Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yessam 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Not so much has changed

Yessam Family:
Mama J Yessam - Female Elder - Knowledge - Max Out 7 Skills - Aquarius
Jenn Yessam - Female Adult - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary - Aries
Rich Yessam - Male Adult - Popularity - Become Captain Hero - Aquarius
Camden Yessam -  Male Child - Saggitarius

Last Round: The family spent time together.  Mama J and Camden spent a lot of time skilling and Camden grew up into a child and started school.  Rich watched TV, talked on the phone and continued to look for a job, which never came up.

 Mama J does 3 things during the day, for the most part.  She skills, she plays with her grandson and she takes care of/plays with Panda, her womrat.

 Camden also loves Panda and plays with him every chance he gets.  It's a good thing too, cause Panda seems determined to stay around.

 Jenn and Rich wake up every day and flirt with each other at least twice, and then during the day is more of the same, and sometimes before they go to bed at night.  They are truly two sims in love.

 Mama J is up to 3 skills maxed, and the hardest (in my opinion) to get maxed is Body, so she starts on that one next.  Rich, who wants to be Captain Hero someday, joins her in jumping rope.

 Camden is a very smart boy and is starting to do very well in school.  He cheers for himself before running in to tell his grandma and father, who also cheer for him.

 Camden is starting to bring friends home from school now, and they tend to be girls.  This is good news, since Camden doesn't have anyone his age in the neighborhood and will have to find a townie if he wants to have a wife....or husband.  Tessa is a good catch, but they don't really get along very well.

 Jenn is doing well at work, but misses her son a lot while she's gone.  Camden goes out to greet her with a hug and a wave nearly every day.

 Not much has changed around the house.  Rich still talks on the phone, Mama J still skills a LOT, but Camden now spends most of his time playing and painting.

 Jenn doesn't always make it home before Camden's bed time, but she makes sure to go tuck him in when she gets home.  She is really a very good mama.  With this touching scene we find spring drawing to a close, and Mama J is still around, and getting close to her LTW.  I hope she makes it.

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