Monday, May 27, 2013

Jenkins 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Lonely Days

Jenkins Family:
Moria Jenkins - Female Adult - Fortune - Become General

Last Round: The family went to the lake and some interesting things occurred with the neighbors.  Moria had some fun with Gregory Brandt and Marshall Upton and James worked on getting some woohoo's. Then he left for University.

 Moria starts off her summer by working on her ballet bar.  Moria is in pretty good shape, and the dancing helps her morn the loss of a good friend, Gregory Brandt.  He leaves her some money for making his time in Fellowship 1 much more pleasant.

 Moria realizes that her lovers may start dying off before she does, so she starts making additional friends that may later become lovers.  Moria might be a fortune sim, but most of the time she acts much more like a romance sim.

 Marshall is still around however, and will be for a bit longer so Moria spends some more time with him.  She ends up wishing to get married to Marshall, which may or may not happen when James and Miles return home from university next round.

 Since Moria IS a fortune sim, and doesn't like her job she quits and begins to paint.  She's a decent painter and decides to try and make a bit of money that way.

 Somehow she really upset this gentleman and he comes by frequently to kick over Moria's trashcan.  She's tries not to let it get to her, and calmly goes and cleans it up each time.

 Her paintings are getting better so she talks to some dealers and works to get her art sold on the market.  She does a decent job and will hopefully keep getting better and bringing in more money.

 Moria is getting older and she spends more and more time resting.  She is really starting to miss James.  He hasn't come home since he left and while he calls and checks in, it's not the same for Moria.  Losing Gregory was also hard and makes he feel more alone.

 Sunday arrives, however, and James comes home for a visit.  He wanted to spend some time with this grandmother too.

 They spend some time talking in the tiny bathroom....because that's what sims do with each other.  Bathrooms are a VERY important room to a sim, and the smaller the better it is for any sort of important occasion.

 Moria talks to James all afternoon and into the evening about everything she can think of.  She hasn't had anyone around to talk to on a normal basis so she makes sure to talk about any subject she thinks about.  James listens patiently.

 Once Moria got out all the things she wanted to talk about they sat and watched TV for awhile.  This was going really well until the TV broke and they both started getting hungry.

So Moria cooked them both some dinner and James set to work repairing the TV.  He wasn't about to leave his grandmothers house without her TV working.

 It was a pleasant day for them both and as night grew later James decided it was time to head back to his dorm.  He did have homework to work on after all.  Moria gave him a BIG hug to send him off and once again she found herself alone in the house.

So to pass the time she begun painting a picture of James to hang in the house.  Maybe it will help her be less lonely until James is back.


  1. Awww what a nice entry. :) nice to see James doing stuff for his grandma, and that she misses him so.

    1. These two seem really close in my game, and I'm glad. I like James most of the time, and Moria just seems like a sweet lady. Glad you stopped by.

  2. lol, you aren't wrong about the bathrooms! Sims are obsessed! It's nice to see James come for a visit. :)

    1. Wow, I missed you had stopped by so long ago. Glad you did, and yes, sims are obsessed with bathrooms for sure. :)

  3. Moria actually seems a bit bored to be alone

    1. I think she is, and I am bored with her being alone. I thought about trying to find someone for her to either move in with, or have move in with her, but other than Marshall she hasn't been interested, and he can't move out until the kids get back from uni. :)