Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brandt 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Dates and Dancing

Brandt Family:
Gregory Brandt - Male Elder - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top Career - Capricorn
Samantha Brandt- Female Adult - Popularity - Become Hall of Famer - Libra
Haley Brandt - Female Teen - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top of Career - Sagittarius
Boone Brandt - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Gemini
Kade Brandt - Male Teen - Fortune - Become Hall of Famer - Scorpio
Kapri Brandt - Female Teen - Knowledge - Become Space Pirate - Gemini
Rowan Brandt - Male Teen - Pleasure - Become Game Designer - Cancer

Last Round: The Brandt family was VERY busy last round with birthday's galore.  The kids did well in school, and Samantha unsuccessfully looked for love.  Gregory continued to be a great grandfather.  The house was full of kids all the time, and was very busy and dancing was a must at all times.  The family survived on birthday cake.

 Gregory got a bee in his bonnet about going to the culinary secret lot and winning a food contest.  I had to prepare him for loosing since he barely had any cooking points.  He worked very hard while there and entered.

 Amazingly his Chili beat out the "owners" lobster thermidor.  Gregory was THRILLED with his first place win.

 Nothing much has changed at home though.  The kids still dance the day and night away, and Kapri has finally gotten some friendships going with her siblings.

 Homework time is usually a large affair with everyone trying to get to the same spot on the carpet.

 One day, as the kids were playing outside a gypsy came by and dropped off a lamp.  No one knew much about it, but Gregory wished for peace of mind I believe.

 As we head to the lake we find the "twins" (Kade and Rowan) have the same outer wear and make life very difficult for me to figure out who does what.

 Boone checks out Ariana Rosada and seems to like what he sees.  Sadly he has 50 1st dates to get through before he can settle down.  They seem a decent match though, as she wants 50 dream dates.  Lots of dating for these two.

 There are a lot of people fishing at the lake on this Saturday and it seems there is some luck.

 Gregory uses one of the wishes to get money.  It was desperately needed, especially with Boone wanting 50 1st dates.

 With new money in the house, Boone calls over the gypsy and gets started on all of the dates right away.  He seems to want to get through them quickly ever since he saw Ariana.  So here is date one.

 Date #2 for Boone.

 Date #3
 Date 4

 Boone takes time out of dating to have dinner with the family and the headmaster.  The money didn't just go towards dates, the family really tried to update the house a bit and with the kids wanting to get into private school they invited him over.

 Even with a lack of money, the headmaster was impressed with how great the kids were doing in their circumstances and got them all scholarships.  They all look great in their uniforms.

 Back to the dating world with date 5.

 The kids talked about the genie in the bottle over dinner one night, but the wishes had already been used.

 Gregory is starting to get his affects in order and had Kade or Rowan some of his possessions.

 Boone is back to the dating game with date 6.

He hits it off better than expected with date #6 and ends up getting a bit of a crush.  This is not meant to be though.....Ariana is a better match and already a part of the hood.

Just like when they were kids, there are always extra friends around, now just of the teen persuasion.  Of course dancing is still the favorite past time.

There are still family dinners occasionally, but with all the friends over all the time they really need a bigger table.  This house is going to feel small and slow when all the kids head off to college.

Late one spring night a fire started outside.  I got VERY nervous for Kade or Rowan (I can't tell them apart in their uniforms), but luckily the rain put out the fire and he was fine.  The spring same to a close without much fanfare and the family is ready for summer.


  1. It really does take a long time for a Sim to burn to death. But hey, looks like the boys are okay. I didn't include this family when I played the Fellowship. They look like lots of fun!

  2. He actually wasn't on fire, it's just the angle of this shot. I remember thinking he was until I rotated the camera and he was actually pretty far away. lol I really like the Brandt's. They are tough at first, but really fun.