I then went to each individual house, gathered information on the sims there, spawned their adjusters, and built them a house if needed.  Due to the largeness of some of these families, houses did not get complete, and no one has much money.  This is a huge challenge of myself, personally, due to the number and size of many of these families, and keeping them half-way happy, healthy, and the social worker away in some instances is going to be a challenge.

I do have all the expansion packs, so there are pets, seasons, university and possibly one day apartment buildings in the neighborhood.  I am using the 3 regular vacation lots, the regular downtown lot, and the Bluewater Village plot as normal.  University for this town will be Acedemie La Tour.  Finally, I'm shamlessly stealing this idea from jungfrun68 who has a wonderful naming convention in her hood.  I have found 2 lists of popular baby names by U.S Population and a second list of popular names registered with a certain baby web site.  I will roll a die to determine which list, and then use a random number generator to determine the name given to new babies.


  1. Good luck with this, I will put you on my friends' list immediately

  2. I just started reading this, and I think I'm really going to enjoy it. I like the idea of using popular baby names - like jungfrun68. I plan to start doing that with my uberhood.