Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rosada 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Not the Only First

Rosada Family:
Amethyst Rosada - Female Teen - Fortune - Earn $100,000 - Aquarius
Aquamarine Rosada - Female Teen - Family - Have 6 Grandchildren - Gemini
Ariana Rosada - Female Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 Dream Dates - Aries
Brigid Rosada - Female Teen - Popularity - Become The Law - Pisces
Danielle Rosada - Female Teen -  Romance - Become Celebrity Chef - Taurus

Last Round: With the toddlers all grow up the older twins spent more time having fun.  Everyone went to school and started getting good grades. The triplets all had their birthday's into teenage hood.  Amethyst and Bruce Norwood met and got closer.

 The spring begins with the girls having company.  Miles Upton is over and we also see Melody Tinker in the background.  Ariana is working on her logic skills.

 Saturday is still the day at the lake, and Brigid is getting to know Carmine Roma.  They have good chemistry and will be a good match.

 The teens were all out and about this Saturday, many fish were caught and will be filling refrigerators around town.

Then a more tragic event happened out at the beautiful lake.  Brigid got taken in by the thief.  She was able to report the crime, but it made her very upset.

Hotdogs are always a must at the lake, someone always grills them up, and they are always eaten very quickly.

The Kirkendalls were invited over for the day, as was Bruce Norwood.  Amethyst and Bruce fell in love that day.  As long as they stay together in uni this is a good match.

The Roma boys were also invited over and Brigid and Carmine picked up where they left off at the lake.  Danielle is also highly attracted to Guido Carmine.  That's an interesting match as they are both romancer's and might work out very well together.  They have, I believe, 3 bolts together.

It was basically a party at the Rosada's home and most of the teens/kids that had grown up without any help were there.

Brigid was soon crushing on Carmine.  She really likes him, and they have 2-bolts of attraction for each other.

Carmine is quickly following suit and crushing on Brigid.

Once the night hits all the teens are sitting outside in the new falling snow hanging out and getting to know one another better.

On the last morning all of the girls will be together they sit down and have breakfast.  Amethyst and Aquamarine will be leaving for uni later in the day.

Danielle invites her good friend Rufus Busto over.  They are very close, and are also attracted to each other.  At the moment Rufus is very into Temperance Kirkendall, but Danielle gave him his first kiss.

The attraction is still strong, however.

So a first kiss isn't the only first Danielle gives to Rufus.  Hopefully now that she's bed him Rufus will be able to focus on Temperance without her interference.  She won't make him happy.

Rufus's mind is focused clearly on Danielle now, but Danielle hardly seems to care.  Amethyst and Aquamarine are heading to uni.

That night Ariana gets her first kiss from Boone Brandt.  This is a terrific match, and is a carry over from the Brandt's house when he first set eyes on Ariana.

As the remaining girls head off to school the gypsy lady shows up.  No one is this house has used her services before so this must be a "congrats on surviving" present.

It's a lamp.  This is a very good things for this family who is struggling with money as well as other things.

 As spring comes to a close the girls are doing well, have jobs, boyfriends (for the most part), but Ariana sets the kitchen on fire.  Luckily they have an alarm as the fireman come and put it out.  We will soon see Aquamarine and Amethyst in uni, and get to see how Summer see the girls who were just toddlers when it was last summer in Fellowship One.


  1. Haha I think is is funny Rufus managed to get 'some' but then on the other hand Sims don't see beauty/ugly. lol Seems like all these kids are happy though!

    1. This family is a hoot to play. Rufus does seem to get all the cute girls interested in him. :)

  2. Transporting stretch to Uni, it feels like, even though interrupted by some romance. Some couples may even last! :)

    1. I'm playing the first uni round right now, and so far the couples are all pretty's still early though, so you never know what might happen. :)