Saturday, February 18, 2012

Potts 1

Year 12-16 (Spring) - Merry-GO-Round

Potts Family:
Alexandria Potts - Female Adult - Fortune - Become Hall of Famer - Libra
Ryan Potts - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Virgo
Lilly Potts - Female Teen - Romance - Become Celebrity Chef - Leo
Logan Potts - Male Teen - Knowledge - Become Prestidigitator - Leo
Luke Potts - Male Teen - Pleasure - Become Professional Party Guest - Pisces
Lydia Potts - Female Teen - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary - Capricorn

Last Round: The winter was full of birthday's.  Each of the kids grew into teens throughout the winter.  Ryan got started on his LTW of 50 1st dates.  That was basically all we had time for.

 As is typically of most families in Fellowship One this spring starts with dancing.  The kids love to dance.

 Lydia gets started on her "housewife" training and does the dishes.  There is a lot of cake to clean up from all the birthday's they had all together.

 Even though they are almost completely opposite, Lydia and Lilly are good friends and play together out in the yard.

 Friday night at Inter@ctive brings a lot of changes to the Pott's house.  First, Logan meets Melody Tinker.  You might remember her from the Cooprider update.  They hit it off well and have a couple bolts of attraction.

 Meanwhile, in another area of the building Luke is meeting Kricket Cooprider and they also have a couple bolts of attraction.

 Without any encouragement on my part Luke goes in for his first kiss.  This is also Krickt's first kiss.

 Lydia also met someone at Inter@ctive and decides to invite him over to get to know him better.  Michael Profitt and Lydia get along great, and a Family/Fortune match would be wonderful.

 With teenagers you have homework, and this house has a LOT of teenagers.  Homework is a common occurrence, and they always want to block the entrance.

 Alexandria tried to cook some food for her guests and kids and managed to set the kitchen on fire.  Luckily they had installed a fire alarm and the firemen were able to put the fire out.

 Alexandria's co-worker is quite cozy with her.  He is a romance sim however, so she is just having fun with him.  She is also very stinky and Luke notices.

 The kids aren't on their own all of the time, and Alexandria does try and take time out to hang out with all of the kids, sometimes together and sometimes one on one.

 Heading to the lake Luke find Kricket there and they continue to grow closer and flirt a bit as well.

 Before you know it they have crushes on each other and will probably stick together through college. The pleasure/popularity mix shouldn't be too difficult to manage for either.
 There are a lot of teens at the lake this Saturday and Luke gets to know some other sims from the neighborhood as well, such as Boone Brandt.

 Kricket and Luke are going steady by the end of the day and both are very pleased with this decision.

Lilly, on the other hand, is going to be a handful through her teenage years.  She quickly becomes a notch in Bob Profitt's romance ladder, but Bob also becomes a notch in Lilly as she is also a romance sim.

 I'm not happy with you Bob, she is only 14 or 15!  However, I'm pretty sure it was Lilly who invited you into her MOTHER'S bed, so I'll be slightly less annoyed by you.

 Meanwhile, Ryan continues his dating spree. (With a WONDERFUL suggestion from Twoflower, well ok, it wasn't a suggestion it was something she uses for her date, he began saying "goodbye" after a couple of interactions to keep the date from plummeting.  This should hopefully help get through them faster) This happens to be date #5

 There was a rainstorm but it didn't stop the teen dating spree that is happening at this house.  Lilly invited Michael over for the day, and Logan invited Melody over.  Things were going great for both couples.

 Logan and Melody even shared their first kiss.  Melody will be heading to college for Logan, and thankfully will grow up with her dad, who is married to Celeste Cooprider. (I can already tell the family trees are going to get crazy soon)

 With the first kiss under their belts Logan and Melody start major crushes on each other.  (I would have thought they would crush first then kiss, but who am I to determine what they want. lol)

 Ryan continues the dating with date #6.

 ...and while Ryan is dating Logan and Melody hop into Alexandria's bed.  (It's the only double bed in the house). They, however, hop right back out.

 Luke and Kricket are falling in love with each other and they are very sweet.  You would think they were 3 bolts and not just 2.

 Unfortunately for Lydia, standing out in the rain with Michael caused Michael to get struck by lighting.  Luckily he is ok, but decides to go home quickly after to recover.

 Logan and Melody hop BACK into Alexandria's bed, and this time they take their relationship to the next level.  She is DEFINITELY going with him to college.

 The matchmaker is REALLY bad at her job, but Ryan isn't exactly paying much for these dates either.  Date #7 turns out to be a nanny.

 Then we come to date #8, who is at least an adult and not an elder.

 Michael comes over again, but insists they hang out indoors this time.  There isn't any rain, but he's a bit nervous.  The girlfriends of Lydia's brothers are over at the house quite often anymore.

 The matchmaker brings a Rosada sister for date #9, but she is already taken, so it doesn't last long.

 Lydia finally gets something she has been wanting since basically the day she met Michael and that is her first kiss.

 They are also a bit "backwards" and being their crushes as soon as the kiss is finished.

 Meanwhile in the dating merry-go-round in the front yard, Ryan gets date #10.

 Then comes date #11 in quick succession.  (MAN do I hate this's so tedious and annoying!)

 Inside the house Lydia and Michael quickly take the next step and hop into bed.

 Melody and Logan decide to start going steady.  Melody looks very happy to be with Logan.

 Someone wanted to throw a party, probably multiple someones as this is a house full of teens, so a party was had.  Everyone spends most of the time on the phone however.

 Ryan takes a break from dating and hangs out with the rest of his siblings watching some TV.  They really do all hang out together a lot more than it looks like they do.

 Alexandria makes a rare appearance to show us all that, yes, she IS alive and still working in her job and just attempting to survive 5 teenagers.

 To end the spring we find kids filling the house, as is pretty typical, homework spread across the floor, also typical, and Alexandria no where to be seen, also typical.  Yes, this is a pretty standard teenager run house.  Hopefully, with kids preparing to leave for college in the next few seasons Alexandria will be able to come out of the woodwork a little more often.


  1. The Potts famimly is always such a challenge.

    1. Strangely this house felt simple to play. It was a LOT of dating, but most of the kids did all of this all on their own, the only one I was really spending any time on was Ryan with the matchmaker, so this house just felt easy to play.

  2. The families seem to still be a bit short on cash, or you have the same interest in interior design as I do - NONE! :D (I noticed there were no painting or curtains or anything around :))
    50 1st dates I did ONCE - it's extremely annoying, I agree. Especially when the matchmaker starts throwing the same sims at you!

    1. This family has almost no money, and the little money they do have is going into dates. when the teens finally leave this houses will probably get nicer. I have like 3 or 4 teens right now in this hood that have that LTW. I think Breeze Point has a couple more, so I'm REALLY tired of that one. :)