Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brandt 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Musical Beds

Brandt Family:
Gregory Brandt - Male Elder - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top Career - Capricorn
Samantha Brandt- Female Adult - Popularity - Become Hall of Famer - Libra
Haley Brandt - Female Teen - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top of Career - Sagittarius
Boone Brandt - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Gemini
Kade Brandt - Male Teen - Fortune - Become Hall of Famer - Scorpio
Kapri Brandt - Female Teen - Knowledge - Become Space Pirate - Gemini
Rowan Brandt - Male Teen - Pleasure - Become Game Designer - Cancer

Last Round: Gregory had an impressive food contest victory.  The family received a lamp from the gypsy lady and Gregory used it for peace of mind and money. The "twins" continued to be twins in their outfits. Boone finds his likely future match...once he gets through 50 1st dates, which he started.  The kids all got into private school, and Gregory starting preparing to enter the afterlife.

 The kids are all pretty close, except for Haley and Kapri.  For whatever reason they have never really bonded, but noogies is a favorite pastime for them all.

 Gregory knows his life is coming to an end, so he's trying to give away any important possessions he has to the people he loves.

 He calls up Moria to say goodbye and tells her how he has been feeling a bit sickly for awhile now and he's sure his time is coming near now.

Boone talks with Vyn, one of his friends from outside of private school.  He's already had a date with her so they are just friends at this point.

 Soon Boone is back to dating, and we start up with date #7.  It's the cute cashier girl Rufus briefly talked to.

 Moving on to date #8 and Boone is feeling good.  There are so many people at this house on a constant basis, I cannot usually keep track with what everyone is doing.

 Then the moment Gregory has been expecting is here.  The grim has come to take him onto the next life

 Gregory is ready to go.  A hula girl does what she can to comfort Kapri.  Gregory may have been ready, but no one else in the family was ready for him to be gone.

 The kids have a quite meal together that night.  Minus Boone who was already in bed.  It was an emotional day on them all.

 The next day things are more or less normal.  The kids bring home friends from school, but no topics seem to be catching their interest.  Kade mostly internalizes a lot and spends lots of time just lost in his own thoughts.

 Boone decides dating is how he will get his mind off his grandfathers death so he goes onto date #9.

 ....then date #10, who is someone we know and not someone he should probably be dating.  He agrees and the date ends quickly.

 Kapri decides Boone may be onto something and kisses her friend....I don't remember his name now.

 Samantha is a mostly absentee parent, although not fully by choice.  She deals with her fathers death in a different way.  Although not fully dis-similar to Boone's.

 Speaking of Boone he's back to dating with #11.

...and number 12, another adult.

 Date number 13 is under his belt.

 Then date #14, which is one of the foreign girls.  I'm not sure how she's going to get home, and is probably pretty mad at the gypsy for just dropping her in a strange land.

 Boone has reached date #15.  Only 35 more to go before he reaches that elusive 50 mark.

 The kids head to inter@ctive and meet one of the Rosada sisters.  Danielle and Kapri hit it off pretty well and will likely be friends.

 Everyone heads to the lake on Saturday and enjoys fishing.  They catch quite a few fish...well the girls do.  The boys mostly catch boots.

 A fire breaks out back at home, and Kade is still in his daze.

 Haley and Kapri finally take some quality time out for each other.  They talk and talk and are soon pretty decent friends.  With Haley leaving for college at the end of this round, I'm glad they decided to get to know each other better.  (I did not direct this, they did it all on their own.)

 Boone gets back to dating with #16.

 He has dated all varieties at this point and he gets date #17.

 Moving on to date #18 and he's almost at 20.  He'll be over half way through before he leaves for uni.

 Rowan's crush is Heidi Schuzenjager and she likes blonde hair.  This will also help distinguish him from his twin.

 There is not official extended family yet, so all of the kids intendeds are invited over for Family Sunday.  Hilda Schuzenjager is invited accidently as well.

 It didn't stop Heidi from getting her first kiss with Rowan.  Her face in the background I don't remember see when the picture was taking, but is completely priceless.

 Double beds become highly valuable with all the couples together in one spot.  The house has two, in the same room.  Kapri and Darcy Kirkendall snag one right away.

 Right across the room is the very uninhibited Kade with Carla Brooks.  Both couples end up taking their relationships to the next level... although Kade and Carla already had done that at her house.  Kade seems to finally be out of his funk.

 Once the two couples vacate their beds the next set settles in.  Rowan and Heidi Schuzenjager snag one of the beds and snuggle in.

 Across the way Ian Brooks takes his honey Haley to bed once again.  Again, both sets of couples end up taking their relationships to the next level.

 The final couple, Ariana Rosada and Boone hop in and out of bed a couple of times, but eventually they also succumb to the seduction of the double bed.

 Haley actually has a large attraction on Darcy, Kapri's boyfriend.  They have a water balloon fight out back.  Nothing further happens, but if she and Ian ever have a falling out it's likely she'll turn to him.

With the end of summer brings the end of Haley's time in this house.  She heads out to college with only Rowan being awake and able to wave her farewell. She will join Ian and Rufus at the end of this round.


  1. Heh yeah, musical beds! Nice to see all these characters again! Glad you got your laptop fixed.

    1. ME TOO. I never really think about having it, until I suddenly don't anymore. Plus, I missed my sims. :) Glad you enjoyed.

  2. That hula trying to give some comfort was a fun Picture!

    1. Every once in awhile I take a picture and then I notice something really fun about it when I go to blog. That was one of those times. It was the perfect angle for that. :)