Saturday, February 11, 2017

University: Part 5

Sophomore Year

Boggs Hall Dorms

Boggs Hall Dorms
Maxwell Norwood - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Aquarius - Psychology Major
Shasta Norwood - Female Teen - Pleasure - Become Game Designer - Capricorn - Physics Major

Last Time: It has been awhile since we have seen the twins.  Last time they came for their freshman year of university.  Maxwell was on a dating spree and he ended up achieving his LTW of having 50 1st dates.  His new LTW is to have 50 dream dates.

After the dating spree Maxwell was on last time around it feels like this should be a piece of cake.  After checking my notes, and the information in the game, since it's been so long since I played, I discover that Maxwell has a girl he is very attracted to (2-bolts.)  They are almost friends and he invites her over for a date.

I send Shasta, who still hasn't found anyone, to see if anyone currently at the dorm is hot.  She indicates that the girl in the jacket is very hot.  There are no bolts showing, and this is a girl she initially showed no interest in, but now is rolling up wants for her.  I use ACR to make her bi so we can see where this may go.  Still only one bolt of attraction.  Maybe she isn't for her.

So while Maxwell dates Cara, I send Shasta to the coffee shop.  She meets every girl that comes onsite.  No one has more than a single bolt of attraction.  This red head makes fast friends with her, however, so maybe there is something.

In the coffee shop, the red head flirts and nuzzles.  She leaves, and Shasta wishes for nothing more concerning her.  Every wish goes back to the red head we left at the dorms.  All right, if that's who she wants, that's fine.

Maxwell's date is going very well, they are best friends and crushing on each other by the end.  It's a dream date and Maxwell gets his first one under his belt.  I think she will be a fun addition.  I didn't realize until later she is romance, but he is pleasure so that should work out fine.

Back to Shasta, who is suffering a cold, she hangs out with some of the ladies at the dorm watching TV and chatting.  She really is very social.

While browsing Films and Lit, Maxwell gets invited to their secret lot.  This is his predestined hobby, so it's exciting to see him excel.

Shasta finally gets her wish and nabs a date with the redhead, who's name is Lucy Boyle.  Lucy crushes quickly on Shasta, and Shasta starts throwing wishes to fall in love with one of the vacation townies.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND SHASTA!!!!

Shasta realizes she is likely to need a Body skill for next semester and so she and Maxwell head to the gym. I do use the community lot skilling hack in this hood.  It just makes sense to me....why else have a gym on campus? Both Maxwell and Shasta swim and lift weights until they each get a point.

Shasta, unfortunately, following a soak in the hot tub gets approached and pickpocketed by this dastardly gentleman.  I let it happen.  She was upset, but perhaps she will eventually learn.

Maxwell and Shasta were so into their perspective lovers that I discovered you CAN actually move new sims into the dorms.  So both Cara and Lucy are moved in.  It's the second semester of sophomore year when we add two new sims.  Below is Lucy Boyle, after a makeover.  I think she is very pretty.  She is also a romance sim, like Cara, but Shasta is also a pleasure sim, so it should be fine.

Here we get to see Cara Lum after her makeover.  She is also very pretty I think and could be fun for Maxwell.  Both girls are Libra's and both want to be Hall of Famers.  It's like their twins, and since Maxwell and Shasta are twins....WHY NOT?!

After getting settled in Maxwell and Cara soon are in love with each other.  It's about now that I start getting a little controlling.  No one could seem to take care of themselves.  They were either dirty, ready to wet themselves, or starving to death.

The new girls share a meal with each other to try and become friends.  They will see a lot of each other over the next many years. Luckily Lucy maintained her Secret Society membership, so hopefully, they can all get in soon.

Early one morning Shasta and Lucy also fall in love.  Shasta still wants to fall in love with the vacation townie as well at times, but she seems happy.  I think she secretly wants to be romance like Lucy.

Lucy decides to ask about getting into the Greek House, and so the current members all arrive.  It does take Lucy two times to get in because she had to go to class right in the middle, but Cara took this time to build up relationships with them as well.  Next time she will join.

Maxwell was already friends with Lucy from hanging out with her before so one morning they share breakfast together.  Lucy is technically bi, and she is attracted a little to Maxwell.  He is straight, but with a romance sim as his intended.  I think it's possible this family could get a bit complicated as well, but so far everything remains pleasant.

Both Shasta and Maxwell finish the Sophomore year with 4.0's and when we return Cara and Lucy with finish their first semester of Freshman year.  They are a little behind, but it shouldn't be too hard to catch them up.  I know I said in the last post I would post this house and the next together, but enough happened I'm going to let this post stand on its own.  I'm not sure when I will get to finish the final university house, but I hope it will be soon.

It's been such a happy experience to come back to these sims after so long, and while I enjoy these guys I'm even more excited to get back to Breeze Point.  I haven't played there in over 4 years I believe and I really miss those guys.  I hope you will stick with me as I start to pick up playing again, and thanks for reading!!!


  1. two updates in one day, glad you have got you simming vibe going.

    1. Thanks peachy, me too. I have missed my sims. Part of the last blog was played a long time ago, I just had never finished the house. Only one more house to go in this hood and the round that has lasted for years will be over. :)

  2. The new girls look terrific and also this lot shows some entertainment potential :)

    1. There is so much going on in these uni houses anymore. ACR is having a lot of fun with the hood. :)

  3. I am enjoying seeing the Fellowship peeps again. :).

    1. I enjoyed playing them again. I'm happy to do be done with university for another round though. Thanks for reading!