Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brooks 1

Year 1-6 (Fall) - It's Got Walls

Brooks Family:
Ramsey Brooks - Male Elder - Fortune - Own 5 Top-Level Businesses - Cancer
Brennan Brooks - Male Adult - Popularity - Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends - Aquarius
Ian Brooks - Male Child - Aries
Carla Brooks - Female Toddler - Aries

I never realized, until I was completed with this family that Brennan is not supposed to be around.  Because of this, he is alive and well in this hood, and I decided to keep it that way.  They arrive on the sidewalk of their new house full of dreams.

The house manages to have walls, beds for each person and a few other conveniences, but there is no wall paper, carpet or toys.  Ian starts talking to his grandpa about the house while the other just stare on in silence.

To help liven the mood Ramsey starts dancing with Ian, trying to show him that together this will work, and it's not that bad. Carla really wants to learn how to walk, so Brennan decides to train her right now.

Carla quickly learns while dancing to the music playing on the stereo that she love Music and Dance. It will be a part of her forever and ever. The stereo is about the only thing in the house to offer fun, although they have a TV almost no one uses it.

After everyone is a little more settled in Brennan decides to teach Carla how to talk. Might as well get her toddler skills done before everything falls apart around them. He's thrilled that her first word is dadda.

Ida comes home from school, and is a bit disappointed in his grades. He vows to get an A+ someday, and will work hard on his homework. After a little fun of course.

They grow up way to fast. Brennan comes home from his job in the medical field, with a friend, just in time for Carla's birthday. There is no cake, the family can't afford one, but they did put in a bit of flooring in the kitchen to everyone's delight.

With her family and a couple of acquaintances looking on, Carla grows up into a decently cute little girl. She looks very much like her brother, and indeed they are essentially clones.

Brennan lets Carla sleep in his bed this first night. The bed for her hasn't been delivered yet, and with money so tight they already had to sell her crib.

Over breakfast the next morning Carla and Ian start asking their grandpa Ramsey if he thinks they will ever have lights like some of the other families have. It's hard to do school work by moonlight.

There were not many clothes available to fit Carla for her first day of school, and they had to make due with what they could find. Carla doesn't seem to mind as she heads out, ready for her first full day of school.

Over dinner that night, kids ask about where their grandpa goes at night. Brennan tells them about Ramsey's job in business.

Saturday comes and it's off to the lake. The kids play together with other neighborhood kids, and Brennan and Ramsey work to catch some fish for selling and for dinner. Unfortunately, they mostly catch boots.  Ian will soon be a teenager, and hopefully Brennan can get a couple of promotions and use the bonus money to complete the house.


  1. Looks like a good start for this family. Hope things keep going well for them even if money is tight.

  2. I'm nearly jealous that you're starting a new Prosperity. However, I would never manage, I must learn to finish things first! I have so many things going on, and now with sims 3 nightlife, too... ;)

  3. I really need to finish things too, but I was getting...."bored"....(for lack of a better word) with Breeze Point. I will go back and I will finish it, but I needed to change directions for a little bit. :)