Saturday, February 18, 2012

Upton 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Quiet House

Upton Family:
Marshall Upton - Male Elder - Fortune - Earn $100,000 - Aries
Miles Upton - Male Teen - Family - Become Captain Hero - Leo

Last Round: A burglary took place early in the winter, and while the cops were called the crook got away. Miles and Amethyst hit it off well, but he falls deeply for her sister Aquamarine. By the end of winter they are going steady.  Marshall acted more like a romance sim than a fortune sim.

 Spring is starting but there is still plenty of snow on the ground early on.  Miles enjoys building a snowman.

 Marshall invites his baby's mama, Corky, over for some food.  We can see she is very pregnant, but this time it's not Marshall's.

 On a very nice Saturday the Upton's head to the lake.  Marshall talks with some of the people from other towns and Miles gets to know some of the neighbors better.

 Miles and Risto Cooprider take time to play hacky sack while many neighbors gather around cheering them on.

 Miles, working to fulfill his dream of being Captain Hero, gets a job with Law Enforcement.  He looks very handsome in his uniform.

 Miles and Marshall take time out to hang out once in awhile.  This is why they have such a good relationship.  Miles even talks about Hedwig Busto, who he finds somewhat attractive, but his true love is Aquamarine.

 Before Marshall is ready Miles heads to college.  He will be joined there by many of his peers, and probably have a great time, but Marshall will miss him.

 Marshall spends some time in Miles room just thinking about him after he leaves.  The house gets really quite without Miles around.

 To get out of the quite house for awhile Marshall decides to go visit the gaming society.  While there he plays some pool and enjoys a game competition.

 Maybe because he was distracted about Miles being gone and maybe for other reasons Marshall was demoted at work (bad chance card), but he wasn't too upset about it.  Some Fortune sim he is.

 He was a bit upset about it though because he invited Layce Cooprider over and enjoyed her company for awhile.

Marshall tries to go back to being a kid again by jumping rope.  I think the quietness in the house is really starting to get to him.  Hopefully he can survive the time Miles is in college and keep himself busy.  The spring ends uneventfully but we will see Miles at college at the end of this round.


  1. Hi Layce! I love to see the Coopriders pop up in updates!

  2. When you have only one elder in a house the Simmer easily gets restless, too :)

    1. With the craziness that was, and is to come in this round I was actually glad to only have to worry about a single sim. :)