Friday, February 10, 2017

University: Part 4

Sophomore Year

Kappa Kappa Greek House

Kappa Kappa Greek House:
Rufus Busto - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 Dream Dates - Scorpio - Art Major
Temperance Kirkendall - Female Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Gemini - Art Major

Haley Brandt - Female Teen - Fortune - Have 6 Pets Reach the Top of Career - Sagittarius - Math Major
Ian Brooks - Male Teen - Popularity - Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends - Aries - Drama Major

Last Time: These kids were all living in a dorm as well as Haley Brandt, Ian Brooks' intended.  They all got into the Greek House, Kappa Kappa, and took over the house when the seniors all moved out.  Other than that they hung out with each other and got good grades.

We are going to stay with the Kappa Kappa greek house and move right into the newest set of students to take over the house. Rufus, Ian, and Temperance have all moved into the Greek House.  Haley is going to spend one last semester in the dorm to get her finalized as a member of the Greek house and then she will move in as well.

Right away we discover this is not going to be an ordinary university round.  Rufus and Temperance are the intended couple, and then Ian and Haley.  However, upon move in Ian makes a move on Temperance and the two fall quickly into a crush and right into love.  A quick check shows that Ian has more attraction to Temperance than to Haley, and the same is true for Rufus.

The next multiple hours are spent with these two men taking turns flirting and serenading Temperance. She is, of course, lapping up all the attention.  So far, due to ACR, no one is getting jealous.  I am curious what will happen when we add Haley back into this mix.

Next thing I know Temperance and Ian are jumping into bed together to consummate this new love.  Still, everything seems fine with this little threesome.  A decision is made right here to have these four, provided Haley doesn't come in and everything gets messy, will move into one big house together.  They seem perfectly happy swapping back and forth, so let's go for it. 

Suddenly, one morning, Rufus sees Ian flirty with Temperance and apparently has decided that enough is enough.  He is now furious with both Temperance and Ian. Hmmm....something hit Rufus' last nerve, maybe the foursome won't work after all.  Time will tell. 

Jumping quickly back to Haley who is currently still in the dorm, some of the previous greek house members were still hanging around, below is James now an adult.  It won't be a shock to anyone who knows James that he is talking up a dorm girl. 

Haley tries to fill her time alone at the dorm by getting to know the other students.  She has no idea of the drama unfolding just down the street. 

Haley loves Games, even though it's not her main hobby, and she spends a ton of time playing on the computer in her dorm room. 

Preparing to leave she has one last meal cooked by the dorm chef, spends some final time socializing, telling all her friends to stop by the greek house when they can. Now we get to find out how the other three react.  Especially Haley, who is completely in love with Ian. 

Upon coming back to the greek house we find Temperance and Ian back in bed with each other.  This doesn't seem to bother Haley at all.  Interesting group these 4 are.  The plan is still to move them all in together.  I think it should be fun.

Haley picks up on the "rules" or lack thereof in this house regarding partners and is attracted enough to Rufus to hop into bed with him.  They quickly take things to the next level and are now in love.  Everyone, other than Rufus who is getting over being mad, is pretty much in love with everyone else.  This could get interesting. 

To help clear the air with Rufus the gang sits down and hangs out.  The mascot is also there, so they talk about very normal things, like moving.  Rufus is almost friends with Temperance and Ian again.  I wonder if he'll go back after Temperance now that he has Haley. 

The group, sometimes by force, eats together frequently.  I do try and stay somewhat hands off, as the unfolding relationship should indicate, but sometimes I still direct.  The mascot hangs out here a lot now. 

Ian takes some time away from Temperance to splash in a puddle.  The kids are all still studying and doing well with their classes.  I didn't end up taking pictures of them studying, but it is still happening. 

The girls take some time together to just talk and hang out a bit on their own.  Neither of them were really friends before all this started, but now they are likely to be part of one big, hopefully happy, family. 

And there we leave the drama of the greek house.  Next time we are back at university we will see how things progress with this group.  Currently, Rufus is almost done being mad, and I believe he's friends with both of them again.  Any autonomous interactions currently take place between Ian and Temperance, or Haley and Rufus. Technically Rufus finds Temperance more attractive, so after the anger has gone I am interested to see what happens.

I know it has been far too long since I have played, and I hope at least some of you will come back and follow as I am able to tell more stories.  There are two more houses to get through before we are done with uni for another round, but I will post those separately.



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    1. Thanks, it's nice to be playing/writing again.

  2. Welcome back, hope you have missed all your sims, while RL has kept you busy.

    1. Thanks for reading. I have missed all my simmies so it's good to be back to them.

  3. Lovely to see you back! A foursome house sounds like a great idea, at least entertaining :)

    1. These guys were highly entertaining. I really enjoyed playing them. I hope they offer fun for many rounds to come. Thanks for coming back and reading.

  4. So great to see you back. I'm slowly catching up with your Sims. :)

    1. Thanks, it's good to be playing again. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the rest.