Friday, May 25, 2018

Busto 1

Year 22-26 (Fall) - Goodbye Ghost

Busto Family:

Tina Miller - Female Adult - Fortune - Become Business Tycoon - Scorpio
Antonio Busto - Male Child - Virgo

Last Round: We had a lovely family Sunday, and Rufus and Antonio bonded as brothers.  Antonio grew up into a child and Rufus left for college.  The dogs bred some puppies that were put up for adoption.

Tina does try very hard to be a good mom to Antonio.  She spends some time having fun with him before bed by swinging him around. 

She then takes the time to train one of the dogs (AN: I cannot remember which dog this is) to play dead.  Since Rufus left it's a lot harder for her to get everything done.

But she will still always take care of her son.  She autonomously tucked Antonio into bed.  I still love it when parents do this with their sim kids.

Antonio is doing well in school and comes home with an A+ report card.  He also gets off the bus thinking about his mom.  That's so sweet!

We then enter a series of ghost scares by Howie.  Howie was very mean to his son scaring him multiple times throughout the night.  Antonio would go to take a shower and get scared, then he would try to go to bed and get scared, he's switch beds and gets scared again.  He nearly didn't survive the night.

Luckily he did make it and since Antonio loves games Tina gets 'Don't Wake the Llama' and the two play it while one of Tina's co-workers dances in the background.  He does eventually come sit and play with them as well.

After a rousing game, Tina makes spaghetti and the three of them sit down to dinner.  While this co-worker of Tina's is nice, he's not anything special to Tina at this time.

Towards the end of fall, Tina spends some time checking in with friends and brings home another co-worker.  Antonio plays 'Don't Wake the Llama' with her to raise up some fun levels.

A new graveyard has been created and Howie becomes the first ghost to be moved.  Starting on Sunday's we will begin to go to the graveyard and mourn family members, or possibly send teens there for something fun at night.

As fall comes to a close at the Busto's house we find Tina cleaning up dishes from another dinner. Next time we visit the Busto's Antonio will become a teenager.  It was a fairly uneventful round for this family, but I'm excited to see what the next rounds have in store.

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