Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busto 1

Year 17-21 (Summer) - Summoned Family!

Busto Family:
Tina Miller - Female Adult - Fortune - Become Business Tycoon - Scorpio
Rufus Busto - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 Dream Dates - Scorpio
Antonio Busto - Male Toddler - Virgo

Last Round: Howie and Tina got married in a tiny ceremony before she gave birth to their son Antonio.  Right after Howie helped Antonio become a toddler the grim reaper came for him.  Everyone was very sad, and the dogs had two puppies named Kevin and Jackie.  Rufus and Temperance Kirkendall and Charles Profitt hooked up with Hedwig, who left for university.

 Rufus is a good big half-brother and helps Tina out by starting the potty training for Antonio.

Rufus and Tina get along well.  They enjoy throwing around the football once in awhile, and Tina really appreciates his help, and the conversation of someone other than a toddler.

 Like all teens, however, Rufus wanted a cell phone so out he went to buy one.

 He talks for awhile with the cute cashier girl, however, Rufus's heart is pretty sure it knows who he wants.  He just has to wait for her 50 1st dates to finish up so they can start on his dream dates.

 Unfortunately, maybe due to his distraction, Rufus set the kitchen on fire.  It was put out without too many problems.

 Rufus continues to help out with Antonio and now teaches him to walk.  Antonio is a smart little boy, but walking takes him awhile to learn.  Luckily Rufus is patient with him.

Everyone knows he is still around, even if they usually don't see Howie.  He watches over little Antonio and makes sure he's well taken care of.

 To Tina's delight, Antonio's first word is "mama."  She is a pretty good mom, even though Rufus seems to take care of him a lot.  It's hard for Tina, working and taking care of the baby.

 Howie does make himself know though, from time to time.  Rufus is the first to see him this round.

 Antonio is a happy baby, even if his daddy is no longer alive.  The dogs like Antonio too.  They get really interested when he starts dancing.

 Like most ghosts, Howie isn't very nice and scares Tina while she was trying to sleep.

So she spends some time reading to Antonio and tries to get some more sleep a little later.

 Rufus sometimes misses his big sister.  They used to paint together all the time.  They've left Hedwig's painting up for now.

 Tina spends some time with the dogs and works to get them to mate again.  We are trying to fill up the puppy adoption pool for all these sims with pet wishes.

 Rufus is always very happy to see Temperance.  He really loves that girl and her adorable looks might help to temper his more sever looks into pretty cute offspring.  Plus her coloring will add some variety to the Busto's.

 It's time for Antonio to grow up into a child.  His toddler years have been successful and he's quite a happy boy.  A party is thrown and there are only a few well known faces.

 To the cake we go and with some help from mom Antonio blows out his candles.

There is no doubt that Antonio is a Busto.  His checks actually puffed out some more, much like his late father's did.  He's not a bad looking boy though.

 Temperance has a love for the whole family and takes some time to swing around her likely further brother-in-law.  I really love her and think she will make a great addition to the family.

 Rufus works to train up Suzi, I believe this is teach her to speak.

 Temperance found money that doesn't really exist within their family to purchase a Karaoke machine for the Busto's.  It must have been some birthday party.

 Suzi has another litter of puppies.  This time they were named Madonna, Bobby, Yes, and Alan. They were all placed into the adoption pool.

 Saturday, in typical fashion, they spend at the lake.  The brothers are getting even closer and spend some time throwing the football around together. Hilda Schurzenjager watches on.

 Later on Rufus tests out some new material he's been working on and gets some tips.

Back at home, dog training is in full force. Antonio is old enough to start helping out and enjoys teaching Jake to roll over.

 Family Sunday arrives and we have family to summon!  Hedwig is brought from college and brings along her intended Charles Profitt.  They both arrive in their togas.

 The Sunday goes along very well.  Lots of dancing and some catching up between Rufus and Hedwig.  Rufus wants to pick his sister's brain before he leaves for uni himself.

 Charles and Hedwig spend plenty of time together though, and Rufus doesn't always like that.  They spend all their time together, but he doesn't dislike Charles.

Rufus decided to head back with his sister to the university and so off he goes, headed to his freshman year.  Tina will miss his help greatly, but at least Antonio is old enough to take care of himself a little more than before.  The nanny also will have a harder time trying to kill him.


  1. Ahhh I had paired up Charles and Hedwig as well. Yes I think Temperance will be a swell addition to this family. See how the genes work out!

    1. I'm excited. They should stay together though college, but ACR can be tricky sometimes. :) These guys are so much fun.

  2. The Busto family really looks special. Antonio looks like a hamster :)

    1. They are a special family indeed. Very interesting genes. Glad you came by.

  3. Since I had to reinstall sims 2 about a month ago, I've also started the Prosperity Fellowship, Howie married Corky Corcoran and they bred. Lots of hamsters. They had 5 sons and 1 daughter together.

    1. Oh boy, Corky's looks with Busto's looks would be an interesting combo. Glad you stopped by, and thanks for reading. :)