Tuesday, October 13, 2015

University: Part 3

Senior Year

Kappa Kappa Greek House

Kappa Kappa Greek House:
Hedwig Busto - Female Young Adult - Popularity - Become General - Gemini - Political Science Major
James Jenkins - Male Young Adult - Romance - Woohoo 20 Different Sims - Aquarius - Philosophy Major
Hans Schuzenjager - Male Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Head of SCIA - Libra - Psychology Major
Chloe Gonzaga - Female Young Adult - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary - Cancer - Psychology Major 
Risto Cooprider - Male Young Adult - Fortune - Become Chief of Staff - Leo - Biology Major 
Charles Profitt - Male Young Adult - Popularity - Become Rock God - Aries - Literature Major 
Donatella Roma - Female Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Mad Scientist - Leo - Mathematics Major
Esmond Kirkendall - Male Young Adult - Knowledge - Become Prestidigitator - Sagittarius - Drama Major

Last Time: It has been so long I needed the refresher and figured you might as well. The kids of Kappa Kappa hung out studying and getting to know the younger kids from Fellowship One. The couples all seemed solid and there wasn't much drama in the house, but James did start woohooing with Amethyst, which eventually Bruce found out above and caused some issues.  The kids got into the secret society, and then Rufus and Haley fell in love, but their respective partners didn't mind. Esmond took over the final spot in the dorm.

We start the round much as it ended.  The Fellowship One kids all hanging out at the greek house either trying to get in, or already members just not able to move in yet.  Temperance and Rufus spend most of their time doing this.

Esmond still hoping for a love in college calls the gypsy and gets a date, but nothing special is happening here.  It seems he is bound to have an adult, which is fine.

There is quite a bit of studying that gets done, and lots of it is done by non-members who are just here to hang out a bit. By the time these kids move to the greek house, or when we join them in their own dorms their grades will be on top.

Esmond quickly gets into the secret society after making friends with the kids in Kappa Kappa.  He is happy to have been accepted.

Hans gets to be best friends with someone, although I don't fully remember who.  Since he's the only one showing the icon it's hard to tell, but all of the Fellowship One kids are getting to know each other pretty well.

With this being a mostly hands off hood there are times when the kids are all feeling like they are starving.  Although someone is almost always heading off to pick up pizza and the freezer is stocked.  They wait until the last minute to eat.  Guess college life keeps you too busy to eat in the Sims.

The kids still often eat together, either as roommates, or with anyone who happens to be visiting.  They may not always see each other any other time, but meal times are a big deal for these "starving" college kids.

The meals are a great time to work on their friendships however, and many friendships are strengthened through these shared meal times.  It's a good thing they all get along and do this on their own.

With all of the friends he was making it was easy for James to get accepted into the secret society next.  I'm sure he would gladly get to know all the girls in this picture better.

Which he took the time to start doing as soon as his induction was completed.

This one seemed particularly susceptible to his charms, so he stayed a little longer to try and cement her friendship.

He managed to get a make out session with her in before leaving as well as the popular pillow fight.

There was so really nice weather at the college and the kids took the opportunity to eat outside at their nice large patio table.  There are probably a whole set of kids at the main dinning room table too.

James greats Temperance with a bit more enthusiasm then she probably expected, but she didn't seem to mind.

Next up to the secret society was Donatella.  A few of the kids may not make it in by the time they graduate, but these kids should all be set.

When the coach comes over to yell at her Donatella manages to get fit, not that she was super out of shape before, but works out hard to keep the coach from coming back.

Besides, she had to fit into her nice dress.  Risto was taking her out for a special evening.

They went to a nice restaurant and made some toasts, or just celebrated almost being done with college.

Risto was very sweet feeding her some of his dinner....

before sliding over a fairly large "little" black box.  Donatella was surprised, although she always assumed it would happen eventually.

It took her no time to give her answer and slide the ring on her finger.  Anyone who has ever played these guys knows, they are just meant to be.

Dinner was followed by some celebratory dancing, and they held each other close.

Back at the dorm Hans becomes the newest member allowed into the SS.  He gets his jacket.

Charles and Hedwig head out to one of the parks near campus.  They got all dressed up to have a little fun.

They took some photos in the photo booth.

And then Charles proposed.  Neither of them has any desires, or aspirations that should make this a non-happy moment, but both seem to kind of regret the decision as soon as it's official.

There are always so many people at the greek house it's hard to keep track of everyone.  They frequently have the other kids from Fellowship One come by and hang out.  Hopefully they will all take over once these guys ar gone.

There is still plenty of studying that goes on in the home as well.  The main living area is pretty large, and mostly open to allow people to dance, exercise, play darts, watch tv, study or whatever else they might want to do.

Esmond decides to give the gypsy matchmaker another shot and meets this guy.  I do not remember his name, but he is an adult, so Esmond will likely wait until out of Uni before finding love.  However, behind him you can see a lovely few of the greek house from the outside.  I think it's really pretty.

Chloe and Hans get dressed up and head into town.  My thought was to get them engaged until I realized they already were and had been for quite a while.  So instead they just enjoy some time together away from campus.

Bruce and Amethyst are doing well, after some of that drama with James.  They are hanging out at the greek house and will be moving in as soon as there is room.

James is working on having some additional loves before he leaves uni.  Here he is crushing on one of the secret society members. You can see the crowd of other kids in the background enjoying the nice day.

Shasta Norwood and someone get into a fight.  I don't remember who she fought with and even who one.  He brother Maxwell seems to try and desperatly ignore what is going on.

Bruce finally is back in love with his intended and I hope they stay solid from her on out.  With Amethyst swooning over James while Bruce falls in love with her again we'll have to see.  James is almost out of the greek house so hopefully that will help.

The start of graduations is finally here and everyone did really well.  I think all students graduated at the top of their class.  First to leave is Hedwig.  She looks SO happy to be done.

 All the family shows up to congratulate Hedwig on her success in university.

Rufus and Charles don't get along so well though, and soon shoving and pushing ensues.

Before long an entire fight breaks out between the two.  It's a good thing they will only see each other on family Sunday's.  This is going to cause some drama back home I'm sure.

The rest of the students are also graduating and their friends and families all show up.  There are a lot of families starting to interweave in this hood, so family gatherings will start to get complicated.

 All of the students who graduated posing for the camera.  Yes, James and Donatella decided to not wear their cap and gowns for the party.

The graduation party is very successful and with the end most of the students head back to Fellowship One to start the rest of their lives.

I say most because a couple of students stayed to help the new batch of students get a start on making friends to get into the secret society.  All of the rest of the seniors moved into the house. Here is Bruce getting his new blazer.

There is still a lot of studying that gets done.  Miles, Bruce and the blue sisters are currently sharing the house as the last of the seniors.  They will get enough of the sophomores ready so they can take over when these 4 are done.

Without James around Amethyst doesn't have any problem getting back in the swing of things with Bruce.  This makes him happy.

Esmond is still here, and is enjoying the company of the date he got last from the gypsy.  He is an adult who I can't remember the name of, but they are hitting it off well.

Charles is one of the students who stuck around, and apparently is going to help by setting the whole place on fire.

With Miles getting into the secret society there should be nothing that stops the sisters from getting in now so the rest of the students head back to town, wishing this group well.

Aquamarine did move in as well, even though she hasn't been shown.  Her and Miles are doing well, and talk about being best of friends.

With graduation quickly approaching it seemed that everything started to fall apart for our seniors.  First Bruce set the kitchen on fire.

Then fights started breaking out between the cow and Bruce.  Amethyst watched in horror.

Then Amethyst started feeling really sick, and realized why shortly there after.  She got pregnant.  Luckily she graduates soon, but with all the drama neither of the sisters ever made it into the SS.

 So a big graduation party was thrown and all the families were invited.

Soon more drama started to take place.  Maxwell, here to see his brother graduate had something happen and he is suddenly in love with his fathers lover.  She also happens to be in love with him.

Maxwell has to be really messed up about his life up to this point because right after that he falls in love with one of his future sister-in-laws sisters, Danielle.  She, I believe, was only crushing on him.

But soon a make out session occurs.  She is a romance sim so she is all for it.

Hans had come over for the party, as a friend, and before the party is done Miles finds his love, Aquamarine, in bed with Miles.  Chloe, Miles' fiance was not at the party, but they had always been so strong as a couple I never expected this and neither did Miles.

Thus ends the set of Seniors coming through college from Fellowship one.  Currently there are only 3 inhabitants of Kappa Kappa, Temperance, Rufus and Ian have all moved in.  Ian's intended will be joining them soon, and they will all go through sophomore year together.


  1. You're making me miss the Fellowship Families. Great update full of drama.

    1. The fellowship families are fun. This round in uni has been crazy. I've got part of the final round played, but have been taking a break to play wishes. There is only so much university I can play through all at once, and there were a LOT of kids. Thanks for reading.

  2. I've never played the fellowship families but I've read lots about them!
    It's so good to see you playing (and updating!) again.
    There are lots of kids in college but how nice when a whole batch graduates such an action packed time.

    1. It will be very nice to trim down the houses to play to only a few. The fellowship families are fun, but they did start with a lot of kids. It's good to be playing and blogging again. Thanks for coming back and reading/commenting. :)

  3. College drama - you just have to love it!
    Congratulations on all the engagements, even if one was already done ;)
    Good thing the baby will be born in the hood.
    And finally - how do you manage to have more than one student at a time in graduation outfit?

    1. Yes, and the drama is just beginning. The last part of this round has really gone crazy, I'm excited to get to blog it when I'm done. I'm glad the baby happened right at the end so she could go home and have the baby there. As far as all the students, I decided to try and experiment and had them all throw a graduation party at the same time. Most everyone did and so they all changed for their party.

  4. HI just read the fellowship from the beginning, in one of your comments you put the link to Breeze Point, I thought I put it on my favourites I didn't. And I would love to read it from the beginning again. I like going back over blogs I have read. I might do the fellowship again as I lost mine a about a year ago when my pc got a virus and I couldn't back anything up. Cheers.

    1. I'm glad to have you reading and commenting. Yes, I haven't updated either here or Breeze Point in awhile, but I am still playing. Blog updates will begin again, although I am currently doing the Prosperity Challenge with the group that goes until about March. I also take a break in these hoods to play a megahood as well. I love my sims but like to switch it up sometimes. :) Thanks for reading!