Tuesday, January 27, 2015

University: Part 2

Freshman Year

Boggs Hall Dorms

Boggs Hall Dorms
Maxwell Norwood - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Aquarius - Psychology Major
Shasta Norwood - Female Teen - Pleasure - Become Game Designer - Capricorn - Physics Major

Our final freshman house is the Norwood twins.  They ended up in a dorm together but without anyone else from the hood.  I did not get a picture of what they were wearing when they arrived, but these are the outfits and looks they have after a trip to the store.

Maxwell also wants 50 1st dates.  While at home he managed to get in 37 dates.  That should make this set of dates easy to achieve after the last dorms.  So off he goes getting 5 dates quickly.  That brings him to 42.

While Hans was over at some point, I don't know why he was there, he got yelled at by a teacher.  Kind of funny to see a resident get yelled at.

Shasta and Maxwell meet a girl in a blazer and decide to try and make friends.  Neither of them is particularly attracted to her.  (Shasta is gay and hasn't found any girls she has more than 1 bolt of attraction for yet.)  Still she's nice and they are wanting friends too.

Back at the dorms they meet another nice girl.  She doesn't hold any special interest other than friendship either.

After some nice distractions it's time to get back to dating for Maxwell.  Dates 43 and 44 show up and Maxwell has a quick date and says good-bye.

Shasta doesn't have much of a green thumb, and doesn't have a particular interest in nature, but the overgrown bushes still need attention and she willingly takes care of them.

Maxwell can't help because he's on date 45 and it's the dance hobby lady.  No major sparks here.

Since she is here, Shasta decides to try her luck at finding a date with the gypsy lady.  She gets a woman who doesn't hold much interest for her, but they have a decent time.

Until someone got struck by lightening.  I'm not even sure who it ended up being.

Maxwell took back over the gypsy lady to pick up the last date he needed.  There are only four pictures, but his count is 50, so I must have missed one somewhere. :)

His new LTW is to have 50 Dream Dates.  Maxwell is a dating sim, everything revolves around dates with him.  Hopefully we can find him a girl he can start dream dating with.  Shasta is still on her search and meets another blazer member.

Maxwell gives a kiss to the girl he and Shasta played hacky sack with, although there isn't any serious attraction.  Maxwell does have a girl in mind, but wanted to get the 1st dates out of the way before pursuing anything.

The twins are well on their way to the secret society and have straight A's so far.  It seems like university has been good to the Fellowship One teens.  Now we move on to the Junior Year students.

Junior Year
Romara Dorms
Romara Dormitory:
Miles Upton - Male Young Adult - Family - Become Captain Hero - Leo - Biology Major
Amethyst Rosada - Female Young Adult - Fortune - Earn $100,000 - Aquarius - Biology Major
Aquamarine Rosada - Female Young Adult - Family - Have 6 Grandchildren - Gemini - Biology Major 
Esmond Kirkendall - Male Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Prestidigitator - Sagittarius - Drama Major 
Bruce Norwood - Male Young Adult - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - Gemini - Biology Major

Our first stop will be the Roma dorm, which is the only dorm with student left, and the only dorm that holds Juniors.  The rest are in Kappa Kappa.  The blue twins, Amethyst and Aquamarine are in these dorms with their intendeds as well as Esmond.  To begin the year they all study up their needed skills.

Esmond throws a ball around with Aquamarine and they have a good time.  Esmond was the odd man out most of the freshman and sophomore year, but has started to make good friends.

The boys sit together with another dorm mate and hang out a bit over a meal.  The chef in this house is pretty good and typically makes very hearty meals.

One of the twins got struck by lightening while trying to clean up outside.  She was totally fine, but it didn't make few an interesting few hours while she got herself cleaned up.

In an attempt to be just a little bit more what Amethyst wants Bruce changed up his hair.  It didn't do much, but she had been eyeing a dorm mate for awhile and Bruce doesn't want to lose her.  Technically he's more attracted to her sister, but she is very much in love in Miles.

There wasn't much happening at this dorm during Junior year.  All the kids made straight A's, and Amethyst did get into the Kappa Kappa house finally, but I missed the picture of that.

Kappa Kappa Greek House

Kappa Kappa Greek House:
Hedwig Busto - Female Young Adult - Popularity - Become General - Gemini - Political Science Major
James Jenkins - Male Young Adult - Romance - Woohoo 20 Different Sims - Aquarius - Philosophy Major
Hans Schuzenjager - Male Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Head of SCIA - Libra - Psychology Major
Chloe Gonzaga - Female Young Adult - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary - Cancer - Psychology Major 
Risto Cooprider - Male Young Adult - Fortune - Become Chief of Staff - Leo - Biology Major 
Charles Profitt - Male Young Adult - Popularity - Become Rock God - Aries - Literature Major 
Donatella Roma - Female Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Mad Scientist - Leo - Mathematics Major

When we enter the Greek house we see lots and lots of studying going on.  This house is always full of people and the kids are all very solid as couples.

Temperance stops by and gets to know James.  She is happy with Rufus, I think, but does find James very attractive.  Donatella knows just what type of damage James can do to a relationship so she keeps an eye on them.

Michaell also comes over and visits with her older brother.  This dinning room tables gets a LOT of use.  No one is on a really consistent schedule, but meal times it fills up quickly usually.

All of the residents as well as Temperance go out on a beautiful day to play a little MyShuno.  This is a popular activity in the greek house.  Someone is almost always out there wanting to play.

Suddenly I hear "we're in love" music and went to check it out.  Amethyst and James were found in his room doing this.  Shortly after they had a little fun.  I guess Bruce was right to be worried.  He's not at the house right now, so he doesn't know about it.

The secret society limo pulls up outside and I follow the guy in to see who is getting picked up.  I should have known Hedwig would be the one.  She is very sociable and has been working on her friends list a lot.

Off she goes to the secret society lot and gets her own blazer.  The other members welcome her warmly, and she decides not to stay too long.  It's been a lot day.

Once you get that first one in, the rest usually follow along pretty quickly.  Charles gets in next and is also welcomed warmly.  He didn't spend might time there either.

I decided to try and bring over all of the Fellowship One kid who are in uni currently and just let them all hang out for awhile.  It's quite a group and MyShuno is, of course, a big hit!

Then, the thing I had been somewhat trying to keep from happening did.  I had been breaking my own, not interfering much, rule so I decided to let it happen and see where it goes from here.  James is HIGHLY infatuated with Amethyst and so they did a classic dance right in front of Bruce.  He came over and slapped her a bit but did stay around.

Risto got picked up that night in the black limo to go get his blazer.  From here on in each night will probably see someone get brought in.

Another day of all of the Fellowship One kids hanging out at the greek house, and Rufus and Haley fall in love this time.  Temperance is on the lot, but doesn't seem to care, and the same can be said of Ian Brooks.  When this group moves in it should be interesting.

Everything is going well for awhile, my juniors are slowly becoming seniors and suddenly everyone is watching a fight.  It's the cow and the cheerleader, and of course the cheerleader won.

This house is now typically filled with as many non-residents as it is residents, although most of these kids are also members so they pop in all the time.

Slowly all the relationships are building up and two of the kids who had not made it into the Greek House at their own dorms are invited in.  I couldn't keep track of who was there and who needed to go to class when.  Luckily they all did well on their own.

Our last secret society inductee was Han's intended Chloe.  She doesn't have a lot of friends yet, but she's friends with almost everyone in Kappa Kappa and that was enough.

Junior year for everyone is done and senior year is next.  I'm going to stay at Kappa Kappa and let these guys graduate and bring in the others as I can.  Esmond has already moved in and taken over the final place in the house.

So far this round, from the juniors, nine of them have become big sims on campus, and four of them got into the secret society.  Two or three sims have become additions to Kappa Kappa and everyone has a 4.0.  We'll see what senior year and sophomore year brings for these kids.


  1. Amazing that you succeed in getting them to be BSoC AND getting high grades! I'm impressed! :)

    1. The grades thing was actually really easy this round. They all hung out at the prior dorms that most of their grade levels were already high. Most of the kids moving in will have the same benefits. :) BSoC I have figured out how to do it's rare I don't have someone with 12 or more friends. The trick is to call 3 people a day or every other day. You call either the last or last 2 in your friends list who have the lowest lifetime score, and then call the next person (or next 2 if you only did the last friend) who is closest to being a friend. It keeps the relationships of your friends up and after a couple of days you usually have a new friend. :) Thanks for reading.

  2. I really love how you play University. Your sims seem to have fun, and yet still get good grades. I'm kind of a slave driver when it comes to skilling and studying. ;). Anyway, Myshuno is something I've hardly ever used. I may have to have my sims try playing it again.

    I also love the tips you gave for making friends in your last comment. I'll have to try that.

    I'm enjoying reading your updates! :)

    1. Thanks for reading. :) In this hood I try and be mostly hands off, although I fail all the time at that. :) I don't usually worry too much about skills (unless they need them for that semester). They have time as adults to get the last few skills they might need.

      I had never played MyShuno (or rather had my sims play with it) but I put it on Kappa Kappa's lot because I thought with all the parties and greek house events it might be fun. I was right it keeps them quite happy. That and the RC car are used a TON.

      Oh glad the friend tip helped. I always used to feel it was hard to make/keep friends, but once I figured out you can pretty much ignore your high relationship score friends until they get lower it was way easier. I'm better at it over in Breeze Point, since I try and stay somewhat hands off in this hood, but it still works. :)