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Brooks 1

Year 22-26 (Fall) - Outings, Outings Everywhere

Brooks Family:
Brennan Brooks - Male Adult - Popularity - Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends - Aquarius
Jill Fleig - Female Adult - Popularity - Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends - Leo
Carla Brooks - Female Teen - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - Aries
Dillon Brooks - Male Toddler - Sagittarius

Last Round: Jill gave birth to Dillon who eventually aged up to a toddler.  The dogs had a puppy named Yello, and the family continued to dance. Ian and Carla both found love interests in the Brandt kids, and Ian left for university.

Jill and Brennan are both still very much in love when we first open this lot.  ACR has them do things like this frequently.

Brennan is now also best friends with his youngest son Dillon.  Dillon was very happy because he wanted to be best friends with his dad.  Dillon had actually learned all his toddler skills before this round

Jill, who is also a popularity sim greets many of the passer-bys as they walk past.  (AN: I struggled to remember how much I controlled here and how much I didn't.  I know I tried not to micro-manage, but the needs were dropping like crazy, so I had to control more than I remember.  Hopefully, I'll find my balance again soon.)

In this house of people who love to dance it's not surprising that little Dillon discovers that he also loves to dance.  I think toddler dancing is adorable in this game. 

This family, autonomously, loves their dogs.  There is almost always at least one person who is interacting with or playing with one of the dogs on this lot.  They are very loved members of the family.

Some days just require a lounge on the couch.  I thought this picture was kind of funny since they both look almost bored with life since they only have one teen, who hasn't brought anyone home from school yet, and a toddler.  The house used to be filled.

Carla is still here, by the way, and plays chess outside with Jill.  She is typically taken care of the dogs or working up her skills.  She will leave for university this round and join her brother there for the next two years. 

Brennan and Jill both get invited for outings pretty frequently.  I don't accept all of the invites like I do in Megalahood, but I do decide to let them go from time to time.  So leaving Carla at home to babysit Dillon both Brennan and Jill head out.


Jill sees and hangs out with one of the Brandt boys.  I cannot remember which one is blonde at the moment, but it's Kade's brother. Brennan, on the other hand, decides to try his luck at the poker table.  The outing was only so-so.  (AN: I've been really successful with them in the past, but this round struggled with getting people to have fun on outings.)

This redhead, whom I think is named Gretchen, has stopped by again and decided to hang out with Dillon and his rabbit head.  Onyx is also keeping an eye on thing.

Dillon grew up to a child by himself in the kitchen.  It didn't bother him a bit, but the family felt bad he didn't get a party. (AN: I misread the age bar, thinking he had one more day, and then suddenly he grew up.) Dillon is a cute little kid and a nice mix of his parents.  One day he is going to be very handsome I think.

I am pretty sure the dance hobby lot lady has come to give Dillon his membership to the dance lot.  It might have been Brennan, but with as much as this family loves to dance it would surprise me if he didn't have it yet.  Dillon and his dad are busy playing a round of Red Hands while Otis watches.

Dillon also loves the family dogs and can be seen playing Razzle with one of them frequently.  Onyx has been a lot more tired lately, so Otis usually gets the most attention.

If the previous line worried don't, nothing is wrong with Onyx, she was just carrying puppies. Brennan instantly goes over and starts playing with one of them.  There is a boy puppy named Green, and a girl puppy name Laura.  Carla, who wants to raise the puppies is preparing to head to college, so the decision is made to put the puppies up for a adoption for now, and Carla can adopt them back once she is home.

Jill and Carla still talk over meals, typically breakfast and they have a very good relationship.  I think Jill joining the family was good for Carla, so she had another woman to talk to as she got older.

After discussing soup with the friend she brought home on her final day at home Carla gathers up her two scholarship (for dancing and grades) and heads off to university.  She will miss her dogs, but there will be plenty when she gets back.

Both Otis and Onyx seem interested in keeping an eye on Dillon and will sit and watch TV with him while he's trying to boost up his fun after school.

Otis is also present while Brennan teaches his son to study.  Carla left a single homework assignment on the floor before heading to uni, but it will just be thrown out at a later date.

Carla's school friend stops by and has grilled cheese with Dillon after his parents go to bed.  They have both struggled with eating and sleeping enough, instead they spent a lot of their time in bed with each other.

Dillon chooses to use Carla's old bed to jump on. Money is still a little tight and the extra beds of the house will likely be sold off soon, but they are doing much better than they used to be.

In fact, Brennan has earned a couple of promotions and gotten decent bonuses out of it.  He is starting to really feel like his life is going well right now.

Brennan gets asked on another couple of outings and goes to get himself and the rest of the family some warmer clothes for winter.  Although Jill and Dillon aren't terrible, this will give them a little something else they can wear.  He then also goes and gets some dinner with them.  During this outing, ACR decides to have Meadow share her first kiss with the guy in the tracksuit.

Dillon and his mother share a rather subdued breakfast late into the fall.  He will not be a child much longer, and it appears that there won't be any more children for this couple, as Jill and Brennan are nearing elderhood.

Sadly, right at the end of the week Brennan made a bad call on a chance card and was demoted.  Luckily he does not care about his job all that much and he wants to spend his time making friends.  We did not spend nearly enough time working on the friendships this round, but hopefully over the next few rounds that can change. Next week will see Brennan's oldest son Ian returning from college, although he will not be living here, Dillon will be the heir, and we will host a family Sunday.

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