Friday, February 17, 2017

University: Part 6

Sophomore Year
Mille House Dorms

Mille House Dorms:
Craig Profitt - Male Teen - Fortune - Become the Law - Libra - Political Science Major
Ryan Potts - Male Teen - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates - Virgo - Art Major
Michaell Cooprider - Female Teen - Knowledge - Become Criminal Mastermind - Aries - Mathematics Major

Last Time: The kids were living in the Lam Plaza Dorms.  Ryan reached his LTW to have 50 first dates and now wants to be a chef. Michaell and Craig managed to get into the Kappa Kappa Greek house. 

The kids moved out of the Lam Plaza dorms and into the Millie House Dorms instead.  There are more kids that can live her and with at least two of the three still looking for love we might need the room.

The kids all head to the park on campus to spend some time greeting kids and seeing if they can find anyone with attraction levels higher than one bolt.  So far Michaell has only 1-bolt potentials, and the only 2-bolter for Ryan is a romance sim.  So off they go to the park, greeting everyone, and no interests appeared.

So on another day we head out to the coffee shop and start the search all over again.  There are tons of girls here today, and while we have met some we haven't met others.  Ryan looks and looks and sees no one.  So he sits down and starts to write in his journal.

Suddenly the cheerleader comes to the coffee shop.  She is 2-bolts hot.  It appears we have finally met Ryan's love interest.

But not only Ryan's love, Michaell has FINALLY found a boy she has more than one bolt of attraction for.  This boy holds two bolts of attraction and we will take it!

Back at the dorms, with Craig having no luck finding anyone else that comes close, we give into the 3-bolt love and invited Alexandria Potts over for a date.  He greets her with a big kiss.  Craig has missed her.

About a second after the kiss, they are in crush-love.  They fell in love at the same time as reaching crush status. It seems clear they are the ones meant to be.

Ryan invites Debbie back over and he is soon crushing on her.  We find out she is yet ANOTHER romance sim.  Seems like we've had a rash of these lately.  We may or may not keep her as a romance if Ryan wants to keep her.

The kids do still skill, go to class and talk on the phone.  So far they all have perfect grades and need to skill very little.

Craig needed a body skill and so we went to the gym.  In Fellowship One you can skill on community lots.  Craig gets his skill and goes home sweaty and stinky.

After a couple of dates, we have a new resident of the dorms.  It's Michaell's love Sabastian. He is a knowledge sim just like Michaell.  He wants to become the hand of Poseidon one day.  I like him after a new look.

The two soon fall in love, and Craig is there to congratulate her on falling in love.  He recently fell in love and is happy his friends get to share in the wonderfulness of it.

Ryan tries his hand at getting into the Kappa Kappa house, and in the back, Michaell and Sabastian cuddle under the clouds....all on their own.  They are very sweet.  Ryan doesn't make it this turn because somehow, without me realizing it, he lost 2 points with one person.  He does make it the next time.

Ryan invites Debbie to move into the dorms, and she accepts.  Her new makeover shows how very pretty she really is.  It was time to move on from the pigtails.  She is a romance sim but wants to become a professional party guest.  I may let her stay romance or may reroll her, we will see.

Soon the two are in love and dancing in the main room of the dorm.  The two couples fell easily in love after finally finding one another.  I think all three will be happy with their choices.

The kids are starting to get to know the kids in their new dorm.  Bowls of Mac and Cheese, which matches the very yellow kitchen, makes a good meal to talk with other over.

During the round, Michaell became a big sim on campus and Craig is only one friend away.  He and Ryan had a bit of a falling out early in the round, but they are almost friends now. So far no secret society memberships here, but I am sure we aren't far off.


  1. def on a roll, nice to see another update. Hope rl doesn't get in your way too much.

    1. Well I used to have a job that I could play all the time so I would burn myself out occasionally. Now, I have new job, but my roommate has an MMO game night Friday nights with friends, so that's become my sim night. Any other night I'll just play I hope it will keep me going. :) I also really wanted to wrap up this round. Thanks for reading.

  2. Phew, a lot of uni, really! It will be nice to see the comeback of the main hood(s)

    1. There were SO MANY kids in uni in this hood. Next round isn't much better. Partially why it took me YEARS to get through it. Thanks for reading.

  3. I too have the hack were Sims Can skill off their home lot. Simply makes sense to me. Glad to see Ryan and Craig again!

    1. I agree. I think it's silly they can't sim on community lots. I leave it out for Breeze Point and Clovercrest since they are "pure" prosperity hoods, but for Fellowship One and Megalahood I let them have it. Thanks for reading!